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  2. Good night to everyone, i'm working on a cool project to make an open source discord bot for dedicated dst servers, my initial goal was to be able to read in-game chat and send it to discord, and also read discord chat and send it to the game using announcements, wich i managed to do successfully. Now i would like to take it one step further and be able to send certain game events to discord, in order to do that, i need to log those events into some kind of file, wich i will be watching for changes. Since the game already logs deaths, resurrections, players joining and leaving into server_chat_log.txt, i could use that file. So basically what i need to do with a server mod is add some events into server_chat_log.txt. For example the game right now logs: [00:01:23]: [Join Announcement] KZtyler [00:07:14]: [Leave Announcement] KZtyler I wish to add [00:01:23]: [Deerclops Spawned] [00:07:14]: [Deerclops Killed] by KZtyler Is adding "custom" events to the log possible, can you point me in some direction? In advance, thank you very much! Im sharing with you the github of the discord bot project
  3. Hi guys i love critters ppl launched mods for new hatchs, pufts, and slicksters im really enjoying them :). Someone else trying them? Also theres a new asteroid with the slickster mod but its bugged after latest patch.
  4. Title. Would like to have it start on green and stop on red. Projected uses would be to alert me map-wide when a single-destination rocket has returned, or when a cargo-rocket has "ran its course" (exhausted its target), but I'm sure one could think of many more cases.
  5. Yes, I left them out for reasons. And yes, Yuk, I know about the net.
  6. we got warly and wormwood btw, remember the net that can only be obtained by debug spawn?
  7. Well,i can say one thing. You're WRONG! HA!
  8. I kinda thought the way to heal Wormwood would’ve been to chill in a pond like it’s a hot tub... but apparently- Wormwood is much more annoying than that and can only heal small amounts of his health by smearing beefaloo poop across himself.
  9. This issue is still present in the latest version
  10. Inker sounds like a squid.. I doubt it will be anything besides some huge optional boss you’ll need to fight. but curiously the game does have Snorkeling outfits, I don’t think they do anything outside of being just cosmetics, but I think it would be cool if they went a bit more “Minecraft” Style Ocean exploration with it. With actual working snorkeling outfits and an underwater biome full of stuff (because Jellyfish and various other types of Sea Critter are already in the games code) Especially if they plan to add Woodlegs to the game at some point because A Pirate is always bound to find treasure under the sea in a sunken pirate ship.
  11. Checkpoint for supply

    I just want a mod that I can check a box like conveyor loaders to prevent manual use on normal storage. That would solve SOOOO much frustration. Would fix the emitting ores, and for some reason for me, SAND! Sand everywhere, SAND, SAND, SAND!!! I have sweepers everywhere with storage with sand, but I still see sand dropped everywhere. Makes me want to punch my monitor...
  12. what if (under the idea that quacken's tentacles are much more spread apart ) you had get super close to the quacken's face and once you were sufficiently close you would grapple the quacken's beak and pull on it and then launch it back at the quacken to do damage and you had to do this about 3 times to defeat her
  13. I know. Arbitrary decision. Imho should just have a melting temp and nothing else. Make a mod for this if you desperately want this
  14. Kyle's Concepts & Artworks

    Winding down to my last few food reskins! Here are my redone pancakes for waffles: And my redone Stuffed Eggplant!
  15. Who says a reworked Quacken would be anything like SW's, though? I had an idea for a DST Quacken a while back where the fight would be based around baiting the Quacken into slapstick, like having it slap itself with its own tentacles, shooting a cannon into its mouth while it's coughing up an ink ball, or tricking it into surfacing below the boat and bumping its head. The Quacken would always avoid letting the boat near its head normally, so you'd have to stun it in ways like that for a chance to attack. Klei's certainly never reworked something to this extreme before, but that doesn't mean the Quacken would have to be a direct port from SW but with DST's boat mechanics.
  16. Renewablity of bone shards in DST

    Just make your server public and you'll never run out of shards!
  17. By what logic does the critter drop off have an overheat temp? It's literally just a sign.
  18. cant see through my sunglasses, respawn fixes it
  19. screenshot from further away
  20. Hey, the one thing Wes is good at! Providing bone shards to make food and clothes with! Eat the mime, wear the mime.
  21. some models become smaller when you move away from them, this tree for example. when you move away far enough, it becomes as small as a bush i know moving away from object should make them appear smaller, but these models actually scale very small. right now the tree is as big as the fence next to it, but when you move away its barely above the ground
  22. It's just occurring to me that when we make Bone Bouillon we sometimes use our own bones as food. That's... that's messed up, man.
  23. Wurt's diet guide

    For now i just described current state of Durian. The main reveal page does not say anything about different values, it just says she likes it more. We will see what does it mean whe she goes live. There is one kind of vegetarianism by definition. As for the recipes that use eggs and butter, currently game works in a way that the type of crock pot dish is not dependant on the fillers, so you can add meat to Waffles and it will still be non-meat dish. Its unlikely that klei wll introduce mechanic of chaning type of dish depending on its fillers
  24. Characters still refer to Ashley as Bernie and it hurts my soul because Ashley is better
  25. Wurt's diet guide

    This tip seems like a dud if the main reveal page has a specific point about durians being different values for wurt. Also depending on what kind of vegetarian wurt is, recipes that use eggs and butter as main ingredients may or may not be edible.
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