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  2. Wurt

  3. Wurt

    Nah, they just basically just said "info soon", "update in a few weeks".
  4. Wurt

    They said "soon". You know pretty well what that means...
  5. Wurt

    So we're really getting it on Halloween... sad
  6. Wurt

    I'm just getting off work. WHERE'S MY INFO?!?!?!1 They said a couple weeks a couple weeks ago. The silence is deafening.
  7. Wurt

    Didn't they say this week...?
  8. Wurt

    Getting info on Friday isn't unheard of either. And since I'm going to work now, I wouldn't mind that.
  9. So hello everyone! I've a request for a mod that increase the material usage for everything, as such metal ores and raw stones. In the mid game I found myself swimming in tons and tons of resources, and I don't really need go mining faraway to supply my needs. Liquid and gas usage I think its ok though. My idea of this mod is like allowing user to specify the multiplier for material usage: 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x. Thanks in advance!
  10. Mechanized Airlocks do crush tiles. About having tiles into doors, yes regolith could fall into, shove voles can poop, algae could "melt" into dirt, and i guess any liquid could freeze solid.
  11. Я застрял. Чтобы его сделать надо присесть и прыгунть одновреммено. Теперь не могу выйти исправте!!
  12. [Game Update] - 371502

    I know I just a spected to see high numbers.
  13. I should probably turn on notifications for the data mining threads, but then again I'm afraid that if I do I'll see 1000 notifications from minespatch. :wilson_sneaky:

  14. Wurt

    jokes aside, do they normally post that they are having the dev stream before it happens or is there just a notification? because i follow klei's streams on twitch and its 1:42 right now... ill just sit here drawing for my late night art class, and have one eye attached to the screen like some sort of freakish eye plant waiting... menacingly...
  15. Wurt

    There’s still hope...
  16. Feed it to hatches to get refined moon gems.
  17. Wurt

    Klei streams Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 PDT
  18. Wurt

    The earliest we got an update and/or news is around 12-1pm EST, latest I've seen is 7-8pm EST, just about after the dev stream. So yeah I wouldn't give up hope yet on getting news today guys.
  19. Wurt

    The updates usually come by Thursday around 12-4, atleast in my timezone, also where can you watch the dev streams?
  20. Wurt

    do you have the link of the stream?
  21. Wurt

    I actually notice in the past months that they didn't make any announcement about the stream (I even checked all games' subforums).
  22. Wurt

    Yeah, I find it a bit weird people are just suddenly giving up hope when nothing has really changed. I'm not saying we should be sure we'll get news today, but hope isn't all gone.
  23. Wurt

    Who knows they could flip the switch just after the dev stream in two hours... Surprises are the best.
  24. Wurt

    I would like to do a bit of philosophy: "Wurt is like the horizon: the more you walk to reach it, the farther it go. So what good is Wurt? To walk"
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