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  2. Tongue looks different, compared to her other skins Does not lack a tooth Previously, the "nöt" in her comment did lack an umlaut
  3. That is because the skins were probably rushed, and, probably like Ivo said, made by a different artist. Both the skins themselves and their concept really seem out of place for me.
  4. New Wheezewort

    At this point there are plenty of much better options, such as steam turbines.
  5. It may be something like when they put the gorge image
  6. It's because the Magmatic skins were created by a different artist, but I can see the oddities...
  7. Where did the redeem code go PS4

    Honestly, same here, I mean ill buy a Wigfrid popfigure but thats it lol
  8. New Wheezewort

    Sweeper arms.
  9. Food Rebalance Summary

    We're getting nearer to a state where the choice of food is a personal preference without there being an obviously superior go-to food source which is a good thing. We're not totally there yet, and I especially feel Pacu fillet is a step too high food quality when you remember that you can farm Pacus at no cost what-so-ever, not even dupe time spent, since wild or tame they always drop one egg before dying (unless in an overcrowded enclosure but that's easy to avoid). Fully automated Pacu farms is more or less completely "set up and forget" sources of Pacu meat and egg shells. Food choice is also becoming a matter of play style which I also like. Unless you want all your dupes to become virtual superdupes with maxed out skills in every category there's no reason, beyond you being a benevolent player, to go for the highest possible food quality if you just have fairly good decor and recreational facilities to make up for the lower morale boost of lower quality food.
  10. Indeed there is a modifier of 10 for radiant/normal pipes heat exchange equation. Full equation is q = kave * dT * 10 Modifier is constant so basically it is irrelevant if you want to decide which material will be better to build the pipes. Knowing how conductivity is calculated is important here, that is why game should clearly state when lower conductivity of both materials is used and when average is used. In case average is used then you will want to maximize heat transfer by using highest available conductivity material. In case lower conductivity is used then you might want to choose material with lowest specific heat capacity if you want to speed up heat transfer.
  11. Can you update the initial post with this information. I also had the same issue with reading the post which said "It will be in the Store" I looked at the store but nothing ... and after i had read your comment i saw it in the Library.
  12. Hey, I know this will get drowned by the Warly hype, but it'd be lovely if I could share my nitpick or confusion here... so I will. Magmatic portraits look odd. They have amazing concepts, and some of my favorites are from the Magmatic Collection (Wigfrid and WX, mainly, but I also like the cracks in Maxwell's), but they look really awkward. By that, I mean the general posing looks stiff/lacks expression. I'll include some examples, comparisons and descriptions of what I find odd about them, but it can mostly be summed up with these points: -The portrait does not blend in with the rest of the skins -The poses lack the feeling of movement, -The character looks uncanny, like an in-between -Colors are too vibrant, and the shading looks rushed Again, the skins themselves are lovely, and are on par with the rest of the game, but it is weird that their portraits are so... out of place, and that this behaviour only happens with the Magmatic set, as all subsequent skins look fine and dandy (special mentions: Forlorn Doll Willow and Next Of Kin Winona, they both look amazing) Comparisons, Details and Examples in the spoilers below: Wilson: Willow: WX-78: Wigfrid: Most of these criticisms apply to all portraits, but I will not nitpick on each and every one because "I ain't got time and you ain't got time" I still adore these skins, and how neat they look in-game, my nitpicking is solely with the Portraits. If there's a good reason for this stylistic choice, someone please enlighten me, as I may be just dumb, but I couldn't find it. (I'd like to reiterate that yes, I still wholeheartedly love Klei and all of their amazing artists, even if I do find these odd )
  13. I guess that this may be the "info" that JoeW mentioned about. I'm not expecting anything special, though. Our best bet is to expect that information on friday.
  14. [Game Update] - 352881

    Are they really that much more effort though? All you need to do is put them in a place that your dupes can reach and have them come by once every three cycles to drop off some phosphorite. That seems fine for some early spot heat removal. You certainly shouldn't need to go for hydrogen environments for that. Maybe better to think of them as being dupe-less ice-e-fans? Sort of like moving from manual generators to coal ones, instead of needing dupes to running the machine directly they just periodically drop by to load more fuel.
  15. well, on top of IIRC being some log mean, there are also hidden modifiers in play apart from the known "radiant=max, insulated=min"... it'd be really sweet indeed if dupes could research that. The info does not need to be already available, on the contrary, due to the virtue of the fact that it is made so makes it much more visible than tool tips and hover stuff. That stuff which most at best skim but mostly don't read in the first place but presume the contents, I assume, based on common sense, like them most.
  16. Today
  17. They definitely need to fix up the strings. i'm quite unsure at this point on some of them (like tc) which is real in which situations
  18. It depends in both radiant/normal pipe material TC and content material TC inside the pipe. It is average value of both. Still uncertain to me if simple average or log mean.
  19. To me, nothing beats having a pool of 70F (or cooler) water you feed your electrolyzers. the pipes feeding them are radiant so i get steady temp oxygen. Been doing that forever it seems, had interesting convo on here about how wasteful it is to cool the water but oh well, i'm having fun and now with the ice machine I just have to drop a few temp shift plates of ice to recharge it. I like the idea of using the gas based temp control buildings but the limited pipe capacity of the gas pipes relegates them to small applications when compared to liquid. A very creative posting, thank you.
  20. Base porn (again)

    It's called auto-farming. It means you just wait to the food drops off the plant by itself which it does exactly 4 cycles after it ready to harvest regardless of what plant it is, nor does it matter if it's wild or not. It's always exactly 4 cycles. So plants which takes a long time to grow, like sleet wheat and pincha peppers you can sometimes decide that it's worth the extra water and phosporite cost (in the case of pincha peppers) to not have the dupes waste time doing the harvests. It's especially true for pincha peppers which you often use as a heat sink to absorb hot polluted water. The natural gas is because it's in the fertilizer maker room which helps stabilize the temperature. Yes, the nuts loose freshness in natural gas if left on the ground but they're swept out when they drop so it doesn't matter.
  21. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  22. Why Epic Store is good for the game

    And that's going to conveniently last for an entire year, just like every other exclusivity deal epic deals out. Yeah, that doesn't sound shady at all...
  23. I haven't save progress

    Hi, same problem here ! Send my feedback today
  24. [Game Update] - 352881

    This would be rather simple. If a task would be assigned to a dupe, the system checks, if a sweeper is in range. If not > Dupe. If so, then more checks, if the sweeper can do the job.
  25. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  26. one of my friends told me there was 50 but idk if its literally just 50 anyone know the exact number and why are blind boxes not in the klei store anymore?
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