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  2. is there a special sprite for when you repair a leak with the tape?
  3. Given the limited dynamic in this release compared to shipwrecked the function of the boat is primarily as a ferry. Experienced players know how to find islands quickly and I presume build bases near their “dock”. So I build my boat just for speed, no fire pit, icebox, etc., as trip just lasts 2-4 minutes. For a dock I like an L shape, I can glide parallel to the landmass and drop anchor at any time (avoids damage from hitting shore). Took a little practice sailing alone, helps to have anchor right next to steering. Any other tips people come up with, like avoiding rocks? Hopefully they fix the repair issue before June 20 release, gets expensive if you bang up boats. Never mind! They fixed repair issue :).
  4. I could maybe help you, I'm at school right now so give me a couple more hours till I can get back.
  5. [Game Update] - 335754

    ...That's the entire point of the moon. Why would that be removable?
  6. I have some feedback on the next character refreshes going forward. So far, the character refresh is structured like this: 1. The character chosen for the refresh is announced. 2. A week or so before the actual update, the perks are shown to the community. 3. The character is released to the main branch. I feel that this process doesn't allow for much feedback or change of the original plan when presented to the community. It's quite inflexible. My suggestion for step 2: Announce the perks to the community, and ALSO release the current state of the character to the beta branch. That way, the developers can receive more practical feedback for the feel of the character when played in an actual world, rather than speculation on how the perks would function in theory. The character could even be released with unfinished art assets, if that's needed. After all, it is the beta branch and unfinished content is to be expected. I even recall that Slay the Spire's beta branch used placeholder art for various cards in the beta. Would love to see placeholder art in DST, and I imagine so would others. This is what a beta branch is for, after all.
  7. Bug with mealwood?

    I encountered the opposite bug once (I think it's resolved now) where they wouldn't stop delivering dirt.
  8. Nice write-up. I came to the same conclusion yesterday after running two maps and noting the U formation. So you can kill two birds with one stone.
  9. There are several things about Wheeler's design that make me angry.

    First of all, her hands are above her cuffs.

    Second of all, her torso is above her legs, when it looks much better below.

    Third, there's something about her head shape, ears, and hairstyle that is just slowly eating me up inside. There's something wrong there for me, and I can't find out what it is... :wilson_cry:

  10. Believe it or not, I was thinking about making a mod of something similar this morning. but i'm way to lazy to finish mob anims most of the time so ignore this o_o
  11. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    Use four blowdarts to take down the stationary ones. Blowdarts are easy to come by from the ruins. The stationary ones are the ones that spawn new ones. Also, the mobile snaptooths sleep during the day, making it easier to do one-on-one fights.
  12. Playtime record

    and here we have an example how ppl waste their life, commenting other peoples wasted life.
  13. Some people don't control themselves in use of unlimited power with creative , debug, sandbox mode or whatever is the name in survival games. I don't use sandbox or debug in the saves I'm playing survival because small fixes to adjust problems can slope to abuse of those tools and ruin the entire experience afterwards. Everything lose purpose and putting the same type of effort managing boring needed tasks seems kinda dumb when you can turn on the super power mode. There is nothing wrong with that, absolutely. It's just how one can feel after using those tools to the point of losing interest in a game. Ofc it is an individual problem to do with personal self control. I played Minecraft for many many years in survival only and when I became mod from the private server I used to play it ruined the experience for me. Small fair uses of power gave me a different perspective of the game, the magic was gone. My Minecraft experience ended sadly: I corrupted myself in the use of that power to acquire insignificant advantages that were enough to make me stop playing the game. As a hoarder, what's the point of mining for hours if I can summon any resources I want with a simple command? In ONI, there is no drama using that tool to remove abyssalite as there is no other way to get rid of it. But hey, will I manage that boring separation of many gasses in survival If I can just sneak-use sandbox/debug and instantly solve the problem? No, I won't control myself if I start with that and ultimately it will ruin the game for me.
  14. People really underestimate Wendy, exploring ruins causes no sanity problems, Abigail can destroy traps, she can solo ruin bats, vampire bat swarms, scorpions, other ghosts, Weevoles, Snakes... she's absolutely nuts. You can kill off any annoying pogs on command without potentially causing a swarm of them, she can take aggro from the guards which lets you get away with a lot of actions... Otherwise yeah, WX, Warbucks, and Maxwell. Maxwell gets bonus points for being able to deal with scorpions using his shadow ghosts, Warbucks for being able to better negate the Vortex Cloak downside.
  15. Boss Idea - the Megalodog!

    With kelp assests?
  16. I made this for the meme section back in 2018.
  17. 4 hours ago, UncleMikeE said:

    Risky business




    Frederick O reily without the coat.:wilson_ecstatic:

  18. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    Oh, that's also a fun idea!
  19. So I need help to create a mod that balances all Food Items In-Game, I have made the new values and features however I do not know how to script a mod. What I made is very lightweight and requires little to no effort, litteraly just a copy-paste job for most of the stuff. If someone can help please contact me.
  20. I agree. Since the rooms are full of liquid pipes, I would add a radiant gas pipe going through all turbine rooms. Cold hydrogen can then be used to recover from overheating should it occur. This can be done automatically by placing a Building Temperature Sensor on each turbine, connect all of them to the same automation wire and let that wire control a gas shutoff valve. If one of them raises to above 99 C, then apply cooling hydrogen. You say it's not needed, but if I'm to build one in survival, I will protect it from overheating and be happy about it even if it ends up not being needed. Just the fact that I know it will recover even without me doing anything will give me peace of mind to do other stuff and not constantly watch it.
  21. Its also far more efficient than using an oil refinery to produce petrol. If you build a boiler system, you can get more water back than you put into the wells for the crude.
  22. Heating crude oil to 400C will turn it into petroleum. A refinery can turn 1KG of crude oil into 0.5 KG of petroleum. Boiling it can turn 1KG of crude oil into 1KG of petroleum. And no duplicant is needed like with the refinery.
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  24. Another question topic of mine. I've seen many people around here talk about making "petroleum boilers" and I have no idea what do you need them for. I'm thinking about making Molten Slickster petroleum farm and I've decided to finally find the anwser to that question.
  25. Wagstaff - Can teleport between islands easily (no need to go through ruins) and his goggles don't give a crap about fog so he moves at full speed in Lush season. His goggles also have a built in magnifying glass he can use to get treasure off random objects like trees.
  26. How to control snap teeth on 5th island?

    If you dont mind some drops burning you can group them up and coconade them off ( you can buy coconades from the weapon shop)
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