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  2. You are right on the QOL changes like this. The game is being made easier in many ways, and I think it's a good thing. For late game, it should get harder for players, but for someone starting fresh, if they happen to enter during winter and don't know what they are doing, it is instant game over without help. There is no notification for it as a warning, nor is the current season highlighted by the server selection menu to indicate the season. Progression of difficulty will certainly make the game more fun for everyone, instead of a set difficulty that is impossible for new players, but too easy if you have played for a while. To add to your list, I think boss danger should be overhauled so less of them are raid bosses and more like encounters that you stumble upon or have bosses come for you.
  3. Hello, I come here because my game suffers of an FPS issue. When I start the game, it runs 60 FPS without any problem, which makes me think my Spec are quite enough to run the game without issue. (See DxDiag) However, it only works for a while. After a certain amount of time (40 minutes on my last game), the game starts to stutter as soon as there is more than one element moving at the screen. (If I walk alone, it is fine, but if a bee flies around at the same time, I have huge FPS loss, which freeze my game for 0,5 seconds every 1-2 seconds, which makes any fight unplayable. A real nightmare if I was attacking a spider den right at this moment...) The only solution I found is to log out of the server and to log back in. (I don't even need to restart the game.) After this, I recover my 60 FPS without issue... but once more, only for a limited amount of time. You can understand this is extremely annoying, especially when this bug happens during fights. I'm asking for help to solve this. I only use two mods : "Combined Status" and "Gesture Wheel". I am not the host of the server I'm playing on. I reinstalled the game few days ago already. I know the most known fix about this is "go to NVidia control pannel and enable 3D graphics", but I don't have an NVidia GPU, and can't do this with AMD. Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt client_log.txt dontstarve_steam_148470_crash_2015_10_29T18_9_50C0.mdmp
  4. I did some tests and im not sure what to think of the results lol! So before i begin i played as wormwood and planted everything in 3x3 in separate farm plots without tilling. a plot of unknown seeds planted at the beginning of day 2 in autumn with zero tending, no watering, no fertilizing, no weeding, produced fruit on day 5~ First to come up are Forget-me-Lots which grow in 2 days. Each seed gave 1 fruit a plot of unknown seeds planted on day 3 in autumn with watering and tending once a day at dawn + removed 2 seedling weeds, produced fruit on day 6 (no fertilizer) each seed gave 1 fruit and 1 species specific seed similar results from a plot that only got watered once a day, no tending, no weeding, no ferts I observed a similiar 3 day-ish growth time for a plot of unknown seeds i babysat, meaning i tended as soon as it came up and kept watered, weeded (no fertilizer). each seed gave 1 fruit and 2 species specific seed there were 4 pumpkins in this patch which means they got family bonus too. they were the first to fruit There are a ton of variables at play so its hard to draw a concise conclusion. season, seed rng (weeds, compatible plants, 4 of the same plant for family bonus, etc etc). I also do not yet know if a second round of testing on the same plots will produce the same results or worse since i payed zero attention to nutrient presence in the soil.
  5. This is nice to hear. I'm hoping the sanity necessity for the book usage in considered. If I understand this correctly, to get large crops you still need to tend to every single plant before you can do any kind of quick book reading, so in my opinion considering those two things, the book would be decently balanced even if the increased cost of its crafting stays as is. Assuming you can manage to squeeze in 4 plants per tile, it is nearly 300 crops without tending to them, but even then, the planting of these crops still takes two characters (Wickerbottom and Wormwood) or more time if only Wickerbottom enters the play. considering intial setup or fertilisation, seed gathering, planting time and finally harvest.
  6. tillweedslave.lua uses "TUNING.SWEETTEA_DURATION" when it should use "TUNING.TILLWEEDSALVE_DURATION". Both have the same value, so no gameplay change is expected.
  7. Hello, I didn't use so much the Desalinator since the DLC, and I notice only now a temperature change. When I bring Brine liquid at -7°C in input, this last is changed into water at 40°C on output. This behavior of temperature blocked have been removed a long time ago on the Water Sieve. I propose to not change the temperature on output of Desalinator, as the Water Sieve today. Otherwise it's easy to delete or increase an huge amount of energy.
  8. Hi, I unininstalled the game, reinstalled, the bug is still here. I tried to unisntall, uncheck dlc, reinstall vanilla game, crashes too. I will now try Nessumo workaround.
  9. (DLC Branch) I can create as many porta-pods on asterdoid.
  10. Actually that is timed. It goes down to 40W. Will probably use them for food soon.
  11. While the game, an animation error occured on a clone: no mater what this one clone does, the animation is always eating somethings("eating" animation while do the sleeping action,"eating" while researching, "eating"while using mechines.It won't make the game crash, but makes me feel so confused, : ) that's so werid and funny.
  12. Hello there, I wanna know what everyone's thoughts are on the new update "Reap What You Sow" so far, I've been seeing a lot of mixed thoughts on the topic and wanted to know what people think on here, do you think the recent reworks and the first ever nerf will change the game for the better or worse? My Opinion is that this update is an amazing addition to the game, giving players a higher reward for tending to they're crops instead of just leaving them for 3 days and then duplicating them into more when finished. sure it seems like it'll be more complicated to make vegetables, but once looked into there isn't any real way that prevents you from farming the same with farm plots, you can still leave your crops alone and still get the same results. The only problem with not being around your crops is the fruit flies appearing. The nerf to Wickerbottom in this update in my opinion is more than fair, if she wasn't nerfed the farm rework would have been basically worthless, it makes players put effort into they're farms. Overall I think this update is one of the best updates we've gotten, why'd they have to nerf eggs tho.
  13. Does this only affect regular jobs, so the Rise merchant one wouldn't could against the limit? Would've been nice if Smith's draw/discard pile bottle indicators scaled with the UI as well, cause currently they start to obstruct character bars if there are 4 characters present on one side.
  14. maybe the problem is in the update itself? looks like a lot of people have this problem
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  16. While I don't think that all character need to have some new, unique lifing animation, I do think that Maxwell should have puppets to do menial tasks like this. The entire point of Maxwell making puppets is so that he doesn't have to do any or much menial work, and as such I think he would make puppets such things as carrying or rowing as those are also menial tasks that he has too big of an ego to do with an alternative present.
  17. People are having fun with these new mechanics and its overall better than old farming/fishing. Nobody forces you to make farms and fish in the ocean so you can use your valuable 4 days to boss rush.
  18. maybe i should state that i was being silly in the bunnyhut thread. my bad for being too obtuse X''D

