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  2. Coal Generators ignored by Duplicants

    It works fine for me. Are you surethe issue do not come from an other side ?
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    PDA? do you mean PSA?
  4. Bottlenose Ballphin do not spawn

    I have recently run into this as well. I have managed to FINALLY get ballphins to spawn but only if their den is on screen right as the day changes from night to day.
  5. Check out ONI University under the critter section. I have posted a couple blueprints on them. It's not a huge collection, but I'll hopefully find of them later.
  6. I'd love to see Wurt get a creepy Lunar Island themed skin. In regards to the Shattered Spiders, Mutant Hounds, and Moonrock Pengulls.
  7. Wendy hates on glommer. That's my nitpick.
  8. It uses full power regardless. The valve limits the frequency of when it pumps. If what you are saying is true, then it would pump continuously to fill the output pipe to max which is not how it works iirc.
  9. Ban HAL 9000 main for not knowing what a pokeshell is.
  10. samson.oni made an automated way to generate a flooding notification. There is also potential to have a suffocation notification that is much louder.
  11. Wurt

    I kind of do wish they went with our goatish concept since honestly I kind of like the detail put into it more then our wurt now in no offense to Klei and their artist. The concept fits more better and in touch with the other survivors and as a child character. Since its Klei, I appreciate the dedication but to be honest it makes wurt not really stand out with the merms she's living with making her feel more like an fan made OC more then a official character, the reason it works for webber is the fact that spiders are unknown hostile creatures, while webber is a human inside a spider with a hive mind personality with the boy and spider, never know which one is the actual voice talking. And it could possibly hint a pretty interesting idea of Wurt's origin and bring more personality and history to the merms origin story. Maybe the merms still have a bit of personality left of their previous life they left behind, and they just accept wurt in cause she's still technically one of them. As she acts similar to sammy and Pipton, and even they still wore clothes and looked more unique then other merms.
  12. Transit Tube Troubles

    This is one of the reasons I do not like the tube system. There is very little thermal stability for them and you can easily make areas accessible without them. They do improve movement straight up though. Has anyone done any tests with athletics, tile bonuses, and tubes yet? There was another interesting post that had me question the logistics of travel. Also, i have noticed that dupes prioritize certain traveling patterns and I'd like to see an all inclusive post about that one day, but it is mostly common sense anyways. As a side note, one of my ideas for the fastest a dupe could travel would be a door trap that sends them falling to their destination.
  13. What games have you been playing?

    They always say if you can survive 100 days you can survive forever!
  14. Count to 200 without interruption

  15. Is there a way to change your username?

    He finally became Aboveaveragewx78main and the name didn't seem to fit.
  16. I played Minecraft and my fox is actually named Airdiot since it sits in the air and is an idiot, Airdiot The First.5dad109620825_Airdiotthefirst.png.042a7c2ee4026cb3e708386c13388c9d.png

  17. Hello, My character mod has a perk where they do more/less damage depending on the time of day. This perk works in the base game, RoG and DST - but when I use this character in Shipwrecked, the damage perks don't apply? Are there any workarounds for this problem? Edit: I found a fix, here's what I did: if IsDLCEnabled(CAPY_DLC) or IsDLCEnabled(PORKLAND_DLC) then inst.components.combat:AddDamageModifier("wakes", -0.25) else inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 0.75 end Side note, does anyone actually know why this bug exists in the first place?
  18. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    @Gamers Handbook I found that post I was talking about with the power of google google google. Ironically, oozinator also answered that question.
  19. Yes There is a problem with what you have said. Say if you do this for all your other critters as well: opening up the crowding area to the rest of the base. Yes it works, but it is a quick and dirty fix that can break in the long run. The more critters you add, the more space they require. You will eventually hit a breaking point where every critter that is open to the base will be cramped at the same time which will lead to mass critter annihilation. The right way to do this is to actively/passively sift the eggs from a crowding room. You want this crowding room to be enough space for the critter to not be confined while at the same time confining them to 1 tile (to reduce pathing lag) using water traps or some other critter pathing mechanic.
  20. This is known. The consensus is it's a terrible farm and none of it all is "cheap" unless the world is in the multi thousand days.
  21. I could see Wurt or Wortox as a Varg.
  22. Today
  23. I've found reliable ways to keep getting bone shards: In endless worlds you can just die over and over next to the spawn portal, and keep reviving yourself with it. The amount of max health taken has a cap, so you should get yourself killed more than 5 times and it will always take about 3 or 4 booster shots to get to normal again. Its more efficient to do dozens of death sessions before using the booster shots. Wormwood is better at death sessions, since every time you revive, you can use the little hp you come back with, to make at least a living log, before dying again. For non-endless solo worlds the cheapest way to do death sessions are meat effigies. But be ready to gather huge amounts of wood and beard hair though. The fastest way I've found to gather stacks of beard hair is to aggro a shadow splumonkey train , get them stuck in cave ins, and kill all of them at once with catapults. If you play with others its a lot cheaper, as it was told above, just craft tons of telltalehearts and have someone revive you over and over. Overall in non-endless solo worlds, bone shards become a quite expensive material, but renewable nontheless.
  24. I hope the new autumn work music is reintroduced somewhere within this update.
  25. I Didn't really know where or how to ask this but basically, I want to find out how to change my username (Averagewx78main) To something else, preferably just "Sero" Is there a way to do this? And if not can someone change it for me please? Thanks!
  26. Turns out we were both right. Yes, you are correct that I mis-remembered about cramped being triggered by only critters. But, you don't need to remove the eggs if the "room" is big enough so my initial suggestion to just remove a door to make the room the rest of the base is a much simpler solution than adding in the conveyor stuff to pick up and move the eggs, hatch the eggs somewhere else and let the fry back into the pond after hatching. 30 some Pacu with 10+ eggs. First, no door making the "room" the entire base. Not Cramped. Then, added a door to make it a 96 tile room. Cramped. Removed the door, enlarging the room again to the size of the entire base. Cramped is gone. Note: I just looked at Ketmol's original post on my computer and saw that there is no door where I thought there was one when looking at my teeny-tiny cellphone screen. Oops...
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