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  2. So the name of the game is Don't Starve But when is the last time you died or seen someone die starvation? Most deaths are monsters, usually bosses. And with those boss deaths usually yields an items that pretty much makes the game easier in your prep for the next boss, and then the cycle repeats. Until you get to a point your either playing just to kill bosses for an item you have 1340872 of already, or base designing. And if your just playing to kill bosses you might as well just make a world and spawn them in to get your fill, farming most items to fight bosses is just a time sink anyways. There is not really a true challenge. Id like to see rarer boss items, less food, and more challenging game or mode. What do you do to make the game more challenging?
  3. @Mikemac Why do you use petroleum as the cooling liquid in your aquatuners? The specific heat capacity is about 3 times lower than that of water which wastes a huge amount of electricity.
  4. Really like this one. Way better than chained aquatuner as I'm actually doing.
  5. no this is patrick
  6. That'd just make it more hilarious, brother.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Well, the paddle (and your arm) becomes invisible for everyone if you use it to attack mobs.
  8. make wicker be able to craft a book near mumsy ( if she is added ) that deletes the current world and replaces it with gorge no griefing because you need mumsy to be near wikcer
  9. How ofen do you join others

    I just join/open a pub and go do my own thing. It's not as lonely as playing solo, but it's basically the same thing. I'm the one guy laughing in the corner while everything the main team has build goes to ****.
  10. Hello, i've been searching for hours now and can't find the solution to what i guess might be a simple task for somebody who really knows how to mod with lua-code. For myself i am just trying to mess around with it to see what i can get to work and what not and learning along the way, but this one i simply can't figure out. I just want to add to an abandoned character (that i fixed before with the help of the forums and reuploaded the working version) the ability to switch on the moggles smell-e-vision with a hotkey like "X". I thought it would be rather simple to do, but even after hours i am not able to find the code snippets i need and where to put them Only thing left for me to do is ask here for a kind soul who knows how to do this. Would be much appreciated. I hope if i see how it's done i can understand how to do it myself in the future and for similar tasks.
  11. It'd be a really funny nod if they made the paddle invisible when held by Wes, it wouldn't even affect gameplay, at all.
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  13. I noticed this too i use a ps4 controller.
  14. Additionally, have you considered using individual / separate ATs with a feedback loop? This is an older build that you would have seen here a lot when we had fewer components to build with: This arrangement takes part of the output and sends it back to the input, so you get more than 14C delta T. The delta T winds up being: 14 C / (1 - feedback / 10 kg ) Examples. If you set the flow valve to 5 kg/s, your AT cools by 28C (double) but only outputs 5 kg/s (half) If you set the flow valve to 6666 g/s, your AT cools by 42C (triple) but only outputs 3.3 kg/s (one third)
  15. If you use the plank to abandonship (before your ship breaks), you will keep all your items and avoid death, at the cost of full wetness.
  16. I feel like picking-up chester would be annoying to be travel with. since it gets distracted from any items dropped near,picking up useless stuff before your loot etc but still cool concept, just imagine a fat chester devouring everything on sight lol
  17. How ofen do you join others

    where is the "yes, I like killing them after they've spent a few days on my pvp server" option on question nr. 4?
  18. Night Hands glitch horribly in interiors

    also you cant destroy them steeping over them or using light sources like you normally does.
  19. same issue here, no idea what trigger it, another issue is if you leave manure in your house, leave, and return to pick it, the flies sound still playing despite there is no more manure on the floor, it affects other places like pig shops, the only way to fix it is exiting the game and loading your game again.
  20. Webber & Wormwood synergy

    I think its only 20% ekstra speed, while wx78 have 50% ekstra speed and he have increased hunger drain
  21. May I ask you to explain how to do that or show an example, please? I tried to achieve this with smart batteries and failed to.
  22. ok new update about this bug, after being abducted by the BFB .. again on purpose, and running again all the way to the exit to the first island, the entrance/exit to the deep caves is available again, still 2 things: 1.- still seeing false "ghost" icons in my map 2.- some way the bug triggers when you transition areas like you house and other caves.
  23. I can only buy wortox delux chest

    No, it is not a bug. We can only buy Deluxe chests on PS4, even for Winona and Willow.
  24. Hamlet Disappointment

    or did we get Wormwood for Hamlet ( when he was planned for dst ) because some certain boie was removed?
  25. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    There is an offline play option, but it can’t use skins and content like Wortox, which is how Klei monetizes DST and funds its continued development. The game needs to connect to their servers in order to verify that you own that stuff. This is where latency problems come in for those of us with poor Internet access even when playing alone
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