    1. Lanaaa


      Hahaha thank you, I was confused for a minute trying to figure out how to respond XD 

  19. here is where you are erroneously assuming i could spare them before this last update
  20. So obviously Horticulture is going to be changed in the coming week, but at the moment, I believe Horticulture is intended to be a farmers' ignition rather than a long-term food-supply tool. When you're starting out, all you have are regular seeds that grow random crops that eat up a random set of nutrients from the soil. Rather than spending the time to fertilize the soil and take care of seeds that might end up being junk crops, you can instead plant the seeds, water the soil for moderate happiness, and read your book to get instant crops and, more importantly, their crop-specific seeds. Once you have enough crop-specific seeds, you can start farming for real by planting the ones that compliment each other and shoot for happy giant crops that yield extra crops AND extra seeds for you to exponentially expand your farm.
  21. Wow your art is improving so much! Your latest digital piece of Abigail and her sis was cute~ Who are you planning on drawing next?
  22. It would be nice to use crops as decoration without spoiling but they wont be able to give food.That would be nice
  23. It'd be a bit weird imo if each character has a semi-easy way of lifting stuff—heck that's one of the perks of Walter with having Woby from the start. I wouldn't mind the 'group heaving' idea though. Dunno how feasible it would be, and I'd definitely want at least one other option for solo players. When it comes to crops specifically I'd love a wheelbarrow or something similar.
  24. i think he should get sanity from it i mean thulecite suit is expensive so it deserves to get sanity
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