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  2. Imagine how many pages would be filled by now if no one sent that twitter print lol.
  3. Don't scanners not consume electricity when sending a red output? So they will use 0 watts during peace anyway? That's what I hear on the forums anyway.
  4. If we didn't got that screenshot from twitter we probably would still waiting for news and wurt thread still would be hot right now.
  5. This drives me absolutely batty. I have some high priority bins set up for collecting ice, and this also really confuses the hell out of my dupes. This has also happened in my smokestack builds with a tiny amount of CO2 constantly changing phases inside my cold tank. Not cool.
  6. You can look at it this way. NASA and every other space agency don't just launch rockets willy-nilly. They calculate a launch window. This contraption allows you to do the same. And it'll cut your scanner array power cost by about 1/3rd.
  7. Build 100 scanners anywhere for each rocket. They get separate rolls from 1-200. You'll be very likely to detect in time.
  8. Me: I wanna see how low I can get my battery before I really need to charge it!

    Also me:



    It's becoming really hard to avoid the urge to go charge it.

  9. First of all, while there communication is definitly better than the average game studio, however, the truth of the matter is that the wurt thread was on fire for hours in hype, and got a metric button of pages in the same time, yet it wasn't until someone shared a screen cap from Twitter that we knew news wouldn't be coming. They definitly should have knocked down the hype tower early instead of letting it build so high. Second, while the game is fantastic, certainly, it does have some glaring flaws. Infact, a good portion of the posts here are suggesting ways to improve the game. But doesn't that just prove that the community cares about the game and wants to see it improve?
  10. Yes I just saw your topic, right on time for this one it seems. Well this looks overly complicated just to avoid smashing my doors with rockets, but... well, that's one other way i guess Seriously, can it not be done a much straight forward way?
  11. Oh, yep I was using old info. So it's 4-10-4-7-4-5 now. Yeah, use that contraption.
  12. if playing woodie, you can use werebeaver to nibble at the nightstand to get several endtable blueprints if playing webber/wortox, you can still force werepig transformations by feeding them monster meat, bait their first attack (since they are aggro to you), then give them monster meat, then dodge their next attack and repeat until they transform if playing wigfrid, you can kill spiders, cook their monster meat drops and then eat it, this will cost you 3 health and 10 sanity which is easily replenished by fighting more spiders and can fill hunger, sanity and health
  13. Wurt

    History,my friend !!
  14. Not quite so anymore. It's much more complex. See But if you want to make absolutely sure you never have broken doors then you can use my updated water clock I posted a short while ago. It will tell you exactly when it's peace season or meteor season (precision is -0/+2 seconds), and then you can calculate forwards to only launch when you know it will land in a peace season. Mostly the peace season clock is to power off the meteor scanners while it's peace season as they're not needed.
  15. That is a great idea, maybe a bit inconvenient for short distance spam, but I like the idea However the wiki does not agree with your 10/4 cycle... what gives? Oh boy, space...
  16. Well I seem to have some details wrong on this one Carry on. It's worked for me, just spamming scanners. Maybe give it a try.
  17. I power my doors so they take 40 seconds to open (I reckon the actual time is 38,2 sec, but I round it up for "safety"...
  18. If you refuse to toggle, you still can predict safe periods using automation. You get 10 days of showers and 4 days of peace. Keep track of this, then launch your rockets when they will return during peace.
  19. Wurt

    Uh, guys. What have you all done!
  20. whoa hold on. it's not 0.000256%. You need 150s of warning, that's how long the doors take to open. Call it 160s because there seems to be some variance. So, you're measuring the odds that at least one sensor detects your rocket within the first 40 seconds. It's easier to express the complement of that, what are the odds that every sensor fails to detect my rocket for more than 40 seconds? I.E. failure. The probability of one scanner failing = 160 / 200, or 80%. The probability of 8 scanners failing on the same return = 0.8^8 = 17% The probability of 16 scanners failing on the same return = 0.8 ^ 16 = 3% (build more scanners)

    That is why my worlds are never open to the public when i know i'm gonna be away for more then 4 days. Once i've finished whatever it was that kept me away i'll restart the the server and open it up to the public, even then i restrict the amount of players that can join(if its an established world).
  22. What you're saying makes sense however are you sure it works like that?! I have 8 scanners. 6 of them for meteor shower (100% network), 2 for rockets. If it works like you describe, this setup should give me 20%^8 = 0,000256% chance of failure (warning < 40s). That's low. When there is a meteor shower, my rocket door is opened as soon as a rocket is detected (no delay), just green -> open. Not taking any chances. Heh. My rocket still occasionally smashes the doors. So either I'm the unluckiest dude ever, either... something ain't right.
  23. Unironically great idea.
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