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  2. Ok, ok. I see you need time, as we all do, these are just things that are wanted, not needed, if it takes you a while, then it is normal.
  3. Going in by memory alone. Probably got a few things wrong. Also experimenting with different brushes.
  4. Count to 200 without interruption

  5. To be honest I'm surprised it isn't a thing. Would fit perfect with the Lunar Island's animal + fruit/veggie theme.
  6. Come on Klei, I know you want this...
  7. Retrofitting world

    This is an issue that we are facing on Steam as well, if you can pass the word please. I reported here with a save file, but the report has been buried since I've reported it on Oct. 3rd :'(.
  8. Nerf Poison

    Man, if people still whine about poison nowadays, imagine if they were around back when it used to last forever in early Shipwrecked days.
  9. I personally don't like this one cause anyone who does this never cleans up the stingers
  10. Once again here be the refs:
  11. Throwing the dog onto the sidewalk seems to burn him in lava, even though it is safe to walk on. This was tested on 'Back to Class' with the buddy.
  12. Wurt

    Sigh, I had hope, it died a brutal death
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    What are you doing step-bro?
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Get in.
  15. Can also be seen here: BTW, that video is why Stinky is always my cook, with Meep as assistant if needed...
  16. No, I'm grateful for the good infos but I do not want that, at the moment. This is my very first game, I picked the easy (first) asteroid so I do have quite a bit of wolframite on hand, that I do not use. Besides the random mechanized airlocks, reservoirs and what have you, that I made at the beginning. I get your point, but one only has so much time and I don't plan on making silos in the near future, so all I needed to know was if tungsten (which I have plenty of) would resist a "raw exposure" ^^
  17. Today
  18. How about the anims of the dupes without the cooking stations, and perhaps you could get the egg cracking anim (Dupes manually smacking it) with and without the egg cracker
  19. Wurt

    Shame. Guess we're gonna get news Thursday & release next week. Hopefully.
  20. Wurt

    No news today?
  21. Since Klei has been adding new characters to the game, I'm seriously considering them adding a Rock Lobster Character. For one, their name could be Walstromite which is the name of a rock of course. Their drawbacks could included decreased effects from food, but the ability to eat rocks sorta along the lines of Wartox and Wormwoods negatives. More rare rocks like gems and gold should give more hunger and could even give special bonuses to health and sanity depending on the mineral consumed. Klei could even go so far as to make a rockpot for specifically mineral based meals made from different arrangements of rocks and gems that only Walstromite and access. To make them more interesting and like their lobster friends, they should also have the ability to temporarily hide in their shell. This would be followed by a brief cool down to prevent abuse. When in hiding they should have at least a 70% damage absorption and no more than 90% for more balancing. Additionally this character should have substantial health perhaps even upwards of 250 hp. Furthermore, they should receive a heavily nerfed - but not totally gone - negative sanity drain in the dark as Rock lobsters live in caves. To balance their positives this character should definitely move noticeably slower to fit more as a tank type of character. Please tell me if this idea seems valid and give suggestions for improvement. I really think a character like Walstromite fits well in the constant.
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