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  2. If you think the buffed Pew-matic horn is OP I'd say drop it altogether because as of right now a spears/dark swords is better in almost everyway especially for a character who's better at kiting, there cheaper and lasts longer (the pea-gun is on par with Wilbur's poop throwing plus he can carry more stuff)
  3. Update question

    klei has made it clear numerous times they aren't really bothered by deadlines. Not by malice but by ensuring quality. at any rate, a handful of extra days doesn't change a thing for anyone. Take a seat or play other games.
  4. It's been a while now after the last updates that I can't join any game. Is it just with me or is this a know issue?
  5. There is only one Thursday left in the month so either klei fell behind or they are gonna release the willow rework randomly without a heads up or anything. I’m wondering which one it is
  6. So I made this thing: And it works perfectly. The drainage door opens once the bottle hits the specified weight, and the bottle is left to off-gas while retaining the sweep errand. The problem is the pressure plate. It only goes up to 2t. Now a 2t bottle only produces around 80g/s of polluted oxygen, so... Shelve that idea until we get pressure plates that can go higher.
  7. What if Winnie comes?

    This is probably the only way I will ever argree with adding Winnie.
  8. ik this table... what's the difference? Pew gun is infinite and you'll be using common items like rocks for 68 dmg? that's completely OP even with reduced stats this is just too much... I'm sorry but you can ask for a mod to change this... but not for all players and that on top of no inv penalties + speed??
  9. Yeah Its whole folder, tried disabling most of the other mods with no change.
  10. Endgame comes out the same night as the update.... Still playing DST all night
  11. Basic Spear: melee: 34 dmg, 150 uses, total: 5100 (cost) 1 rope, 1 flint, 2 twigs Dark Sword: melee: 68 dmg, 100 uses, total: 6800 (cost) 1 living log, 5 nightmare fuel Blow-Dart: range: 100 dmg, 1 uses, total: 100 (cost) 2 reeds, 1 tooth, 1 white feather Pew-Gun: range: 68 dmg, 10 ammo, total: 680 (cost) 10 rock/sharp materials or 100 rocks for a range dark sword (which is resource heavy in early/mid-game) Keep in mind that her 2nd downside is lower stats, this Wheeler buff is just a rough idea and could play differently in-game than on paper (I could change it down to 50 damage and reloads could be slower if that helps)
  12. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Walani should start with another surfboard that have unlimited durability, this will a small buff, but she still not worth playing as she consider beardless wilson with less health. Warly should have special recipes in hamlet that has special effect like speed boost or glow. Wilbur and woodlegs are fine, Woodlegs can buy tam from the hat shop and remove all his downside.
  13. Hey this is my first post, just got into this game and loving it! I have a question about my current base. All my current needs have been met so I've done a bunch of exploring. I have three cool steam vents, two natural gas geysers, a steam vent, a polluted water geyser, and now... a volcano. I stumbled upon it after finding TWO AETNs in the same ruin, and it's right above them. I'm looking for any tips or suggestions on how to make the best use of this situation. My base is starting to get hot (because of the close geyser I built a partial enclosure around I believe) but I'm not sure if traditional AETN-cooling will work because of the volcano lol. Thanks!
  14. I'd like to see this please I know what you mean though, I do keep a bit of hydrogen in one because the cold slush geyser runs over the top of it and wanted a way to use that cold efficiently. Hadn't noticed anything yet - but geez, been burned by this quite often. It's my bad luck in the game, I never get oh my gas turned to hydrogen or something useful, it's always polluted oxygen when I've got oxygen everywhere already.....
  15. I expect from Hamlet more inclusion of SW items in the Hamlet economy: a Naval Shop with naval lanterns, Trawl Nets, Cannons, etc More SW Hats in the Hat shop Armor Shop vendor should receive Shark Gills Banker should accept obsidian The Bank should have a conversion from doubloons to oincs
  16. he was charming, his quotes were cool to those into the niche and his battle cry was absolutely unforgettable
  17. Looool, regular notepad Anyhow Did you search the entire mod folder or only your scripts folder? If you only searched the scripts folder go and search your entire mod's folder. If you did search the entire mod folder then i'm not sure what to do. Seems like you have a lot of mods there that could be one of the causes?
  18. Alright... you asked for it... Here goes... No turning back now...
  19. A Clawed Cork Tree that slashes your during aporkalypse will be quite fun. its a bug that hasn't been fixed yet for a long time, just enjoy the low damage.
  20. I've been using regular Notepad lol. I went and got ++ and it didn't find a thing.
  21. Ban ivo because Rosalina currently has the worst standing in Alpharad's CPU Championship Series.
  22. Am I gonna have to bust out... the meme?
  23. that all together seem OP.. really that weapon always deals 68 dmg? same as a cutlass supreme? I can't even... this is just so OP
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