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  2. Wurt

    Previously on Klei forums: Hallowed Nights will be returning in a couple weeks and with it our Survivors will meet a new friend. We'll have more details soon, but we thought you might enjoy this little sample from our next short. a couple weeks .. .. A COUPLE = 2 this was posted on october 3 Klei Changes the thumbnail of forums Coincidence? Prognostics, UPDATE NEWS COMING TODAYYY
  3. Wurt

    How will I ever wait for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS??
  4. Wurt

    Was thinking the same. How odd.
  5. very nice my old build was done before steam turbines were useful, it's good to see my old build upgraded with them
  6. Wurt

    The streams usually start 00:30 in my timezone which is in like 1 ½ hours from now. Then again I haven't been to a stream in god knows how long so I might be tripping. I'm still hopefull.
  7. Wurt

    They just changed the stream's title so people will know it won't be a dev stream w new character or Hallowed Nights.
  8. Wurt
  9. Wurt

    But usually Klei give information one week before the short.... T_T Or only for rework ?
  10. Wurt

    okay... I am sad, I will now go and hibernate till exactly one week from now. good night friends.
  11. Wurt

    This is the wurt timeline.
  12. Wurt

    The link:
  13. Wurt

  14. Wurt

    Nah, they just basically just said "info soon", "update in a few weeks".
  15. Wurt

    They said "soon". You know pretty well what that means...
  16. Wurt

    So we're really getting it on Halloween... sad
  17. Wurt

    I'm just getting off work. WHERE'S MY INFO?!?!?!1 They said a couple weeks a couple weeks ago. The silence is deafening.
  18. Wurt

    Didn't they say this week...?
  19. Wurt

    Getting info on Friday isn't unheard of either. And since I'm going to work now, I wouldn't mind that. EDIT: The most painful ninja yet.
  20. So hello everyone! I've a request for a mod that increase the material usage for everything, as such metal ores and raw stones. In the mid game I found myself swimming in tons and tons of resources, and I don't really need go mining faraway to supply my needs. Liquid and gas usage I think its ok though. My idea of this mod is like allowing user to specify the multiplier for material usage: 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x. Thanks in advance!
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