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  2. Banan's art n' stuffs

    Wow! I see you've worked really hard on this, well done! The level of completion and detail is impressive.
  3. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    I think her designed is pretty bad... her hair is weird from the back.. there are a lot of issues with animations in general I hate her depressive face.. it's such a contratiction her lines I adore.. I think she is an atomic bomb... so sassy.. so bad ass her mechanics are .. meh.. .. dunno.. feels like Wilba pre-transformation...
  4. I use heating and germ sensors, I have a tank with doors halfway down, using hydro sensors I detect when the bottom room is full and close the doors, another hydro sensor detect when it's empty and a germ sensor detects when the water can be pumped out. While the bottom part of the tank is killing germs/emptying out the top part is getting filled. I did some chlorine tank stuff, it's fairly easy to create a system that fills up the tank and stops adding more,then checks the tank PW until it report it's out of germs. (Two Shutoffs, loop and germ detetion sensors, means germy water keep getting sent back to the storage.) But I've had worlds without chlorine geysers, so it seems better to perfect a heating based germ killer, than trying to work on a system that doesn't work on every map.
  5. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    Wheeler herself, that is, her design and personality, I like. She's spunky! (And personally I think she's a worthy successor to Warbucks don't @ me) Her mechanics however... leave a lot to be desire. Her starting items are good for early game, but eventually become obsolete, and don't outweigh the diminished inventory.
  6. Playtime record

    @Oozinator, I officially bow in respect.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  8. Germ Sensor doesn't detect surface germs of solids, even those on the same tile as the sensor. This makes certain designs impossible to build, and it isn't clear from the description that this wouldn't be possible.
  9. Wheeler's hair art and design

    i see.. ty so much ... again great work dude edit.. I added your compilation to OP with the respective credit
  10. Don't need sensor or plastic, just use this one : Fill 3 water tank without open the exit. Once it's filled, you can open the pipe.
  11. Considering her downsides I think it's fair. Otherwise what's the point of the compass really? You can't even search for something you don't have already. I don't see how you can get much use out of it in it's current state.
  12. Wheeler's hair art and design

    Her head, in the crafting animation her hair cuts through her head, and her arms are out of place.
  13. I did, I was just spitballing new ideas. Sorry for the confusion.
  14. Isn't the mesh tile making your water lock obsolete here? Mesh tiles aren't blocking gas as far as I know.
  15. I never said instant effect. I said it could slowly function and reveal whatever item you put in it while in the inventory over the course of two days. Abigail's Flower does this.
  16. How OP would it be if the effect instantly occurred? How OP would it be to put a pig skin into the compass and instantly reveal all pig heads? Instantly find all Ruins entrances? Instantly find every viney bush in SW? Instantly see every cactus in RoG? How about one minute for full effect on the surface, one day when in caves, and 3 in the ruins (Instantly finding every broken clockwork, monkey barrel, ancient statue seems op).
  17. Most of the time dupes take damage is when you allow them to go near something hot. Dupes walking by a water geyser or near magma. Also there`s a bug (i think) that dupes occasionally take damage when working at the glass forge. It`s almost like a work accident.
  18. That's what I'm saying, you can cover a lot of ground within two whole days, and having to potentially walk an incredibly far distance back to get it is troublesome and could just discourage straying too far from the compass at all.
  19. Would make "some" sense for the microbe musher but definetly not for the grill.
  20. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    They are not in the normal game yet ,you have to enter the beta, you have to do that from Steam.
  21. Screenshot showcase

    Hyu, hyu, hyu!
  22. Dust suggestion mk2

    Dust might work similar to floral scents but cause a stress debuff instead of a buff like the flowers do. The allergy tooltip already mentions that allergy might be caused by floral scents and other irritants. Dust sounds like one. It might work similarly too. Settles fast so doesn`t need much countermeasure. Maybe some stuff could cause immunity to dust like high level mining.
  23. Game wise, it's impossible to "play with bernie". However, when a character is insane, he will stand up and walk around. If you've seen someone playing with Bernie, it's most likely a mod, but if you have a image or footage, I'd love to check for myself.
  24. Wheeler's hair art and design

    this is awesome the hair bit outside of the head gear is a common mistake... but I reported that already... some of the "explain itself" I didn't get... the 3 hair sprites were clear to me ... ergo why the hair from the back look so weird.. it needs more layers there are a lot animation errors I didn't realize... still don't get the "explain itself ones" .. sorry you mind explaining what you mean? great job this is def much more like in the portrait.. and there is boyz and grilz and all in between!!!!! THE SMUG!! xD I think her lips aren't that big.. but overall is such an improvement from that depressive face
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