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  2. Funny meme: It took me 3 sticks to kill a butterfly with 1 hp Edit: This is the post that got me to senior member. ...Yup.
  3. Maybe, just maybe, you can think about DST2? With the new more powerful and up to date 64-bit engine that will manage PC resources better? Why DST2 rather than suggesting updating this one? First of all - money. Ofcourse you need to be paid for this big job. And I'm sure that lot's of people will by game even for like 10-12 bucks for a good engine. I would definitely buy it. And the second one - someone like this old engine neglecting the fact, that you can have 60+ fps but red ping and constant freezes while playing alone on YOUR server on this particular PC especially while on day 300+. Yes, yes. I can do smaller worlds, but anything less than huge is just to small to have fun with after like 50-100 days. I hope that I brought up my point well.
  4. Time for a good old-fashioned pub meme, I guess.
  5. Wortox and playstation plus

    Sure, there's a bigger problem with the infinite login screen, but i'm disappointed anyway. We don't ask to play wortox offline immediatly, as you say there's a way more important problem, we just ask for information. I buyed the deluxe wortox chest for nothing, i don't need a ps plus subsciption because i never play online on my PS4, and i'm unable to use my purchase. Even if the answer was "It will never playable offline", i'll be satisfied. I feel a little bit forgotten ...
  6. Her hair looks bouncy and flowy from the front and like a brick with some wave forms from the back... Pls fix her back sprite and add more layers to the back of her hair to achieve same bouncy effect from the front. You look at the back of her head probs 80% if the time. Pls pls fix this. She also looks waaaay different from her portrait... Additionally to the low res for both characters, she got it worse with the design of her face... In the portrait she looks sassy and funny and in the game she looks bored and apathetic... Pls fix her... I love her quotes...
  7. Playtime record

    3400h or so. Maybe 500h real, rest is letting dupes fend for themselves unattended.
  8. Wheeler.

    I like her design and his ragtime voice is very good. The only think that I don’t like is how her perks doesn’t fit in her personality. She is suppose to be adventurous but her perks (Dodge and her gun) fit more on tactical character. The second thing is her Small inventory, it is the worst downside any character could have. Everything else is fine.
  9. He will be unlockable in the future (probably like Webber) otherwise its no big deal, we are still in Beta state with most new characters. even Wormwood needs balancing and seems quite weird to play with at the moment cause most of his buffs are associated with Hamlet despite being a Whole game Character (I think) Personally I think Wagstaff should become unlocked thru an Adventure mode cause he is quite attached to the Lore of Adventure mode in general.
  10. I never said I didn't. I just usually position myself so I don't do that. Cancelling attacks also becomes a split-second habit after a while.
  11. So you never hit walls accidentally when using Ctrl F... I'm sure that's not true
  12. Wheeler.

  13. I mean, I have been using ctrl + f (in both SP and DST) for the past 2 years and I haven't had any problems with it. Just felt the need to drop this into the convo.
  14. Peagawk hat

    Wagstaff is going places.
  15. Wheeler.

    Pls don't mention mods just yet... I think Klei can fix this... If they went out of their way to make the curls from the front sprite bounce I'm sure they can get it right for the back of her head too... Ty tho.. Appreciate it
  16. Another art thread

    Wheeler may be hot garbage, but she can look cool doing it.
  17. Thanks for the help, tried that definitely! Aka "Find attached a screenshot of an Idle builder with all priorities except build turned off and build set at max." I've tried rolling back to earlier saves too and have pending build orders at cycle 1437 and once they're done at 1438 they all switch to supply/other priorities and ignore existing build orders regardless of 1~9 priority with no luck. On the not-quite-plus side I can set build orders to !! Top Priority (Yellow alert) and they get acted upon.
  18. Wagstaff and Wheeler Suggestions

    Its broken. Completely broken. ALL ATTACKS DEAL LESS THAN 1 DAMAGE, NO MATTER THE FUEL
  19. Wheeler.

    Huh. Observant of you. Maybe I'll try my hand at modding that in. Notice I said "try"
  20. Good map seed

    Every seed is a good seed if you belieeeeevve =^)
  21. Mods Please

    Oh my god I forgot about that show. I think it's time to watch some episodes on youtube =)
  22. I have a solution *clicks tongue* dynamic mechanics based on day count. Kind of like hound waves, but if you injected that idea with LSD and then dumped it's head into a bucket of red bull. In words that actually make sense: I'd love to see mechanics that scale in difficulty based on day count (edit: and I don't mean cap at day 100, I mean the full nine yards, maybe cap at day 1000, and that's when it starts getting crazy). The only time it will plateau is when it becomes a lot of a challenge, even for the skilled veteran. It would make crazy high day counts actually impressive again. I don't really have any good examples in mind, but basically, think of Terraria's hard mode, and apply that idea to DST. Basically, get all the mechanics you know and love and just put a small spice of challenge into them, while leaving some of the more basic ones unchanged, because lets face it, there are some stuff that should be left untouched. Edit: This aside, I don't easily see myself being immensely bored of DST, even after a solid 2 years of playing this game. It is hands-down my favorite game of all time, and I don't know why I always come back to it.
  23. Wheeler.

    The first thing I noticed with her art was her hair bouncing effect... That's absolutely awesome... The problem is... That effect was applied to her front sprite ONLY... Not from the back... The image you get is bouncy beautiful curls on the front of her head... And unmovable yarn from the back of her head... Like... Really? You look at the back of her head way more time that the front... And she doesn't look as cool as in the portrait... In general both Wheeler and Wagstaff's art is very low res... But Wheeler looks worst by far.. I hope they fix her soon Edit. But her personality is my favorite from the two characters.. She us sassy and smart and funny.. I love her quotes
  24. Wagstaff Lore

    Dusk; "A rapid sunset! Time must flow different here" He also confirms that time flows different in Constant. Charlie warning: Something like "Show yourself, I've been wanting to meet you" He either knew Charlie or that Darkness Monster exists.
  25. wilson - plague doctor winona - arbalest wicker - vestal (books!) maxwell - occultist woodie - abomination wes - jester
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