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  2. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    If world gen being random makes a character bad, then all signs point to WX being bottom tier.
  3. If asking for pyrokinesis is too much, then allow her to craft some flammable object that burns intensely and for long on the ground or as fuel.
  4. Currently food poisoning is gone instantly after a dupe takes a pill. Slimelung just takes a couple seconds of the doctor attention. It seems a bit too fast. My idea the medicine removes the syptoms (coughing, bladder change, breath debuff) but the stat debuffs remain for a small recovery period, about half a cycle. During that period the dupe won`t get exposed again to the same disease. For slimelung the treatment should last a bit longer imo. The time the doctor treats the sick dupe should remain the same but the dupe should spend just a bit more time on the bed (the doctor could treat other patients durining that time). It would make it look more reasonable when a medicine is applied the dupe should wait for all of it to get injected.
  5. Dupes on cooking supply missions tend to drop items while traversing ladders. I've observed a Dupe in an endless loop, carrying meat up a ladder, dropping it after moving a few tiles, going down to pick it up, climbing the ladder, and then dropping it again. There's a delay between the Dupe dropping the food and aborting the errand. For a second or two the Dupe is still executing a cooking supply errand while carrying nothing. Save / reload fixes the problem temporarily, so it's difficult to provide a save file demonstrating the problem. It's quite common, though.
  6. Agreed. That and the option to select which notifications I want on/off. Tired of the 'building broken/flooded' messages too for buildings in ruins. Yes, I get it, game. I have five broken buildings and 44 skill points to spend. Staaahp. Edit: Would be nice if there was an option on the building to disable notifications, like we can do with disinfect/repair. (Also, can we get a mass disable disinfect option? Tired of doing it one at a time. (Unless there is one and I'm just blind/stupid. Trick question, I'm both already.))
  7. Save File Editor

    I've been meaning to investigate a way to make the editor store itself in the browser for offline editing, but it's going to be a while before I get to it. You can instead download the source code from GitHub and run it locally. You need to install NodeJS to get it to work. Once you install NodeJS, run these commands using a terminal / command prompt in the same folder as the source code: npm install npm start Watch the output after running the start command. Near the top will be url where the site can be reached from your browser (usually https://localhost:8080), and the site will be functional once you see a "Compiled successfully" message.
  8. You can't but sewing kit You can buy hound's tooth and make one yourself but it takes some time
  9. I wouldn't say that the majority is unhappy. There are plenty of people that are happy, including me. Willow can now stay warm when insane, and Bernie sounds so much cooler. I don't really care about the fire immunity when she is already immune for a whole 6 seconds.
  10. Why not? I can see potential in a horde of Bernies. In the forge, five Bernies helped defeat a Boarrior. It was awesome.
  11. She must've gotten really fed up if they show a montage of her life. Maybe we'll get to dress up Bernie like the friendly scarecrow?
  12. why people talk about willow? i missed some information from klei?
  13. I think it's probably backstory.. the trailer is gonna retake a chunk of her childhood to explain why she is the way she is btw.. is there a list somewhere with all these emotes for the forums?
  14. Wait a sec, a dev said that she's in her late twenties while the picture above makes her seem like Wendy's age.
  15. Thank you for checking this!!! I'm printing this to save, I hope I am not the only one that has literal stacks of papers for ONI of various builds, favorite tips, and things I'm trying.
  16. For me the start in QoL 3 was painful: I had over 420 notifications to click ... => I ignored it and thought it´s just a problem when you "upgrade/update" an old base. But right now I have a colony and it seems my duplicants are still acquiring skill points, even if they have more than all skills would cost. => Please at least give us a "max level" or skill cap. (Not to restrict our skill choices, just to limit useless notifications.)
  17. Salut à tous, voici quelques screen shot de mon système de refroidissement des robots mineurs à regolith pour la surface de mon astéroïde. Je l'ai mis au point à partir d'un geyser à eau polluée froide lors de ma partie sur QOL Upgrade MK1 : Etape 1 : Les portes bunker s'ouvrent, le régolith tombe Etape 2 : Les portes qui soutiennent les robots mineurs se ferment et l'eau polluée froide se met à couler Etape 3 : Les robots minent le régolith et chauffent pendant que les réservoirs formés par les portes se remplissent Etape 4 : Après un délais défini par l'automatisation, les portes s'ouvrent et laissent tomber l'eau pollué froide sur les robots qui perdent instantanément la chaleur accumulée Le seul inconvénient de ce set up est que l'eau polluée est utilisée en grande quantité et totalement perdue. Par contre, niveau refroidissement, cela fonctionne à merveille! J'ai construit les robots en acier afin de maximiser les échanges thermiques et réglé l'arrivée d'eau pour consommer un minimum tout en refroidissant de manière optimale. En espérant que cela vous sera utile, je vous souhaite un bon jeu à tous!
  18. Couldn't you crush abyssalite into sand? Or was that removed?
  19. I call it a feature: I use(d) the "pacu egg -> pacu fry" and "pacu fry -> pacu" transitions, to stabilize a temperature inside a base. (A tank of pacu will try reach a temperature below 25°, so it can counteract the little heat my base is emitting at the plumped buildings. We are talking about the heat 40°C water can emit, not about real hot stuff.^^)
  20. The only things I'd hate they have burnt are reeds and catcoon stumps. A burnt forest is actually bearable in DST - for charcoal of course. And fire is actually hated because of wild fires in bases. Bases become an important part of many world and it's a shame that fires, earthquakes and griefers destroy them.
  21. My TreeGuard with your new friend!
  22. Time travelling character idea

    I like the forward travel part of this idea but not the backward travel part
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