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  2. and this is kinda ridiculous allergy is more dangerous than any other negative trait. lol
  3. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    At this point it's a problem on your end then, and the proposed singleplayer mode for DST would only benefit you, and if it doesn't, consider investing in a better internet plan or a better computer. I don't know what else to say, but I don't know how you could be against something that would benefit Don't Starve Together and Klei, along with its playerbase, in the long run. As @Crimson Chin has already stated, DS and DST are already such a huge split between the playerbases. Working towards something that would unify both playerbases is something that, ideally, most should vouch for. It would appeal to both playerbases, but would also provide more options in case one or the other craves multiplayer or singleplayer. The only way you can actually make it clearer is to provide video evidence or something, because right now it's only you saying that you've got an issue that others have not experienced when hosting a 1 player-slot server with all the other details I have mentioned previously. I will continue to offer you "guidelines" because I believe there's a lot more you could actually consider, rather than just living with the fact that you suffer from connection problems and have to reduce yourself to having two copies of the same game.
  4. No City, No Palace?

    You can try c_countprefabs("pig_palace") in the console, and if it's really not there, you can try to spawn it in.
  5. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Oh daaaaaaaang, love how this is turning out! Nice to see the introduction of a greater variety of textures. Keep us posted!
  6. Make Wormwood locked

    maybe use the life water on a flytrap or socketing a green gem into the plant the life water makes or vice versa
  7. on latest build i have issues with all kinds of sensors - they just do not work for some reason, deconstruct and rebuild usually helps, or reload. this buils is bugged
  8. So far i remember max is/was 2000Kg?
  9. I mean they don't need to be super close to one another. I personally would like boat linking so I can make it mobile.
  10. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I don’t know how I can be any clearer about this, but I’ll restate it for you one more time as simply as possible. I am not using any of the lag-producing settings that you think are causing DST to perform poorly for me personally: no mods, set to Alone, etc. More to the point, the *only* thing that has changed is my internet connection. Same computer, same game settings, same everything, playing on brand new worlds. The switch from broadband to satellite is the ONLY VARIABLE THAT IS DIFFERENT and yet there has been a marked performance drop. Is that clear? It’s about as close to a controlled experiment as it gets. Please stop obtusely offering me “guidelines” that I am already observing and have been for years.
  11. I tested axe, luxury axe, pick/axe and moon glass axe as Woodie when a Lucy is in my inventory. None of them turns into Lucy. Is this the same as the previous version? Sorry, I can't remember well.
  12. Watch your capitalizations. Them isn't capitalized in Maxwell's quote. The "them" ia referring to the Gestalts. The "Moon" communes through the Gestalts.
  13. No City, No Palace?

    Seems ******. Either it straight up didn't spawn, or the rest of the city generated as an independent island. I've seen that happen with parts of cities before. If the latter happened, there should be a wormhole somewhere that goes to it.
  14. Dang, that's amazing. I'd feel really at home there, and if one sinks you got plenty of backups.
  15. Boat Design

