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  2. Dumb little poll

    How cruel! There's no better name... xD
  3. Me and the crew just mass joined a random person, all went Wilson and said "Hi, we're the new crew. I'm Wilson." This dude was super friendly and open, we had a blast.
  4. Shenanigans of a Multi-Character Main

    I have a WIP of two stand profiles for my favorite characters that are absolute opposites
  5. After reading it all making lone bedrooms for each dupe may solve the problem of internal reinfections. As for external spam buddy buds next to exosuit docks. And more internal protection more buddy buds next to mushroom farms. I will test what i can in this regards.
  6. Thanks for mentioning the solution, glad you're up and running again!
  7. Also, in Shipwrecked, you have two different KINDS of hounds: The land ones on land, and the sea ones (sharkies) in the sea. And if you start off being chased by water hounds in the sea, and then land your boat, the ordinary ones usually don't INSTANTLY show up. _They take a bit_. And one can't follow you into the other one's medium. Of course, the boats in Shipwrecked are at least normal walking speed, meaning that if you keep going in a straight line and DON'T. STOP., you can outrun them long enough to get to...whereever you're going (or at least last a bit longer before you die trying). The boats in Return of Them are more like...floating platforms than vehicles. It's like needing the Enterprise to outrun the Borg, but unfortunately you're on Deep Space Nine. (Note: DS9 is actually friggin' awesome, both the show and the station itself. Built for speed, however, it is NOT.) ...Notorious
  8. Deep inside, Wheeler is utterly disappointed with this discovery.
  9. Be mindful that the gunpowder explodes when the moleworm tries to take it
  10. No ice? Fill the mosquito sack in ponds to make water balloons. I didn't know that! Thanks.
  11. Thanks - but alas, the save seems not right, there's no actual game save in it - when exactly does it crash? You start adventure mode and fail? I'll try to repro. (Judging from your dxdiag your system specs should not be an issue. Are you using any mods?)
  12. too many critters

    i do not really know how to cool down my base - i have some wheezeworts in my oxygen produktion room and some around my base.
  13. Dumb little poll

    Yeah, there's a reason my usual name for all smallbirds is "Morsel"... For me, well, I like a lot of the critters on that list, but... ...I gotta vote for the kitties. <3 They make the forest cuter... The little ones might even _cuddle up right against you as you sleep_ AAAAAA SO CUTE! They even come in mint flavour (with a mod)! I should also mention that these three critters right here fought hounds for me a few days later. And they are REALLY not picky about where they sleep (again, with a mod. This would be regular DS: Shipwrecked with a Pets mod). : P Not in DS_T_, but Honourable Cuteness Mention goes to: "Willow and her starter Pokemon prepare to head into the long grass together." These little fluffballs! Yeah, they can be annoying but DAMN are they cute. and this poll is about cuteness. Oh what the hell. MOAR FLUFFBALLS! MAXIMUM FLUFF! I love how Willow's got this "...what did I just get myself into...?" look on her face. : P ...Notorious
  14. There is a Mod, how do I batch all the .tex, set "Pixel Format" to "argb"
  15. Crafting a scaled flooring and then using a deconstruction staff on each flooring tile will give you 6 scales for the price of 1. For console players, L3(left stick) is for locking on the mob where the attack button is currently hovering at, in case you are fighting a target among non-hostile mobs that could get in your way. My friend taught me this really good one: Bring a bee queen crown and snurtle shell armor with you when you go to the ruins. When a nightmare stage begins, go straight to a nightmare light, equip the crown and shell, and hide in the shell right next to the nightmare light. This will both give you a ton of sanity, and nightmare creatures will ignore you. Also, if a friend(s) is with you, give him all your food and have him quit during the nightmare phase while you hide next to a nightmare light, and have him join again when it's over. That way, you only need one crown and shell, and the food will last a little longer before spoiling.
  16. Showcase for Boats

    Simple practical boat on my maxwell run
  17. Dumb little poll

    Me too ... Oops!
  18. Have 2 boats, 1 is full of tooth traps for hounds and jump ship when needed. If you're sailing alone, well, then good luck
  19. If you don't want to dig up your surface rocky biome, rocky turfs can span in the caves. You can toss (some) items through wormholes Moleworms die when they eat gunpowder Use buckets o' poop to fertilize more efficiently "Applied Horticulture" can change the growth stage of trees Cooked corn restores less hunger You can cook birchnuts Dig up birchnut stumps for another living log Poisonous birchnutters are most common in Autumn Cooking a live animal over a fire always yields the meat (morsels for birds, monster meat for beardlings) Cooking live animals doesn't cause naughtiness Light beehives on fire to expel all the bees, the "angry" bees that spawn from hives will only do so if there are bees in the hive If you stay near the portal/in the light radius spawned when you join an existing world, your temperature will not go below 10 or above 60 degrees The Florid Postern will spawn resources around if it there aren't any nearby, but only in endless mode
  20. if not worker:HasTag("player") then else end
  21. Dumb little poll

    Excuse me sir...
  22. Today

    got any good methods on how to create liquid oxygen?

    Okay, you´re one of those you didn´t recognized this is NOT a space simulation, but a simple game. It ist, as it is. You have 3 choices: Deal with it, move along, or use a mod. If something like this bothers you that much, i would recommend to move along. You will encounter much more, you wont like, because its not "real".
  25. My bases almost never have polluted oxygen in the traveled areas. I get some occasionally near where I connect to a slime biome, but otherwise there is little within my base. So, under normal play, its really hard to get 1000 germs of slimelung within the traveled areas of my base. A single dupe sneeze will produce some slimelung -- which promptly starts to die out because its in oxygen and not polluted. So, as I said above: The only way I was reliably able to expose slimelung to my dupes was when I had a large area of my base filled with polluted oxygen. Your test scenario matches what I said I had to do to expose my dupes.
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