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  2. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    I got sick, so I couldn't make an interesting drawing You're with fizzy drink and a little Halloween costume
  3. [Fix] Beards Wilson Fixes Wilson's beards(some of them, not being worked at for the moment) Quick Drop Be able to drop items where you stand, quite good. Gesture Wheel Able to use your emotes quickly.
  4. As far as I know It won't work Mobile and I had to clear browsing cache on my pc for it to work try it like this.
  5. Wurt's diet guide

    Bruh, chill, it's a joke. "It's meat AND veg?!" Without any release, the only "real" thing we can do is speculate, otherwise there's no real expectations. Can't be even certain what items will be flagged as what regarding Wurt's "diet" as the devs could always write exceptions on both sides of the isle. And even still as with any of the other new releases or reworks, there's no guarantee that details won't be changed but a week later. Just relax and enjoy stupid speculation, jokes, and memes.
  6. I just saw today as I was exploring the pigking code, and it is relevant with the new coming update Characters that wear costumes receive on average 2 more candies from pig king tributes Important Note: The customs only count in the body slot (not the head slot apparently) So you just need to have equipped something like a chester body costume. Klei confirmed pay to win /jk if IsSpecialEventActive(SPECIAL_EVENTS.HALLOWED_NIGHTS) then -- pick out up to 3 types of candies to throw out local candytypes = { math.random(NUM_HALLOWEENCANDY), math.random(NUM_HALLOWEENCANDY), math.random(NUM_HALLOWEENCANDY) } local numcandies = (item.components.tradable.halloweencandyvalue or 1) + math.random(2) + 2 -- only people in costumes get a good amount of candy! if giver ~= nil and giver.components.skinner ~= nil then for _, item in pairs(giver.components.skinner:GetClothing()) do if DoesItemHaveTag(item, "COSTUME") then numcandies = numcandies + math.random(4) + 2 break end end end for k = 1, numcandies do local candy = SpawnPrefab("halloweencandy_"..GetRandomItem(candytypes)) candy.Transform:SetPosition(x, y, z) launchitem(candy, angle) end end
  7. I have no way to confirm this since I do not have an Xbox One to try it out, but it seems to be on the list as well. I’m not 100% sure but I think it is. Give it a try and let us know :)!
  8. Klei are missing a moneybuck opportunity for not selling HUDs like Victorian Hud or the Forge HUD mods
  9. I main Wilson, because I love Wilson as a person, not as a gameplay character. Is a lot of it my headcanon? ...Yeah, but none of it contradicts the actual canon, so it could be canon if Klei chose to confirm it. The moment I knew I loved Wilson was when I was making my way through the Cyclum comic puzzle, and I saw the part where (spoilers for the comic if you haven't read it yet): This made me realize that, while Wilson may be a scientist and a gentleman, he's brave and values himself as a person enough to defend/avenge himself like that. A lot of scientist/scholar/nerd characters are depicted as meek and shy, with poor self esteem. But Wilson is tough. Still a gentleman, still a scientist, but tough. And he cares about himself enough to get angry when he's been wronged like that, rather than to just take it quietly. At least that's my interpretation. So that, plus his many other endearing little traits revealed through his examination quotes and the various artwork and animations Klei has made, is why I love Wilson. And because I love him, I prefer to play as him over the other characters.
  10. This is why I put pressure sensors on both my air and water pumps to make sure they only run when they can draw a full packet.
  11. Hello, everyone. I want to make a mod that will make default crockpot look like gorge one. Do someone know how to extract full pot animation from Gorge event? Since this structure is constructable, I can not find the way to display full pot animation at once for average pot in the game. Is there any way to combine animations from several entities at once? As far as I see, I need firepit, fire, hanger and pot animations,
  12. Count to 200 without interruption

  13. Wurt's diet guide

    Nope,leafy meat is meat,you get them from plant creatures,that's why it's leafy. It's meat alright. Wigfrid can eat it,bunnymen hate it,also you can't even use it in the crock-pot! Flesh is flesh. Where do we draw the line?
  14. A Wurt army placing swamp turf and merms everywhere, only Wurts survive.
  15. Like replacing all worlds turf with the swamp one?
  16. Today
  17. At wich flower part are you ? The normal flower or the roses part ? If it's the normal flower try to double click every flower and make sure you click all 12 of them. If it's the rose part you need to click the roses in the order of the comic strip "H. E. I. R." (The comic strips spells charlie) Double clicking them is again a good idea to make sure you done them properly. If any trouble hit us up again
  18. For me it worked, I used a YouTube video that showed the step by step
  19. Can't wait to get together with a bunch of other Wurts to overrule the constant with.
  20. Cyculum puzzle isn’t working for me. I’m stuck at the flowers.
  21. Ever tried to draw anything on wax paper? Yeah me neither
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