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  2. Yes, this is something I completely forgot in my comment! I added it in an edit now. A recipe book would definitely make the crock pot more interesting (it is already useful, but right now it is mostly a meatball producing machine xD).
  3. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    While this is necessary while "priming" the system, once you've filled the upper space sufficiently with Hydrogen, you can disconnect your filtration system. As long as neither output ever backs up, and you've got your output pumps controlled by automation to only pump full packets, you will never get a wrong output.
  4. This might be a good time to invest in one of those infinite gas storage chambers that are all the rage, and just suck it all up and compact it into a little 5x6 space and not deal with it for a long time.
  5. Lunar Biome Boss Ideas

    fk me that image got me spooped other than that not bad i could definitely see glommer as a boss xD
  6. Showing off your outfits [2]

    Woodie the Mountain Man
  7. [Game Update] - 336171

    haha really? i thought i was going crazy lol. yeah happend to me too lost 3 in 9 days
  8. The Next Refresh...

    legit I'm originally from there and I'd be pretty excited if they really did include it in an animation somehow ...kinda thinking they'll go with a quick misadventure in the Gorge lands. But that would be neat, too. Anything for that delicious serving of lore.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Base: *Nice and tidy* Wormwood: *Finds seeds* Also Wormwood: Have fun placing literally any structure down!
  10. am i the only one who thinks fire hounds should look more distinct?
  11. Adult bulls may weigh between 500 and 1,000 kilograms (1,100 and 2,200 lb). and average stray dog weights is between 22 and 30 kilos. ... Beefalos are fooking heavy and they can't even swim ( dogs use atleast the sorta paddling with their paws technique but whatevers )
  12. Sharp Librarian Wickerbottom: (Mind the heels!) Self-Knit Shelter Wickerbottom: Semester Smackdown Wigfrid: Careful Blacksmith Wolfgang:
  13. Will i keep the stuff I weave or nah?
  14. *Glares at Desert Turf and the new Moon Turf* STOP BULLYING MAH CARPET
  15. Today
  16. Showcase for Boats

    More cargo, more speed!
  17. Ya I don't think you should retain your inventory. It should all be lost. That's the risk of taking a boat. Also it's not that difficult to fix your boat and make patches. If you're a bad driver/to lazy to make patches and fix your boat...
  18. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    This is a nice and compact design. I'm guessing you can sustain 700 g/s of oxygen?
  19. I miss the Gorge...

    The Gorge was a really cool event. I'd love it if we could buy a world-skin that textures more things like it, or really anything to get some structures from it into the base world. It was really nice looking, and being able to just survive in that world could make for a lot of fun. And yeah, the music was really great too.
  20. I miss the Gorge...

    It would be nice if it came back again. But I would still gladly pay for a permanent, non-event Gorge add-on to the game.
  21. Because some turfs like to bully other turfs for trying to come onto their turf.
  22. I've posted a solution to that problem before as well but here it is if you didn't see it. Make a loop with one or two blobs of liquid or gas. Have a shut off sensor connected to the network you want to monitor. Force the shut off valve on with a NOT gate. (Technically, you can skip this step). Sense the liquid or gas with an element sensor. Add a buffer gate with as tight timing as you like, 3s should be fine. Output stays on as long as the network the shut off valve is connected to has power.
  23. Bologna. Klei wouldn't dedicate that much time and care into something that would just be a one-off. They're currently busy with other things at the moment, such as the new base game content (Because the general consensus is that most players enjoy base game content over temporary events, apparently) and the Third Event (Which is most likely the final one, or second to final one.) I expect that eventually we'll receive a Gorge similar to the Second Forge, where it's the Gorge we all know, but extended and with new features to keep it interesting, as well as new skins. Klei is currently just sticking to the base game and character refreshes and such, more than likely just so they can be able to afford to do the events, as they've said a few times that running the events kiiiiiinda makes them start bleeding money. After the base game buff and character refreshes net them a few pockets of revenue, I highly suspect they'll come right back at us with a "Look who's back, it's the Gnaw, and this time, it's PERSONAL!"
  24. Let's face it, it's annoying when theres a certain turf you want to use, but either want it to prioritize over another turf, or the other way around. Why can't we like... click the edge of a bit of turf with the pitchfork to make that side of it prioritize over other turf? Or vice versa?
  25. silly drawings i make

    return of them sketch
  26. I was hoping that this mysterious new goat character referenced in the strings would be a goat from the Gorge and do exactly this, but when you point it out it would make sense for them to do attach it to Warly-a chef character, since he's on his way. I'd much prefer a playable Gorge goat to Warly but if the mechanics get in either way it's fine... I guess. Big rip for the aesthetic though.
  27. Positive sides of Hamlet

    I'm enjoying Hamlet very much. It's like Don't Starve, but different in some key ways that force you to play differently, and it's fresh and new and interesting while still being Don't Starve. And beyond that, to mention something specific, the writing is still as clever and amusing as always, for all of the character examination quotes and the dialogue from the pigs. I think the way they address you as "unpig" is absolutely charming.
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