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  2. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    salad what? i didn't say salad
  3. What are you trying to say with that word salad?
  4. Refreshing to see these icons here.
  5. silly drawings i make

    Don't mean to criticize but I would've made the building curled/tilted but I can see what you were doing here. Interesting expressionist piece(like Cabinet of Doctor Caligari). The gradient is also a nice touch. Mr. Carter: Wendy, did you draw these? Wendy: No, my sister did.
  6. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Sticking with the restaurant analogy, Wagstaff is like them offering free breadsticks and people demanding gluten free substitutes. He’s a free addition, not dlc. Most restaurants don’t carry gluten free everything and are perfectly in their rights to say “No, we don’t have gluten free pasta but we have various salad options that can suit your needs.” There are 20ish character options fully available for people who are sensitive to blur. The idea that adding something for free demands additional consideration beyond reasonable quality expectations is absurd.
  7. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    i said like inventory suffers as different to stuff on ground and...?
  8. Wheeler Feedback

    Personally, while I haven't played her myself, I think the main, and probably only thing she needs changed is changing the "travels lighter than most" to Penalize wearing a backpack instead of just reducing her inventory slots. That way she still has that inventory managment aspect, but doesn't just further solidify the nothign but Backpack meta.
  9. I already did, earlier. I explained how the navigadget does more than just locate ground resources. In fact, it checks the drop tables of entities which gives it a whole host of other useful options.
  10. Wow. The resemblance is shockingly similar. I usually dismissed a lot of theories connecting mants to the ancients, but this changes quite a lot. If nothing else, this proves the ancients knew of the mants existence at the very least. Now if they actually interacted with each other is a different story entirely.
  11. How do you feel about Wheeler?

    1 applied horticulture makes plants unless you want to wast durability of it on the 3 immobile cacti sanity isn't what you get from it i was saying birds of the world to make jerky which is good sanity 2 while shadow duelists aren't good at all they exist its to show how they are cohesive 3 this was talking about how they meld not the power of the perks its different is not the same as its any good well they still have perks and still meld to make a cohesive play style unlike Wheeler i was just giving some examples of how all others do ok then what perks does she have for just specifically finding things hmm? oh yeah a compass that only works on items that are on the ground and inventory suffers like idols and iron in hamlet there is so much to collect grass and twigs for torches hammers flint and iron for tools any hats that may be needed for your current season armor tools idols trinkets plus your already owned personal items those things already have nine of your pathetic ten slots filled the only thing this does is make the backpack meta even more prominent ok then if your magic invisible perks are real then share them instead of being a condescending waste of time to talk to do your part in the community and help those who aren't as good as you make better decisions and play better and help people
  12. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Not everyone has access to mods, it should be done officially. Here's the best way, be proactive with more common issues (disable screen shake has always been a thing), more niche issues can be reactive (You don't need to anticipate someone getting nauseous from autumn, but when they do, fix it). For example, restaurants will have special options for gluten free and lactose intolerant people (common and proactive) , but may not have a ready answer for when someone is allergic to a certain kind of fruit (rare and reactive). They do. Wagstaff is available to base game DS, this literally effects every person who bought it. It's our money. This content is in open beta, now is exactly the time to give our feedback. I don't make complaints because I hate the game, I do so because I love it and want it to be better.
  13. As stated in title, bristle blossoms, buddy buds, and sporechildren don't show that they're germ sources
  14. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    I’m not going to watch those videos tonight, but I think that is a reasonable take. I would prefer if Klei focused on normal development and people who have disabilities use the mod that simply disables the blur. It’s a very small change, for a tiny portion of the population. I agree with it being a good strategy to accommodate disabilities, and that’s why I’m glad that it’s standard for PC games to support rebinding keys. I don’t think that it makes business sense to accommodate every disability, particularly sensory processing disorders that aren’t recognized in the DSM. It would be relatively simple to have an alternate overlay for Wagstaff’s blindness for Klei, but at the risk of splitting hairs, where do you think reasonable accommodations end? If a player gets nauseous from the autumn colorcubes, who is responsible for fixing that for them? Is it ethical to simply be reactive in accommodation or must Klei provide a massive amount of options for every real and imagined possibility? My biggest issue in this thread is a sense that Klei owes people changes in this case. It’s probably worth the time to maintain goodwill, and I expect after the complaints expressed in this thread they will, but I feel there is an undercurrent of entitlement that rubs me the wrong way. Klei has been fantastic with their support of DS and I feel a whole lot of people complain about trivialities here constantly. This sense of them owing a few people disproportionate amounts of time simply isn’t fair to the rest.
  15. Spider Monkey

    Maxwell edition.
  16. While playing Shipwrecked, I found a blueprint for an Obsidian Machete. I used it, but did not learn the recipe. Since obsidian items are similar to Ancient-tier, I'm assuming that blueprints for them are unintentional.
  17. The thumper is an absolute beast at tree farming. As you said, it's basically a buildable bearger smash. if you plant trees in a square around the thumper, with the length being 5 in each cardinal direction, you can instantly havest 100-200 wood in moments. easily the fastest wood farming method apart from Bearger itself, and even then, the consistancy and safety of the thumper may push it above the Bearger
  18. Dust suggestion mk2

    immunity is a good idea
  19. Vanilla pig house lights on during the day, kept on after night when I was present, and pig resident was out
  20. I forget sometimes how mechanically inept many people on the forums are, and have yet to find a short, polite, and effective way of saying: ”I don’t trust your opinion because you clearly don’t understand the game.” There’s so much wrong with that list that I don’t want to waste time going over it, and since it’s mixing DS and DST characters it’s even more incoherent. I will pick out a few particularly obvious errors: 1) *applied horticulture* is used to create sanity food for Wickerbottom, not that she remotely needs it to manage sanity. Birds of the world gives infinite food. 2) In neither version of the game are Max’s shadows used to fight 3) Wx being able to tank and ignore wetness damage is an example of how trivial his downside is and how ineffective it is at balancing out his many and potent perks Wheeler’s downside is unique because no one else has a different sized base inventory, and it works with her playstyle because she is built to find the resource you’re actually looking for quickly instead of wandering around the map collecting resources. Her skills as an explorer allow her to focus her attention and her limited slots demand the player do as well. Her dodge lets her safely get in and out of situations other characters can’t. You don’t seem to be able to see that, but I’m not concerned if her value and many potential uses aren’t clear to you. That means they’re not obvious to new players, not that they don’t exist.
  21. If a plant that has withered is refreshed by flingo, and withers again, flingo doesn't refresh it again
  22. Today
  23. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    Just going to leave these here. It is absolutely within a paying customer's rights to request being given full service to what they purchased. Anyone who owns a copy of DS has purchased a license to play and use Wagstaff, and as such are entitled to get the full amount out of their purchase. Klei is not forced to make any changes, but alienating paying customers generally isn't a good business strategy.
  24. I find that every character that has his only upside a type of farming items buff to be kinda of boring. Webber has no other interesting gameplay aspect besides the spider stuff; He is cute, but that does not change the gameplay; The low sanity adds challenge, but is not a real perk; He gets even less interesting endgame after you get a bunny farm for food and your chest are already filed with silk and glands(also the bunnies can be used to farm silk and stuff), at this point with other players on the server you(me, at least) can start felling like you are not helping enough like Wolf with the DMG, Wig with the armor making and wick with the books.
  25. Wheeler Feedback

    I finish Wagstaff in adventure mode, now I'm starting Wheeler's adventure mode (drops pew-matic gun)
  26. well considering nobody visits the actual "Suggestion" forum, I'd say it's fair.
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