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  2. It seems like they do follow the ship until they get distracted with a puffin or something.
  3. how is meatbulbs a powerful item in the ruins? To push yourself off the edge?
  4. DST Forum polls

  5. [Game Update] - 337090

    vs (old with "beard") @Jason it seems like last update deleted the outer "beard" layer ... is that intended?
  6. Here...I don't know why the bigportraits didn't come out right the first time but its fixed I think. There were some syntax errors that didn't make your character's quote, name, and description not show. Other than that theres some weird fill for the names_adam in the images folder I was confused on how to remove, so I'll let you sort that out.
  7. My theory on this is that it's caused by the recent fix to set pieces: I think the cave stairs formation is a naturally generating set piece, and that when it happens to spawn (partially) on water it gets removed, causing there to be less stairs than sinkholes (The game will take you to the florid postern if a sinkhole you enter doesn't have matching stairs, or if stairs you climb don't have a matching sinkhole).
  8. When in werepig form, Wilba can enter cracks in ruin walls that haven't been opened yet. This happens at least when playing on a controller.
  9. mutant suggestion: Uni-corn

    OMG this is the best thread ever. Also one of the most delicious. Also, why was the melon sad? Because her dad made her stay home, so she can't...elope! (not my own joke obviously. lol) Minespatch YOU HAVE TO DRAW THAT. Pomeranians are one of the cutest things ever, and I'm very morbidly curious as to how one would visually combine said floof with a pomegranate... This whole thread is turning into like, something out of Xanth or something. SO MANY FOOD PUNS and I love it. XD ...Notorious
  10. wow! man, do i have a lot to say for this one! (aka, i don't have much but this took forever) i decided to go for a change in perspective for my drawing of wheeler! tried my best to fit the actual style of the game: i think i did good!
  11. combine same items

    Just click and drag to combine items like that.
  12. Please make stone slabs renewable!!

    Stone Slabs should flip down after a rain, not only will this make them "Regenerate" like Mushrooms do in DS but also become very attached to the environment like Limpet Rocks etc.
  13. Let Bosses Swim!

    I like the idea alot. It'd be pretty cool to see Deerclops freeze a path on the ocean with his AoE for him to move in on the players, and for the bearger to possibly create waves that damage and maybe push the boat(?) But yeah, I'm all for allowing bosses to reach us at sea, because I don't just want bosses to become fodder to boats decked out with unreachable catapults.
  14. That would be amazing! We've needed a bigger emphasis on food for quite a while. Nobody (for the most part) uses farms anymore, and is why I'm pretty excited for Wormwood's inclusion because it instantly solves vegetable depravation. I also hope Warly could get even *more* unique recipes for his refresh to provide variety. A food update in general for all survivors would be pretty great.
  15. Well, I dunno about deep interpretations of everyone. I will say, however, that this poll needs to be broken up more individually and that most people are morally grey. But as for WENDY... Forget the discussion of whether or not she's depressed (she is)--she outright SAYS that she _likes to hurt small things_. There's talk in her quotes about enjoying death and suffering, as in, causing it to helpless entities. So...when it comes to figuring out their moral compasses, that's the strongest indicator that leaps to my mind. Yeah, she's a kid, her brain isn't done developing, blah blah but...DUDE! Maxwell WAS evil but I think he pretty much reformed, WX was programmed that way, and does "evil" _you can't help_ count as evil? And then we get into intent and free will and whatnot. Willow is out of her mind, but strikes me as a basically decent person. And Wigfrid is the most weirdly..._eco-friendly_ carnivore I've ever seen. : P Wilson? Well, he's apparently shoving some kind of potion down an unwilling duck(?)'s throat in his character portrait... Wolfgang, we don't know how much is actual dumbness and how much is broken English, but he strikes me as too much the big slow gentle giant type to be truly evil. But you know who could easily be the MOST evil of them all? Wes. Because, for everything all the others say..._we NEVER KNOW WHAT HE'S THINKING_. Does (rides invisible bicycle), for example, mean "Greetings!" or "Come any closer and I'll slit your throat"? Think about it... ...Notorious
  16. So, i'm not a huge fan of those kinds of exploits firstly, and i would really like it if we could not kill hard bosses anymore by glitching on water, or now by standing on a raft, wich actually makes it seems like it's more legit :D. Hounds can already swim :D. Dragonly and Beequeen could just fly over the water, and a swimming smashing bearger or deerclops animation would just be cool if anything :D. Whatchu think?
  17. DST Forum polls

    Pollception! BWAAAAAHHHHMMMM! My answers: 1. Actually my answer is "(shrug) Whatever." but that wasn't there so I put "Teehee, maaaaaaaybe?" 2. The first "3" is clearly the superior answer. Anyone who disagrees will be put to death as a heretic. 3. ...sigh...I HATE to vote for a freaking confusing, obnoxiously long-lived meme, but there's no way I'm voting for an anime mod character or not even just the WOLFGANG MASTER RACE, but a _misspelled_ WOLFGANG MASTER RACE, so, fine...Wes... 4. I said Oasis because my current base on the beta is there. ...Notorious
  18. Usually I use sample prefab from the tutorial here to make most of my recipe parts and stuff: I've used it for consumables, crafting parts, sometimes structures, even lanterns.
  19. Thank you, of course, for your help, but when I did so the mind of the character in General ceased to be taken away.
  20. ban rev because wes is bes
  21. elegants drop chances

    i see topic on forge where someone open more then 100 chests and have no elegants i hope elegant statistic will be for every player, not for whole community after update, but looks like not do u fill on 2.3% of global stats?
  22. Headbase_Hat overlap

    Headbase in the character sprite is the default character head that'll show when the character doesn't have a hat equipped. Headbase_hat takes the priority over headbase when the character equips a hat and usually in the normal characters they have a cutoff as the hair (or parts of the head if its big enough) will appear "behind" the hat. So I'm not too entirely sure what you want to do, so I guess you'll have to do your suggestion at the end but on the headbase_hat picture.
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