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  2. Would be interesting to see the heat overlay as this complex setup takes care of that.
  3. Try this site for aesthetic: I'd recommend @Mobbstar for some starter ideas and they can lead you to people who might help you out.
  4. Sometimes you have to sacrifice realism for gameplay. If walls and fences were unstakable then it would be annoying and tedious to actually build with them.
  5. trying my hand at fan-art

    Where did Batdork's coulrophobia happen to start? Did you guys rp the scene? "S-2-g"?
  6. Zek's Antics Reborn

    Oh my god I love him he’s adorable
  7. WEs and Wendy the living plant people of HAllowed Nights. She looks horrified by her thoughts.
  8. Geni's Random Art thread

    No doodles today just progress on the mermaid!
  9. Everything in the game is exploits in a way. You can define your own house rules on how you want to play but as long as it's an option in the vanilla game as it is, it's a perfectly acceptable strategy.
  10. Zek's Antics Reborn

    I can't wait to see the other piece finished. I hope you keep the red and blue aesthetics when you do. The expression's crispness is high quality! You even added shading.
  11. I get that the output from the shower is going to the reservoir, I am trying to make a point. Mechanistically that should not be blocking the pipe, and I should be flooding my reservoir with polluted water, but that isn't happening. The pipe is still blocked and the shower still isn't getting any water fed into it (it says empty pipes). Second, I am not worried about the other showers, I cut the piping off for the purposes of diagnosing a systemic that still eludes me...
  12. @goboking Yes this is an exploit but you shouldn’t feel any obligation to not use this because the system of sublimation that the devs have implemented for polluted items is completely illogical in the first place.
  13. Monoxide Memes

    Hello, hi! Yes I've found my way here. Someone please add lens flares to that pick.
  14. My Survivor Skin

    You're good. Thanks for understanding.
  15. Image result for snowfallen collection dstIf you look closely you can see that the missing torch and fire pit skins are actually loyals. So I wonder if this is what Tencent Users recieve when completing Cyclum/purchasing RoG

    1. minespatch


      Maybe we'll get them in the future?

  16. Doodles! of DS!

    In my opinion, any boon can be skeledork. I was sad during the Forge that no dead bodies left a skeleton. Yeeeeeeees~
  17. Only one thing could solve this: make walls and fences unstackable. That would make the game more difficult,and would add more realism. (I am carrying 22 stacks of moonrock walls,and I'm not tired at all. I can even run five days with them. [That should weight more than marble or stone sculptures] )
  18. Deathofbarney's Dont starve

    Except for deerclops and crabbit, you did a piece of the plushies in the Klei store. I love the textures you added on the trees!
  19. Today
  20. Couple of things... first off, it looks like your sending your polluted water from the right end shower to your clean water reservoir. Secondly, the other showers are hooked to line going off screen and unknown if it has a properly built vent.
  21. nightmare splumonkeys and shadow creatures aren't the same per se - nightmare shadow pieces and splumonkeys are affected by tooth traps, tentacles and lureplants - terror beak and crawling horror enemies can be attacked with range and melee weapons, but they are immune to traps and the aforementioned.
  22. Can you make a screenshot with gaspipe overlay? You connected the orange filter output to the hydro gen?
  23. East Coast as well, lots of experience.
  24. Not into mega bases and playing with others is fun but my non online friends got bored after just two seasons, online players are easier if you hav a dedicated server, which I don’t at the moment
  25. How to cool your base?

    The HVAC systems are 1:1 to get the most out of them you should only allow max size packets go through them this can be done with pipe bridges it saves power.The solution to cool them is easy put them in abyssalite rooms with hydrogen and 2-3 warts per HVAC you can also make one of theese rooms and cool it by dripping polluted water from you’re power on the HVACS before you send it to the fertilizer machine.
  26. Minecraft Death Sound

    I like it.
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