    Oh, Ocuvigil, fun!
  16. [Game Update] - 335754

    It has no gameplay effect. It's apart of the Lunacy mechanic but it's not a mechanic itself. It's purely visual.
  17. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    I accept your apology, but I'm disheartened to hear that you can't see the similarities. The things you've listed are merely trivial content that don't justify releasing two copies of the same game. Yes, SW and HAM add new assets, even after the fact that DST is gaining in popularity, but these two DLCs are isolated and don't actually add to the base game. They add to their own game. To clarify, you don't see people talking about their DS worlds as DS worlds with SW and/or HAM. Instead, people either talk about how their HAM world is, how their SW world is (though you can travel between RoG and SW, and even the same for HAM, but that's travelling between isolated content, not actually adding to the base game), or how their DS/RoG world is. Even if you were to evaluate every DLC and the two games, they're the same games with some variation in flora and fauna. I don't know what more to say, since this will just be a back-and-forth of "I think game is same" and "I think game is different." When presented with the evidence though, and objectively looking at said evidence, it boils down to the same game with similarities I have already stated in my previous post. Other changes that you have mentioned are also trivial ones. Tweaking a boss' stats and adding one or two mechanics doesn't equate to a different game. As I've said, DST has a more refined engine than DS does, but they both use the same engine and everything else. You could see it as a harsh statement, but it's the truth, objectively speaking. DS runs an older, dated engine and uses older, dated and unpolished mechanics. I understand that some people do play singleplayer only, but isn't that what we're discussing in terms of DST and adding a singleplayer mode for those who enjoy singleplayer? This whole thread has become so convoluted that the main point of this thread is more or less out the window. To sum this part up though, having a proper singleplayer mode in DST would be even better than DS because of DST's better engine. I don't know what else to say on that point because DST's engine is just objectively better and is more polished and refined than DS's, which makes it a real shame that SW and HAM were implemented into the older, dated game. Well, you thought wrong, and I would also appreciate it if you expanded upon the problems that DST has faced, as I would like to know the specifics so that we could go over them in detail. This is an opinion, and though I believe all opinions should be valued, they aren't facts. Now, I wouldn't speak for the developers saying what is easy and what is not for them, as I am not a developer. The same would apply to you. As for sacrifices, there might actually be less sacrifices than you think there would be. I would ask that you elaborate upon what exactly would be sacrificed in the hypothetical situation that DS content and DST would be merged. Why would you buy both games when they're more or less the same, save for two isolated DLCs? It's a waste of money and a waste of resources from a general perspective; you're dividing a group into two teams for two similar games, one of which is refined and up-to-date, and as I've said already, mods don't fix problems, merely mask them. Refer to my previous posts for further explanation of that. Admittedly, those do come off as broad, but he has already given his reasons on previous posts of his, so I'm not sure if you're not reading all of his post, or just skimming through what you have time for. I understand that some people don't like the idea of reading large paragraphs, but it's is crucial for a better understanding and so that you could possibly save yourself from typing a paragraph about something that has already been covered. I think a solution to your problem would be to PM @Crimson Chin about your specific questions, because right now in this thread and in the other thread, there are so many topics and sub-topics trying to be covered at once that it's almost impossible to get all the answers you want, so I would suggest PM'ing him, maybe even make a group chat with the three of us in case a third perspective is necessary. Whatever you're comfortable with. Well, if you want my opinion on DS versus DST singleplayer, I believe I have already mentioned that the absence of attack-cancelling, for one, is very off-putting to me. Considering that combat in DS(T) is a crucial mechanic in the game, I would believe that it's more of a big deal than a small one, but to each their own, and this "singleplayer aspect" we're talking about wouldn't be a "completely new" thing, it would be expanding upon the already-existing Alone gamemode. As for what you've asked, I unfortunately don't know what exactly you did ask for, but I would again recommend PM'ing me or Crimson Chin if you have any specific questions. This comes down to how X is for me, and how X is for you, to which I can't say more about that. If your belief is that they're two different games, then so be it, but objectively speaking they are very similar games, dare I say the same. Correct me on this, but I believe places like Reddit, and even Klei forums, can at most times be biased, and people would respond more out of emotion than out of rational thought. Have you looked at what the big paragraphs have actually said? The 2 games don't work, simply put, is because they are both the same game. DS has an old, dated and unpolished engine, DST has a more refined, up-to-date and polished engine. The answer you provided is not entirely true. You're answering with the thought that the other person has knowledge about what DS and DST offers, so the other person couldn't actually distinguish the fact that DS' screenshot is in an isolated DLC called Shipwrecked and not just another part of the DS world, and DST with multiple players doesn't actually say anything because both DS and DST share the exact same art style. That, and you can use console commands to spawn in characters into DS and vice versa, so it's not actually as obvious as you think it to be. That is an example of a bias. Again, you're making the assumption that X price is cheap to everyone, to which again it's not. Again, it's very inconsiderate of you to immediately jump to such a conclusion. You are sort of backing off from your broad statement, but now you're saying that it's "pretty low" when a lot of variables are not taken into consideration. How many people would actually get to experience all the content? DS doesn't exactly hold your hand, and that has been off-putting for a lot of people to the point where they either refunded the game or haven't played the game for more than an hour, so again, game time and such is subjective to the player. Either way, it may sound like enough game time for you for 8€, but it might not even be worth it for other people. Again, it's better to consider other than just yourself when talking about these kinds of topics. Saying that others should simply go elsewhere is a horrible argument, since that takes away sales from the developers. Why drive people away from a good game with so much potential—Don't Starve Together—when you can instead build upon an already great game and make it even better, which would then welcome many more new players and increase revenue? I would argue that I'm "down on the game" because it's visibly dated and is wasted potential that could have been used on the refined version of the game. Don't Starve is not a sandbox. I don't know why people label the game as a "sandbox with survival elements" but it's not by definition a sandbox, unless a sandbox to you is a slab of rock that you can only sit on, because there are quite a lot of limitations in Don't Starve, hence making it a survival game more than a sandbox. Minecraft has a lot more to explore, with a nearly unlimited world to explore and a lot more building that can be done. I mean, take a look at all the creations people have made in Minecraft. Can you do the same in Don't Starve? Absolutely not. I don't believe I've said anything of the sort. It's only a matter of interpretation on your end, and if I came off as such, my apologies. I mean only to express a different angle of critical thought from yours. To briefly answer your question though, I think it's redundant to buy both games when they're both the same game for reasons already stated.
  18. Static Layouts 100% spawning?

    So, here we have a bargain_start base, a default_plus_start base, 5 times insane_flint and + 7 or 8 resurrectionstones in the vanilla/RoG world. Do you want the cave bases in the caves or on the surfave? Za
  19. I think that if woodie was a bit more like his dst counterpart as in only dropping equipped items, his gameplay would be nicer
  20. I'm actually starting to think the "Moon" may be responsible for that. Especially since Marble Sculptures break into Clockworks on a fullmoon. It would explain his obsession with it.
  21. Ok, I replied to you on the other thread. I don't want to start repeating the same things here and there so I will just link it.
  22. 3 possible reasons: - you have an automation wire crossing the buildings port, disabling it. - Its the "not recognizing the tube" glitch. If the station thinks there is not tube connected, it will not draw power. Deconstruct the tube entering the station, and rebuild it. - general bug
  23. Why Are You Guys Quiet?

