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  2. The whole game can be played without the mouse, except for clicking stuff. This has troubled me for a very long time. There is a super easy solution though; a click shortcut! I made a swell example of this in paint, I hope you all like it.
  3. Replace her entirely with Warbucks!
  4. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    By Atomic936
  5. I also found that the door wouldn't close until the dupe finished mopping and moved off, whereas mesh does for some reason.
  6. ...I know I've managed to do it once, and I'm trying to remember how I did it. I'll get back to you on that.
  7. Last Speculations

    Fixed your quote in my reply.
  8. Thy could easily amke the custom settings into 5 levels of difficulty. Now they have "survival" a "no sweat" which would correspond to normal and easy respectively. They might add an very easy, hard and very hard as well just based on the settings. I think the original plan was to do it.
  9. Nerf airhorn dmg Hunger penalty for dashes
  10. Screenshot_20190425-161902.thumb.png.caa7298f79662ca59cefb742e9592536.png@ResettePlayerI want to thank you very much for these masterpieces!:wilson_blush:

  11. Nobody says you can`t use the fiber. I remember before the paintings costed fiber i would set up a farm or a drecko ranch for my exosuits and just leave it and end up having 800+ banked reeds towards the end game. No need to farm thimbe reed when you can just set up a drecko ranch for meat (or even repurpose a balm lilly farm when you stockpile enough flowers) then just set and forget. Let the reed fiber accumulate over time and once you reach the stars you should have enough to buld a fair bit of insulation.
  12. Updated Air Compressor

    you can do it with just 3 doors mate
  13. well first off, They need to revert the changes to the pewmatic horn. Dealing the same damage as blow darts for Stone cheap is insane. Though in exchange, I would be enclined to see special effects added to certain ammunition, Such as Nightmare fuel causing effects similar to ghost possession in DST, and bee mines releasing a swarm of bees on impact to attack the hit enemy. Second, and I've said this before but I'll say it again, Instead of rust having an inherit 5 fewer inventory slots, She should be penalized for using backpacks, likely in a speed reduction and removing the ability to dodge. This way, -We keep the inventory managment side of things -it makes sense with the "travels lighter than most" quirk -instead of enforcing the backpack meta, it discourages it, and might just make some people use the many other body slot items. And While I haven't played her myself, and don't particularly want to because Wagstaff, I will say that the idea of Wheeler's Snag was interesting, and had potential to make for an interesting character.
  14. What i about the ice machine that gets on people`s nerves? It was confirmed to take different time and output different energy based on the input water temperature as well as it was confirmed that it will see further changes. I don`t think it`s fair to use it as an example at this point. Similarly the new steam turbine - true it has a fixed output but based on the temperature of the input it produces more heat around itself. Even id it removes energy from the system it still has a feel that higher temperture matters. It`s different for the sieve. No matter the input the output is the same and the machine heat production is the same as well. Maybe this is what should be done. Leave the fixed output but make the machine produce more heat based on th input water temperature.
  15. Playtime record

    I bought the game on January 31 2019. No AFK.
  16. Revert most of her recent changes Keep the movement speed boost (+20-10%) Reverse the gun damage, increase the shooting speed by ~25% and buff only the high damage munition a bit She should not be able to dodge AoE attacks (no invincibility when dashing towards, for example: a Deerclops)
  17. I agree that Wx is OP, and with everything you said. But I feel that Wheeler has become better than him.
  18. To everyone on the dev team please take as long as you need and don't push yourself to reach deadlines. Your health matters more then making content arrive sooner. Your community is supporting and patient! (for the most part!)
  19. Community: There can't be someone OP more than WX-78 Klei: hold My beer
  20. How to modify screen functions?

    Thanks so much @rezecib, I think that gives me enough info to continue!
  21. Also to everyone commenting about the invincibility during the dodge, I'm not giving my opinion in this comment, just adding a fact: Armor still takes damage despite any I-Frames. Including Wolfgang's Hungerstun, jumping between boats, Godmode and Supergodmode, going through Wormholes, and getting on the throne. Wortox was the first AND ONLY exception to this day, where his telepoof stops armor from taking damage during it. If Wheeler (and hopefully all the other I-Frames) get patched the same way Wortox did, I'll have different opinions on I-Frames in general, since you'd need to waste armor durability in case you mess up the timing in their current state... Also this has been a mechanic for over half a decade, let that sink in for a while.
  22. the movement speed of wheeler isn't even useful when you can just dodge in place unless your fighting dragonfly(use airhorn) or on a boat dodging into the enemy is better than running cause you can get as many hits as possible than dodge last second. so the movement speed is only useful out of combat judging by the fact that speed boosts are useful when traveling not being able to carry as many items if you want more than 10% .
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