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  2. This is great feedback. @Ipsquiggle, this might be something to look at. No need to lose players after 812 cycles because they are frustrated in this way. I think you're right that the devs introduced fossils to help with this issue and steel. I was pretty annoyed that I'd have to ranch critters like a banshee when steel first came out. Fossil introduction gives us enough to start farming steel from space. Is it possible to gather reed fiber, or lots of PW, from space in large quantities, to avoid 100 cycle waits. Another option is to farm carbon dioxide in large quanties from meteors, and then convert your regular water to polluted water. @Zarquan's CO2 meteor collector (see the spoiler) can gather enough CO2 (5kg/s) that I bet you could produce reeds way faster than anyone needs.
  3. I finally got to the point where I felt I could set up a chlorine water disinfection system. I discovered, abruptly, that I'd forgotten that germ sensors require plastic. All the various systems we see here were built mid game or later, when plastic's readily available through Dreko farming if nothing else. At cycle 35 it's not. I need to look into creating a timer-based system, since I can't test if the water's sterile. I think I can probably rig one with just a single reservoir, since I don't need high throughput as yet.
  4. I use it for insulated pipe for the liquid hydrogen... for preventing LH heating and change of faze.
  5. I'm really not finding that to be the case. After putting in the additional sink I had no more problems with food poisoning. By collecting the polluted water and polluted dirt I'm keeping my air supply relatively clean. It's impossible to completely avoid pockets of polluted oxygen when you're still using terrariums for oxygen, but managing the PO2 sources is definitely helping. Also, the compost heap and germs in the dirt from the compost heap is a non-issue. It turns out that since the heap runs at 75 C, it kills off the germs pretty rapidly. The dirt I'm taking out of my heap is sterile. Another thought is that you can put a sink in front of your Great Hall, so Dupes wash their hands before eating. If I have further difficulties I'll do that.
  6. Really bad communication by klei, no specific date for the end. Most people thought YEAR of the ping king will stay over the YEAR. We have a bunch of belts which we wanted to use later on, now they're useless...
  7. ...... ...... It's so beautiful... How have I not even thought to try something like this?
  8. I'm trying to make woodie be able to use living logs as an off and on switch of his state, if he eats a living log as a beaver he turns into woodie and vice versa, but I'm not able to make it happen without crashing, I've been looking at everything related to this, event handlers because transforming is an event but how do I apply it to a eaten item? it says eater is not defined to say it's woodie who transforms if eaten. I noticed that there was only inst so I decided to replace everything with eater to see if it worked, I've stressed out options in the past by using woodie's prefab own transform bits but it doesn't work, i've read rezecibs post to understand. inst:AddComponent("edible") inst.components.edible.foodtype = FOODTYPE.WOOD inst.components.edible.woodiness = 0 inst.components.edible.healthvalue = 0 inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 0 if eater.isbeavermode:value() then eater:RemoveTag("beaver") eater.Network:RemoveUserFlag(USERFLAGS.CHARACTER_STATE_1) eater.isbeavermode:set(false) eater:PushEvent("stopbeaver") OnBeaverModeDirty(eater) if not eater.isbeavermode:value() then eater:AddTag("beaver") eater.Network:AddUserFlag(USERFLAGS.CHARACTER_STATE_1) eater.isbeavermode:set(true) eater:PushEvent("startbeaver") OnBeaverModeDirty(eater) inst.components.edible:SetOnEatenFn(oneaten)
  9. Dupe-A-Day!

    Can I draw them all by Tuesday afternoon? Probably not! I'm going to try, though. Self-imposed challenge and all that.
  10. Actually one toilet and sink per bathroom already is the best way to build, as you minimise dupe travel time while toileting.
  11. During the balloon crash scene, if you went frame by frame you could see a number of symbols and numbers that appeared. We asked the devs if it was a puzzle and got some non-committal answer (I think JoeW said something to the effect of "I'm sorry the dev you are trying to reach is unavailable").
  12. It was based on clues in the Hamlet E3 trailer. There was some talk of it in the E3 thread, along with a link for the puzzle thread that is now inaccessible to me. I don't think it exists anymore. It had something to do with letters or numbers in the trailer or something, but it didn't look much like the start of a puzzle to me so I didn't pay much attention to it. Now I'm kinda sad the thread is gone.
  13. Just an idea

    add various types of cooking station will be really complicated and confusing but the way crockpot works in george would be nice to add it in imagine you can speed up cooking your meal with adding more fuel, not just waiting...for so long time at the cost of fueling
  14. You are correct, I should have checked the quotes page first.
  15. I think Chr'ik mean mant not the language...
  16. I always enjoy having an excuse to wear a chest item over a backpack, but wheeler makes this much harder. I think her downside is very good and interesting, but it continues to support the backpack at all times meta. I'd rather have a new character that encourages players to wear belts of hunger, puffy vests, or rain coats. I do think there's a chance Wheeler will teach players what items are essentials (twigs, grass, gold, lantern) and what items could be left behind (logs, stones). However the less backpack reliance will only affect non-Wheeler characters.
  17. the last single object loaded in it, shooting it deals no damage, or stun effect to birds
  18. Peagawk hat

    The wiki doesn't have info on it. What's the name of the file?
  19. Bernie only moves when Willow is insane. What you might have interpreted as playing could have actually been an in-game mechanic this entire time. Can you tell us what you saw to interpret Bernie's actions as "playing?"
  20. Here's the Pherostone, the symbols below it could be an earlier version of the Ancient Language Also based on Wormwood's examination quote for the pherostone, the Mant language is called Chr'ik
  21. I actually think I like the mechanic changes, where it's unavoidable to encounter illnesses and you'll have to mitigate them as time goes on, but at this point food poisoning and even slime lung offer so small a penalty that it feels like they're almost not worth mitigating. You could probably run your full base with everyone with food poisoning and slime lung 100% of the time and you'd be maybe just half as effective?
  22. You don't need insulation, just build your setup more robustly until you can afford to rebuild it from insulation. Let excess oxygen drop out of pipes to prevent breaking them, use two tile thick insulated walls. This is nothing like lime bottleneck because you need steel to reach space, you don't need insulation for anything except renewable tungsten.
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  24. Base Showcase!

    a spider ornament for Halloween tree
  25. Can I get a clear image of the telebrella in gameplay without a screenshot? The wiki already has the menu sprite.
  26. Wagstaff is able to shoot fire with fryfocal for first few times, I takes (electric?) damage about 10~20 for each shoot after I wear raincoat, I take no damage for shooting with fryfocal even raincoat is taken off
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