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  2. Go for it pal. Since the release date was moved to July there's even a possibility to snatch it off summer sale on steam, if it's featured...
  3. The preview branch won’t be for another month. (See stickied thread above)
  4. Hans, Grab ze flammenwerfer.
  5. Preview Branch today or Thursday ?

    If we get a preview this week (which i doubt) then thursday. It was always on a thursday, with only 2 exceptions due to unforseen circumtances.
  6. Yeah and dupes wont get older, compared to the size of the rock the gravity is way to high, and so on. Its a game.
  7. good luck crashing public servers
  8. I think this goes here, since Wormwood is coming next month. I found a character in a book that may be related to Wormwood, it's a bit of a stretch, but I still should share it. I'm going to spoil the book, so if you have not read Dragonlance Chronicles, and you want to read it, do not open the spoiler.
  9. there is a bug that can make any server crash. using the steering wheel while is on fire will make the server crash. how to crash a public server. this bug should be fixed as soon as posible. if you are hosting a server in the new beta be aware of this powerful bug.
  10. Should I Buy Oxygen Not Included?

    You're in the wrong place if you want an unbiased opinion I think. I'm pretty sure that 99% of the people who post here are big fans of the game ( myself included ). Having spent over 900 hours now in the game, and with many others around here having spent way more than that, I safely can say that it's got incredible value for money. It's engaging, funny, a little bit silly in a good way, and has a lot of depth hidden under that veneer of cute silliness. You will agonize at the many factors that can doom a base, scream as dupes manage to build themselves into a corner or otherwise find 'interesting' ways to occupy your time. You will spend hours in deep thought about how to tackle various problems, and how to manage everything in your growing colonies. Don't be afraid to fail, your first colonies will most likely go up in flames as the various problems crop up and make short work of it. but eventually you will learn how to manage the many bits and pieces of this game and your projects in it will become grander and more refined.
  11. Preview Branch today or Thursday ?

    We will never know if we don't try!!
  12. The Great Sea Cube

    Join us No need to fight. :3 The Great Sea Cube and The Rosebush are in love.
  13. Yeah. Let's create another thread about it. It will totally change reality.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Me fishing for inspiration for memes but having a member's block because don't starve memes have not only been done too much but also are not plentiful.
  15. Hey, what's up dude?

    1. delete accoun

      delete accoun

      What's going on man. I think I'm done with this account, I'm trying to patch everything up. I'm a lot older and more mature than I was four or five years ago, but I might still peep in though from time to time. I'm surprised someone caught me in the middle of this. Cheers.

    2. ImDaMisterL


      Nothing much, just life, and yeah, I remember you from back then, wanted to pipe in and see how you were doing. I'd be happy to see you here then and again. Good luck at life and everything else dude, don't be a stranger and feel free to come chat from time to time. Good to see you again!

  16. FUNCTIONALLY marble and moonstone cannot be the same because the moonstone is not marble. Moonstones are form the moon, which may or may not be alive, mind you, and carry excellent lore and magic capabilities. Marble isn't magic, isn't from a debatably living entity, and most definitely isn't more powerful for walls. Marble is not only an armor item but also for sculptures, which are cosmetic. Also, Marble is the poster boy for resources you don't have to grab. Literally just don't touch it, not that difficult. Meanwhile, moonstones and desert stones are incredibly useful late game.
  17. Anyone knows if there will be a preview branch in this week ?
  18. Should I Buy Oxygen Not Included?

    It's a one-way trip and you will became obsess with it ... i bought it after the agricultural update.
  19. Two worlds without Glommer already.

    Tried to repair boat in three different worlds, can’t. All had caves and I was host.
  21. Today
  22. sometimes, even what we consider absolutely worthless can have some use
  23. - the Dry Season Work Theme - caves and ruins can actually run in DS alone on my crappy laptop, unlike in DST where it cant - you can bring Rock Lobsters to the surface - Teleportato-based World Regen - many other reasons already aforementioned
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