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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    These are the best emotes in my group chat on discord
  3. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    A quick comic my father wanted to make for Memorial Day in the States.
  4. Book Club

    Been reading this recently. I read halfway through last year and now I'll finish it. She tells about Picasso's life in her perspective and it's a nice read. The paintings by Picasso sprinkled through the book. At the same time, I've been playing the game Cats Atelier which features a cat version of the man: The game treats the impressionist era as a Shounen battle manga.
  5. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Maxwell singing Maui's song because ego. Meanwhile Wilson is just repeating "killmekillmekillme" in his mind with impatience.
  6. Screenshot showcase

    I've been unraveling them. I just thought I'd meme it up a little bit with all these backpack skins I keep getting. Ofc I'll always stick to my glommer pack.
  7. Random Islands Generation

    we, the "bad players", who do not survive more than a year, do not have this problem.
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  9. Randomized Menu Themes

    many people have asked for the ability to change the main menu
  10. if you craft a living log as wormwood when having exactly 20 health, you'll only loose 19 health.
  11. my problems with Wheeler

    The standard inventory size is infuriating enough thank you very much. Only 15 slots even though you need like 4 tools everywhere you go and at least 4 basic materials (twigs, logs, grass, flint), plus one or two slots for food and a light source.... With a backpack you have like 10 slots for drops. In an open world survival game where you often have to travel away from the base for several days straight. Plus you can't even have a backpack and an armor at the same time. Ridiculous. Without mods this game would be so much more grindy and annoying to play for me. Considering all that Wheeler's inventory size plus the incentive to have it as empty as possible is an absolute joke.
  12. why


    1. JohnWatson


      ok i checked and this was my fault Please igore this

  13. I'm sure I'd have a blast with DST if I had a couple of friends playing the game too. I've tried with randos and I had hard time caring about anything happening in the game. And playing DST solo doesn't make sense, DS is much better balanced for a solo experience.
  14. a walking cane skin that looks like stalking stick
  15. Hello everyone, I wanted to make few little stoves for the hamlet house. So first I made a very simple one to test it. And everything is working besides one thing: It`s just a @%§$& hovering fire. Somehow my anim is not showing up. I have already look into other structure mods and read the tutorials like The Artist's Guide To Character/item Modding but I can`t get it to work. Has someone any idea what I do wrong? Thank to everyone My Mod - New Stoves for
  16. Remember not exploring map bug? Now it happens when you leave interior (bat cave, for example).
  17. A Wilson skin that resembles Warbucks
  18. Steel Production creates +132.907 C Petroleum. Petro -> Sour Gas happens at 538.85 C. Crude to Petro at ~402.5C. At 403C minimum you get 535.9 C Petroleum in the loop. Phase changes are +/- 3C so you can get away with a limit of 541.85C, in theory. However, when I'd tried this personally when attempting this in a rather large heat sink, I still had busted pipes. Have you had no issues with this?
  19. Nice! As a Wes main I love the idea of making bat ballons, but what about an item other characters could make?
  20. themed pile o´ balloons like, a hamlet pile o´ ballon that makes ancient herald balloons, snap tooth balloons, and other hamlet-balloons. and a RoG pile o´ balloons that makes dragonfly balloons, Glommer's balloons, Goose Goose balloons and other balloons that resembles stuff from RoG. and perhaps a moon island pile o' balloons.
  21. but he are not in don't starve together, he does not have any other characters to murder!
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