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  2. Wurt

    There’s still hope...
  3. Feed it to hatches to get refined moon gems.
  4. Wurt

    Klei streams Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30 PDT
  5. Wurt

    The earliest we got an update and/or news is around 12-1pm EST, latest I've seen is 7-8pm EST, just about after the dev stream. So yeah I wouldn't give up hope yet on getting news today guys.
  6. Wurt

    The updates usually come by Thursday around 12-4, atleast in my timezone, also where can you watch the dev streams?
  7. Wurt

    do you have the link of the stream?
  8. Wurt

    I actually notice in the past months that they didn't make any announcement about the stream (I even checked all games' subforums).
  9. Wurt

    Yeah, I find it a bit weird people are just suddenly giving up hope when nothing has really changed. I'm not saying we should be sure we'll get news today, but hope isn't all gone.
  10. Wurt

    Who knows they could flip the switch just after the dev stream in two hours... Surprises are the best.
  11. Wurt

    I would like to do a bit of philosophy: "Wurt is like the horizon: the more you walk to reach it, the farther it go. So what good is Wurt? To walk"
  12. Wurt

    To everyone hoping for Bill and Mumsy to be somehow related to this new character: Please take your dreams to a dark alleyway and properly dispose of them. About the character itself, I'm thinking Frog Cordon Bleu for days, if it's a Merm, which is... neato, yes
  13. Wurt

    Wait, is it too late to get news now? There's still a chance we'll get news today.
  14. Wurt

    I feel like I should be hyped, but I'm not getting home for a couple more days. Glad y'all are excited though
  15. Wurt

    It's ok, I guess we just have to wait for one more week... luckily me being a console player waiting for the forge gave me experience c':
  16. This one is a little simpler then what was posted before. It also keeps the door open at all times. The short red signal is sufficient to delete the material in the door. edit: gif
  17. Wurt

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! This... thread... the temperature is rising! Ouch, i just burnt my hands.
  18. Wurt

    Before I go to bed now I am guessing it will have atleast 2 of these skins: Un-cursed(100% goat, 0% merm) Survivor skin Shadow skin Rose skin
  19. I build a bunch of mushroom planters using Wormwood or Woodie (for the living log income) and fill them with red mushrooms or spores. They have a lot more use imo than green or blue mushrooms. In addition to being crockpot filler like other mushrooms you can: -Leave a few laying around berry farms to attract and kill gobblers -4 monster meats+27 red caps= 27 manure, 2 meat, and 1 pigskin -Wormwood can eat them without penalty -drop a few large stacks to get rid of Bearger (I prefer to drop them to clean up bearger after deerclops fight) -fed to anything in your inventory to "murder" them without naughtiness (like if you don't want to attract Krampus while saving for your gossamer saddle) -If you don't find a use for them before they expire, well you can still use them for rot or ash
  20. Wurt

    Yeah, jokes aside, i really like this picture xD
  21. Wurt

    SO CUTE ♥ ♥
  22. Wurt

    Correct me with I'm wrong, but... Didn't this sort of thing also happen when previous updates were about to be added, I think Warly? And in the past there've definitely been a few quickly-solved issues with having to do false posts to the main boards and immediately delete/move them in order to half-automate beta posts? not saying hype b u t
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