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  2. Hm. Well... If you have to beat all prior levels of a game to get to the end boss, is that end boss considered inaccessible? By preparing to fight the fuelweaver (or gathering materials to fight any other boss), and by having him hidden behind a giant tentacle, does that make him inaccessible? Is the thurible inaccessible? And also, with new content added continuously, don't you think it would eventually be overwhelming to have all things happening all at once less the world size was expanded too? Time sinks I can agree on, that's where I put my objection on and rather wishing to let things be accessible/activated through player action than based around arbitrary amounts of time passing. Unless you're talking about some other kind of time sink? Also what do you mean with speed bumb? Something specific?
  3. it seems that i get if i retry immediately when death by lava and press any of the WASD at the moment i spawn on start
  4. i get stuck at the start when i retry the course, not yet sure how to replicate on purpose
  5. I- wow...I didn't even think about it like that! good job! That actually makes alot of sense explaining why their whole body is literally just ice and organs.
  6. i cannot move after i die and respawn again
  7. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    KLEI : Releases a new character,the Halloween update and new stuff into the game. THE COMMUNITY : Stop bullying the cockatoo.
  8. I hadn't considered their skin mutated into ice. I saw it as their skin and muscles either were eaten or had decomposed. The lack of fat for insulation let the remains freeze over until they floated close enough to the Lunar island to resurrect from its moon magic.
  9. Combined Status: Playing DST without this mod feels like I'm playing a game still in its alpha stages Geometric Placement: Playing DST without this mod feels like I'm playing a game still in its alpha stages Status Announcements: Makes it much less annoying to communicate with people Quick Drop: Seriously needs to be in the game by default Gesture Wheel: Typing to preform an emote is annoying Craft Pot: Requiring to go to a wiki multiple times just to see what makes what is annoying Repair Combine: It's very annoying when you have multiple 1% tools lying around and you can't get rid of them without going out of your way to find something to use it on More Players!: You really shouldn't be required to use a mod to allow your server to have more than 6 players Admin Scoreboard+: Godsend to combat against griefers without being forced to just rollback Sanity Volume Limiter: Seriously needs to be in the game by default, having insanity volume become louder/quieter based on the ambient volume is very dumb as without ambient volume the game becomes completely mute except for annoying birds and I don't want to be forced to listen to the insanity sounds just so I can hear the rain or wind sounds of the biome No Mods Warning - Client: This should be an option, yes Klei I know it any problems arise from my mods you won't help me, BUT I don't need you to tell me it every single time I enter the game DJPaul's Sort Inventory SF: Having a way to auto-organize your inventory with the click of a button makes the game much more fun as I don't like to waste time idling to put all my food in the backpack, put all my tools near each other, ect. it gets annoying and tedious after the first 100 times. An auto-organize button for containers like chests, iceboxes, ect. would be lovely too.
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  11. Progression system in dst

    I want new content to be accessible, this is walling. It’s also too focused on time sinks and speed bumps; all filler, no meat.
  12. I don't see a inst.OnActivate? instead you should take the component function inst.components.teleporter.onActivate = OnActivate I suppose you meant that?
  13. The Melon's Art Thread

    Could you make dead Victorian maxwell
  14. When I am running a few courses or even left after completion/quitting I get stuck in place and have to "retry" in order to start moving again.
  15. But the Malbatross only eats fish from the surface, only going down underwater whenever it wants to feed. Plus, like I said earlier The pengulls bones and organs gets inverted out of its skin even causing areas around its eyes to bleed (that blood is from the outside of the "ice skin"and is definitely bleeding, as it appears to look as its dripping.)other mutations just change morphs and mixes the animals. But there is no way an animal would have just had its bones turned inside out having their skin replaced with ice and still be perfectly functioning as normal.(heck possibly would have disabled the poor mutant)
  16. Count to 200 without interruption

  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Noone: Lunarcat making an unepic and unoriginal meme: Everyone:
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  19. Said drum sound is actually an ambience sound during summer Why? I dunno.
  20. Can you explain this?

    it wasn't a boometang Maybe she Just killed herself xD
  21. Hi everyone, I have a weapon like a boomerang and I have this idea to implement it this way: it does not cause damage, but stuns. I had a similar implementation for the DST, now I port to the DS, I do not know how to properly issue. Thanks in advance! my code for this item in dst:
  22. water in winter does not freeze?
  23. Horror hound are only zobies but lunar penguins are ice/penguin hybrid. But theory is really nice Maybe Malbatros ate them
  24. Repair combine And the trash can to get rid of useless items.
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