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  2. Wurt

    SO CUTE ♥ ♥
  3. Wurt

    Correct me with I'm wrong, but... Didn't this sort of thing also happen when previous updates were about to be added, I think Warly? And in the past there've definitely been a few quickly-solved issues with having to do false posts to the main boards and immediately delete/move them in order to half-automate beta posts? not saying hype b u t
  4. Wurt

    has this already been discussed? What would the abilities of a merm goat character even be? I just hope it's not another character that is hated by pigs etc.
  5. Wurt

    I'm silent, because whatever, but I like your company here, stay abit more here please, it's so funny to see people talking about our boi Wurt
  6. Wurt

    I need sleep so i hope when i wake up the news will be there or at least in my dream.
  7. Oh, 60 watts? That's already pretty fair. Even if it can be used to generate infinite power, the density would be incredibly low: just 4 watts per tile. Even if we can pump an arbitrarily large amount of water in using an arbitrarily small amount of machinery, that's less efficient than ranching hatches to feed coal generators, since each hatch needs eight tiles and the coal generator works out to about 70 watts per hatch. It's also less efficient than wild arbor trees and wood burners. A wood burner produces about 34 watts per arbor tree, and each arbor tree takes only 6 tiles to grow, not counting the tile it grows on, meaning that two All of these require dupe labor, of course, but they also require little-to-no investment of resources. And on that particular line of reasoning... a manual generator takes just 4 tiles and one duplicant, but produces 400 watts constantly. In most of my bases, that works out to a lot better than 4 watts per tile even with the infrastructure requirements. So I really don't think it would be gamebreaking with the type of density you proposed. You could lower the water requirements and it would still have an equally low power density. So yes, it would be infinite energy, but every generator gives infinite energy.
  8. Wurt

    what if Wurt ends up being a Wes-level character (.. I'd probably still play him after all this hype)
  9. Wurt

    Oor goatified merm
  10. Wurt

    Science is still out on that one, but it's generally accepted that he'll be a Gnaw-cursed (read: mermified) goat.
  11. Wurt

    so when is the stream scheduled to happen on thursday's? I hardly ever watch it
  12. Wurt

    He's definitely a mermified goat, no doubt about it.
  13. Wurt

    So did we ever find out what he is? Or id it still either merm, goat, or a combo of both?
  14. Wurt

    Oh yeah, sure, when he's released... whenever the heck that's gonna happen. probs next week tbh
  15. Wurt

    Yeah, but only when Wurt is released
  16. Wurt

    Inb4 streams cancelled
  17. Wurt

    You really think this is gonna end with acceptance? Well, I admire your optimism.
  18. Wurt

    Jesus! There was about 200 replies an hour ago!
  19. Wurt

    I hope they post the news thread before this thread looses its hype so all this hype can flow through that thread.
  20. Wurt

    Wurt Memes - Stages of Grief
  21. Wurt

    Personally, I'd go with: Wurt Memes - Start of Darkness
  22. Don't starve shipwrecked wastes resources trying to build walls and place things the way you want them unlike in don't starve and the recent update for android for both won't let me rotate, don't know if there's any other problems yet.
  23. Wurt

    This thread, it's spice levels are off the charts! There's no way they'd actually drop hallowed nights without a week's notice, right?!
  24. Wurt

    Second it
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