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  2. I would also like to see him now get penalty from rain or maybe less penalty, so we dont make him too OP.
  3. I like #2 the best (cool that you numbered them), it would be neat if the light revolved in a 360 arc. One of the aspects of SW I really enjoyed was the buoys you could create, made for some amazing harbors and guidance systems.
  4. deleted account

    Stand on top of the building which Klei resides in and use a megaphone? Hire a stunt plane... no, two stunt planes with a message on the end of both of them? Create an XboxOne account with the profile name 'DoNotDeleteYo'?
  5. RoT wish-list

    I put some seeds on a boat, put it to sleep using a dart, placed a bird trap over it, and hit space to pick it up. For some reason, you can't pick up sleeping animals in DST, where as in DS it's bugged and sometimes you can. (You didn't ask, but ICYDK.)
  6. Turning off his combustible trait is probably the best course of action. Too much danger, especially with ignorance.
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    hghghghghghhgghg spent the latter half of my day making this video Please try and ignore that thing
  8. Question from my father

    So what brought about this question? I mean, I watched the movie, but I can't speak for anyone at Klei, though.
  9. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    Look here everyone, at least you don't take Design. Unless you do. In which we're in the same boat.
  10. They're thirsty. Bring them the fire-hose.
  11. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    I don't really do much DS fanart these days anymore, but sometimes as a warm up I'll decide to do a lil quick something and I remembered the stream. Love Wheeler, she's basically everything I had hoped for when I saw her unrevealed silhouette way back.
  12. Klei servers

    So I don't want to seem like a whiner, but this past day me and a bunch of people I've asked in all the klei servers I play in have been getting bad lag. Can't finish actions like chopping trees or mining, rubberbanding like crazy. Oddly enough the German servers seem fine (well mostly). Which is weird since I'm in north America Just wanted to voice this
  13. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I can imagine the scene to get the Soul Stone: Red Skull: In order to take the stone, you must lose what you love. Wendy to Abigail:
  14. New musics ?

    I like the current music. Just add more music.. problem solved. Maybe a mod to change soundtracks ?
  15. Today
  16. They did concept art. so... Maybe,,,,,?
  17. I am not following how it would happen with deodorizers?
  18. If water ever reaches the PH2O bottles they can read a vaccum at low pressures and have explosive off gassing enough to literally flood your base in PO2. You will likely have bottles filled with upwards of 10ts of PH2O which off gasses at a percentage as long as its not overpressured. Using a trickle of water you can exploit how this works and produces 100skgs of PO2 per tile then just control its access to your base.
  19. So, Wormwood is coming to DST.Here's some minor QoL stuff I'd like surrounding Wormwood to fit the 'multiplayer' part of his gameplay. It's minor stuff, and not entirely necessary. - Seeds planted by Wormwood are diggable A fine gentleman in Maxwell Memes made a great point that Wormwood could simply plant a buch of seed in the middle of the base and players wouldn't be able to put any structures down because the crops have red rings around them. So players would have to either play the waiting game or find and waste fertilizers to rid of the crops. By the time they'd find enough poop Wormwood would have like 10 seeds. Now imagine this but during winter, when plants cannot grow or be fertilized! The only way to get rid of them then is to commit Willow main. Speaking of - Players to be able to extinguish Wormwood Self explanatory. Would not only save Wormwood but also the entire base. - For other characters to have unique quotes when extinguishing Wormwood I'm thinking specifically of Willows quote when extinguishing anything. "I wish I'd let it go up in flames..." Imagine her calling a literal sentient plant creature and "it" and loudly say she'd wish she's let them burn. Yikes. I'm thinking she'd say something more friendlier like "Done and done". This goes for other characters aswell. Perhaps they'd pretend the burn wasn't so bas as to not make him feel like a burden. Like "There you go, buddy! Now where's the ice..." - For Wormwood to have unique quotes for players that extinguished him, or another Wormwood. This player literally saved his life. I'd think he'd hold some form of gratitude towards this person. Perhaps something simple, like "F-friend?" or "Still don't trust" (in cases of Woodie and Willow, which would be complete psychopaths in his eyes) Sorry for any Spelling ro grammar mistakes. I was tired af upon making this.
  20. whats with the shipping threads lately
  21. Check germs with sensor

    Whats wrong with the germ sensor? Its already there, under auotmation, and unlocked with "pathogen diagnostics" (third part of the medic-tree).
  22. Awesome idea, having a small platform on it as well would be really cool.
  23. Wormwood, a nerf to come

    food Isn't that much of an issue in DST anyway if you know what your doing. A pig and spider farm can get you a lot of meat, you can convert 4 monster meat from the spider farm into a guaranteed 2 big meat and a pig skin, plus the silk and spider glands are nice too. Or, if you have a tallbird fortress, turn that into an easy meat farm and some non perishable eggs. point is, Wormwood is not as bad as you think, what you should really worry about is Warly. if he can do what I think he might be able to do, which is make all crockpot food he makes 33% better, a single meatball, for example, would give about 83 hunger. that means that for most characters, two meatballs can fill their hunger completely, that's just 2 morsels, and 6 filler of any kind, you can easily survive off that (of course warly himself needs more variety than that, but for every other player on their team, they are fine). plus with his portable crockpot, if your ever short on food while your out and about, you can catch some rabbits, pick some mushrooms, and make meatballs galore right then and there. need some quick healing? trail mix gives just about 40 healing with warly, basicly a normal dragonpie, and needs only roasted nuts and berries, both are easy to find in the wild. Anyway my long winded point is that planting seeds wherever isn't that bad when compared to other characters, plus dragonpie for healing is old hat now, wortox basically broke healing. even if you were using it for food, warly's meatballs are better than their base numbers anyway. tl;dr: the future is now old man
  24. Oh, that's easy. Just make some water balloons.
  25. Sure, easy to kill, but they create a fire and you burn to death. Can't put it out while fighting so I guess a flingo which then makes it impossible to have a fire pit or endo.
  26. RoT wish-list

    Wait, how'd you do that? I tried picking up the puffin I arrested, but the game wouldn't let me.
  27. RoT wish-list

    Oh, but you can! You can leave a birdcage on a boat for this. I'd love mutated animal farming. Hats are always a plus.
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