    They are the same game. The DLCs are separate and like I said could exist without Don't Starve single player just fine on DST. The things you listed here are so trivial, this is like saying I could release a game and update it then release an older version of that game and call them separate games. Are you really saying that things like moving dragonfly, having a different cave system, and other minor features like adventure mode make the games completely different? @BeanBagSonic made a great point, you would absolutely not be able to tell the difference between the two games if you compared two pictures of them. So no, these don't sound quite different to me. I still can't understand why you think this will hurt people's singleplayer experience. DST gets content that singleplayer will never receive, like character reworks. They have already given up on updating the base game it seems, that's why it makes even less sense to keep adding DLCs that would work just fine on DST to DS. This would allow everyone to enjoy the same content the way they want to. I guess we will just have to disagree here. I do believe it would be worth porting the DLCs over, but I already said I understand they are already finished and porting them over now would be an unreasonable thing to ask for.. Ah geez I feel like I'm repeating the same thing over and over again. I just can't see how me requesting to not have to own a separate game JUST TO HAVE AN ENJOYABLE SINGLE PLAYER EXPERIENCE is anything close to a utopia! Very few games split apart like this to be multiplayer and single player! I know you think that is silly for some reason, but I just can't understand why. Merging the games now might be more difficult sure, but stopping development on single player and making DST essentially the ultimate Don't Starve experience... is really not. I can name you a thousand games that have added multiplayer without splitting into two separate games. And your not a game dev and neither am I, who are we to say something like this would take ages. It would take work of course, but this work would be worth it. I apologize, I understand saying "Everyone would be happy" as if absolutely every living soul would be pleased, is just not true, but I do not see how this would upset many people. You keep saying I didn't explain myself in those threads, but I have. Anyways, people could play the same content as everyone else, alone or together. There is already an ugly split between the community. Since DST is not solo play friendly, of course players have to go to DS if they don't like multiplayer. These players miss out on all of DST's new content. And since DS doesn't have multiplayer people get upset that they can not play Hamlet or SW online, and on the better game engine. These issues are silly and unnecessary. I have already explained multiple reasons why I believe this would benefit klei in the other thread you responded me to in. I suppose I can repeat myself again. DS has a much smaller player base than DST. DST gets so much more traffic and has much more potential to make Klei money. I think maybe looking at things in long run could help you understand what I'm saying. Lets say Klei released Hamlet for DST, rather than just out right charging for it they could have released it a long side a skin pack. Now the skins will directly make them money, but the massive content that Hamlet contains would keep players coming back and bring new players in. These players would keep playing and keep the game alive. This would benefit them even more in the long run. Hahahahahaahahaha well not that Hamlet is the best example, as literally anything besides what they actually did would have made them more money (12k copies for free). Also, like it or not, multiplayer is a big selling point to a lot of people. That's just how it is right now, I get that leads to some ugly situations in other games, but why is that a bad thing if this multiplayer isn't hurting the solo experience? Don't you think that its a bit excessive that I have to own a separate version of the same game just to play single player? Anyways I'm doing that now, but I haven't replied to you because believe it or not I can not be on the forums 24/7, and have been busy doing other things. There has been various reasons listed by others and myself on this thread & the other one. And no, if someone unfamiliar with this situation saw SW gameplay and some gameplay of DST, it would still be very difficult to tell that these are not the same games. They are the same game, they share the same art style, basic mechanics, and only differ due to multiplayer and in the long run those other very minor differences you listed. But, I shouldn't have to spend 15 dollars to play Don't Starve alone on the older and less refined engine. Hey there is a game that has multiplayer and singleplayer on the same game. Minecraft didn't completely split up and make a separate game to allow for multiplayer. A better example if you want one is Stardew Valley. When he decided that he wanted to implement multiplayer he didn't create a standalone version of the game and then release different content updates on each one. DS's situation happens very rarely in games. I understand why they made the decision to do so, but treating them like they are different games is silly for the various reasons that have been stated.
  24. Aloe cream

    an craftable healing item made from: aloe,honey and an rock should heal 25hp. what do you think?
  25. After seeing the hounds swim, I had an idea that fully domesticated beefalo should be able to swim. It'd be a good incentive to tame a beefalo, and it'd be a good single passenger method of getting around the ocean. If they could swim perhaps they should take a 25-50% speed penalty so that you're not zooming through the ocean too easily. Here's a picture I edited so you get the idea. There's obvious issues like, when the beefalo bucks, you'll drown. But there could be easy workarounds for that. A tamed beefalo takes 13.33 minutes to buck anyways, they could just remove the buck feature on fully domesticated beefalos. Other than that, I think this could be cool.
  26. silly drawings i make

    we have to leave
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