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  2. [Game Update] - 328827

    Not to add more to the bug talk but I tried to play as Wagstaff and was greeted to a lua error. Seems to be something to do with his Beefalo mount animation files? I've submitted bug reports for it.
  3. Last Speculations

    Willow can tame Dragonfly. You heard me.
  4. I felt the same way too, Usually I wait for the next update, start over on a new map, and try new things
  5. hi I wish to use function components.sanity:SetInducedInsanity and so far it works just fine. However I don't want the character's sanity to permanently lock to 0. How can I circumvent this? Essentially I just want the increased Shadow Creature count, everything else should work the same such as gaining sanity from various methods.
  6. That crossed my mind, but I didn't bring it up because they're both fairly renewable by the time you get to the surface. Iron comes from comets, and oil from oil wells. I never felt a real shortage of crude oil or petroleum, so it was hard for me to credit that it's precious. Iron I was often enough short of, but since it does fall from the sky it was hard for me to argue that it's more expensive than petroleum. You don't have to stop using them, though. Maybe if you have a shortage of petroleum. The oxidizer's effectively free since you're going to be making extra oxygen if you're running hydrogen rockets. Honestly, though, I don't know what the game is like post-hydrogen rockets, because that's where I stopped playing. I felt like I was out of goals once I started my first hydrogen rocket shuttle.
  7. [Game Update] - 328827

    @HugoM They still seem to do only 20 dmg.
  8. [Game Update] - 328827

    i was completely ok with how the gun was before with bug fixes this and that bothersome pest of a downside gone Wheeler now op
  9. [Game Update] - 328827

    Wheeler buff? Cool! Not sure if it is a bit too much though.
  10. Ban Pab for not eating babies.
  11. [Game Update] - 328827

    Big dmg - 100 Normal dmg - 75 Low dmg - 50 Even low dmg is pretty good now.
  12. Ba reverentsatyr because he eats babies
  13. [Game Update] - 328827

    Not to mention that the iron hulk drops a ton of rocks
  14. Ban Pab for saying this as if babies aren't delicious
  15. What if Winnie comes?

    True, but imagine she comes with one of those heat lamps for plant grow. Could be some structure with range like the flingo. Does not emit light because it is solar powered. That would be a game changer. And that would be nice to have more types of foods instead of the classic icy meatballs. I really like Winnie's mod. The gameplay would be very different of what we are used to.
  16. Yeah... that's pretty overpowered to be completely honest, especially with the fact that you can stack even more now.
  17. Ban reverentsaty because that's a baby burger
  18. Last Speculations

    i hope they dont do it in May because knowing that two characters got refreshes in the same mounth would kill me with my need to be tidy
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  20. [Game Update] - 328827

    Wow shooting rocks does 100 dmg now. Wheeler got buffed big time.
  21. I haven't played for a while. So this is just a demo, not real game. I will probably return after the complete build release. Anyway, here is the demo, gif first as usually. My main input here is to eliminate the need of robo-miner, by letting magma turn into igneous rock debris instead of tiles. How? Magma turns into tiles only when THE LIQUID has more liquid on top of it. If there is only 1 layer of liquid, it will turn into igneous rock debris instead. ---------------------------------- That's basically it. You can continue reading if you wanna know the detail of my demo setup. Setup 1. the mechanical door in the middle to control heat transfer. 2. on the left of the door, volcano side, igneous rock tile layer has low temperature which will convert future magma to debris instantly. Don't dig them up. 3. on the right of the door, thermometers side, the petroleum temperature is maintained at 450 C. So every drop of incoming crude oil will turn instantly. When this petroleum's temperature goes below 450, door closes to get more heat, above 450, door opens. When temperature below 420C, crude oil incoming is shut off in order to maintain the purity of the buffer. These numbers can be adjusted anyhow you like, but it has to be well above crude oil's boiling point. 4. automation, controlled by 2 thermometer, apparently. 5. because petroleum liquid is always floating above crude oil, the right wall of petroleum room is lower than left wall, so that petroleum can fall to be gathered. 6. atmosphere is vacuum, obviously. A little More Info Everything inside is accessible. For the debris igneous rocks, maybe you can setup a auto-sweeper to take them to turbine room. To deal with overheating problem, you can use a super thin layer of whatever gas to keep it cool all time. For more detail, check out the spoiler there is nothing rigid here, a lot of room for customization and creativity.
  22. Last Speculations

    I thought Klei announced updates a week or so before they came out? Either they're surprising us tomorrow, or the update is coming sometime in May.
  23. In my opinion, that's not how people think about it. It is more like "nothing suggest the DLC's could be cannon". Plus, there is no puzzles related to the Voxola in the video clip released for the DLC's, no character's DLC lore tied to the Voxola in any way. That's just not how the stories were told during the base game and the many puzzles in that era. There is just, no stories at all linked with the DLC's or even within. We can't say it is cannon, we can't say it is not, but to be honest, the absence of any story make it more no cannon than cannon. But that's just my opinion
  24. Wagstaff Lore

    Wagstaff has a giant head + the goggles already kind of look big on him in the first place.
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