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  2. It does, because the better the exchanger, the smaller it can be, and the less magma it needs. I'm happy with getting regolith up to 1403, it needs very little energy from there to melt - but I'm not happy with the heat exchanger's size. In the contraption I don't have too many wasted tiles, on the left side though, it's another story. So what's this about low conductivity doors? Something like a series of doors, where they don't really transfer to each other, but whatever's encased is equalized quickly?
  3. Restarted two weeks ago after one year or so, now cycle 1100 so it's game relise and I expect some fixes and normal game optimization, but still have lags, crashes every 20 cycles after cycle 1000 is like normal situation, half rocket comming back like it was year ago, dance of death still exist, new content made game much easier, most problem is lags, you can't even normally build any thing not on pause. Now I thinking about to wait one more year, or it's I suppose will be dead project. Last thing that kill me is half rocket still coming back and oxylite loading into rocket, still so much bugs with that, dupes coming for oxylite drop it muve it back to not existing roket then start dance of death and at the same time you looking on 5 fps sceen, with is killing your ideas about any new desings.
  4. I have a similar issue with Webber, though on the skins side my only gripe are hand skins that give him human hands, because it doesn't look right. What bothers me most is that many hats don't line up with his face right. I see that this has been brought up while I was trying to get a snip for my point, and honestly Webber suffers more than most with hats because his eyes are up high and his mouth takes up more face. Poor thing can't see right with most since many cover the largest eyes... Also /sleepy is terrible. You can't tell me /eyerub should be an acceptable alternative when it does this:
  5. Yes, I mean you could even make the compartments counterflow, but acknowledged bug would prevent it for always working. With low conductivity doors you can get them to instantly transfer heat to the counter but only slowly to each other. But then I remembered the heat in the rock is so much higher than regolith that efficiency doesn't matter in this system.
  6. Keep in mind, they did say vegetarian. Not vegan. So it might only be actual meats that they wont be able to eat (hopefully) So eggs and milk and butter will probably still be on the menu
  7. [Game Update] - 371293

    If you use ONLY moon tools then I'm sure it doesn't last. I don't feel like they're meant to be your daily driver tools though. Special resource for special occasions.
  8. I'm... I'm so confused... I feel like I'm looking at two different perspectives here...
  9. So does this mean we will get another tired emote? because that would be pretty sweet if we do
  10. And then there's Maxwell. that thing is an absolute UNIT
  11. This is less of a "my main" thing, and more of an "everyone" thing, but... A lot of hats, mainly the Tam o' Shanter, look off on characters that aren't Wilson, and it's ALWAYS bugged me. See? That looks fine, Now look at this. Eh, not that bad. How about this? Okay, not sold? Final offer. Just... blegh. ESPECIALLY Wes. Wes is really bad. Like... REALLY bad. I don't main him, but geez. I hate it (Oh, and here's this, just in case you were worried about my actual main)
  12. if anyone's interested, here's a list of food that wurt probably won't be able to eat:
  13. Wouldn't you need like 8 conveyor lines full of regolith for that? I don't think you get anywhere close to that from the sky.
  14. Agreed. I have a video for a regolith melter and I had a cool idea yesterday for a whole new approach to melting it. I think I can make 125kw of regolith power. It's completely ridiculous.
  15. So you gotta feed the Merm King? I wonder if he eats food off of the ground
  16. I suppose this means the exchanger boxes could be made of anything down to igneous... Good news and bad news I guess. Frankly, I should have known this, I'm a bit embarrassed. Also, I don't get to play with molten aluminium. It is counterflow right now, except compartmentalized... Ideally it'd be one long snake of 2 conveyor lines running parallel, encased in something, but the conveyor bug doesn't let that happen, so this is the next best thing I could come up with. The hot regolith comes in at 1403+, and the magma drips down at 1420-ish, you don't want those two to meet. I'd get molten regolith on the cooling platform and the whole thing would grind to a halt. Besides, the cool regolith takes that heat energy with it into the first exchanger box, so it's not like it's lost or causing spikes. Thanks, it means a lot.
  17. I'm guessing that you actually can read, english, @wandeka, but just in case, since you asked in portuguese, I may as well assure that you get your answer, so: Primeiro, verifique se a sua conta da Klei está vinculada a sua conta no Twitch (precisa ter ambas, obviamente). Dá pra verificar no link, e se não estiver, na aba "rewards" deve ter deve ter o link pra vincular. Daí, é só assistir as lives de dont starve together , mas lembre que você deve estar logada na sua conta da Twitch e o streammer tem que estar com a opção de drops habilitados (em baixo do nome dele tem que aparecer a frase "Drops habilitados! Assista a uma transmissão para ganhar loots.". E é basicamente isso, com seis horas assistindo você deve liberar as três recompensas, e elas vão ser disponibilizadas assim que você entrar no jogo =)
  18. The bottom line is Wurt players can live off Birchnuts and Carrots and Berries Forever.. Right?
  19. You know what else grinds my gears my old main, Wx78, felt too dependent, with needing Wickerbottom to unlock one of his perks. That's why I've switched mains but old mains count I guess
  20. Today
  21. there is, but the game doesn't really follow real-world definitions a lot vegetarians are people who avoid meat products (so they still consume eggs and milk), vegans are people who avoid animal products (so they'll avoid eggs and milk) but i think this isn't a useful definition in the game, because the game seems to think that eggs are meat and that milk is solid food
  22. Basically, vegetarians don't eat meat, while Vegans don't eat meat or things that come from meat. Eggs are probably the biggest item there. Milk varies a bit more.
  23. Ban Lammarr because i'm perfectly of good health!
  24. (most) Entities inside of a cell q = k_low・ΔT・Δt・1000 Igneous rock only has a conductivity of 2, and will be k_low whether you use diamond or thermium. Going higher than diamond will improve the tile to tile transfer but I'm not sure that will matter much for this design. Plus, because rock has such higher capacity than regolith, you don't even need high efficiency, just enough time. You could also cool the lava with the hottest regolith rather than the coldest regolith. I like the build. Inspiring.
  25. When trying to speedrun this level, jumped and somehow landed in this spot....
  26. yo guys there is a difference between vegetarian and vegan you know that right?
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