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  2. twitch drop update?

    I agree with you. But we have to understand that they worked hard to try to meet the demand for promises. We all want updates and new things, of course, but we need to know wait!
  3. Fan art

    Fantastic! Also fits pretty perfectly to the song you're referencing. Damn, and now I want a DS musical series...
  4. I hate to be a bandwagoner, but Fire Immunity would be neat. Everything else seems okay, though. I'd love for some more Willow based content or ideas, rather than her sidekick, Bernie.
  5. Hey guys, Thanks for the update on what's going on. I'm sure whatever happens it'll be awesome. Though I was thinking and just to throw it out there. Being able to speed cook or cook a whole stack at a time with Willow would be a pretty neat side buff. Once again, Thanks for the commitment to this game. I hope that any toxicity that is being sent out wont affect y'all that much. Stay awesome Klei.
  6. True. *BUT* those of us with 1,000+ hours of play time learned about the need for early reed fibre the hard way and are trying to help out with hard learned experience. Yes, there's something funky with the recipe and it needs to be looked at. No, insulation (the material) is not *needed* for most builds. Yes, it's nice to have, but even ceramic overkill most of the time. No, it's not obvious that you need mass reed fibers until you start rockets. Yes, you need to start farming it early and Dreckos are the way to go. And finally, yes, this is something that people *will* fail on a couple times as they learn and get into the 1,000 hour range.
  7. @JoeW I know dozens of friends who are waiting for the update to create a world, since we do not see more sense in investing in a world that will not receive the new content .... we should wait until when in the consoles for this?
  8. Right now, in-game, Willow doesn't take damage from fire until 3 seconds pass.
  9. After the release of Willow revamp every pubs will be flooded by Willows and the random Wilson joined will reign over those Willows (with the power of his magnificent beard)
  10. Nhmm maybe.. But she is only immune for some seconds.. We don't even know how long... Possible.. But depends
  11. everyone complaining about fire immunity, go make scaled armor.
  12. Fan art

    He's got friends on the other side.
  13. Induced Sanity

    seems odd to me that no function directly controls the amount of shadows that spawn. It seems hard coded to an event call?
  14. It wasn't codified but because she has 3 seconds of fire resist she wouldn't take damage when extinguishing fires. It was so minor most people didn't even notice it, which is really not the best indicator that it should be considered a real perk.
  15. Interesting, Willow's childhood. ¿Probably the reason of her curious relation to fire?
  16. twitch drop update?

    or it's been overlooked because they sort of regret doing it with the low uptake it's got? there aren't a ton of streamers doing it. I just started recently and was excited but the update timeline is... lacking in my opinion. I feel like they should cycle them a little faster and repeat old sets sometimes.
  17. I do not recall "no damage when extinguishing" as an already established perk. Mind that I don't play her much and I don't completely understand her code atm. Could you elaborate?
  18. I forgot about the NoEyed Deer.. Ty.. Thb it's not a big deal for the fight imo... but u are correct ty
  19. I am liking this Willow rework so far, though personally I do agree with the others on that fire immunity would be a wise perk that makes sense for her character.
  20. Klaus' fire based attack with the red gem deer. .... maybe if you count a fire hounds death combustion then that'd be two more? Not sure if there's any other attacks.
  21. twitch drop update?

    Good question! It seems, so far, we have no information on this. Which may indicate that we will not have a forecast yet. Or, maybe a new post is coming!
  22. Set up a protected burn area with a load of trees. When hounds spawn set them aflame and fight them from within the fire. Willow and Bernie can solo a pretty big hound wave with fire immunity I think.
  23. Some personal opinions on what may have been done better: - Give some perks based around the fire starter theme, I don't mind Bernie buffs, but if that's entirely what makes up her character, then that's going to have some problems. A few others than me posted before good rework ideas and i'd recommend reading back on them. - Give her a bigger downside, possibly, freezing only really takes place in specific situations, like winter or during heavy rainfall, and can be quite easily preventable. - Add some more abilities that'd be useful past early-mid game, as her downsides would only really benefit her early-game, and it'd make people just want to switch characters after a short enough amount of time. I know I didn't really have anything specific in this post, and i'm sorry for that, as i'm not entirely too creative in coming up with ideas for this character. But there are a few good ideas which other users have come up with.
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