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  2. Characters having perks that already do the job that items do is not a new concept. Look at Wortox's Soul Hop, just make a Lazy Explorer. Look at Winona's Trusty Tape, just make a Sewing Kit. The Scaled Armor argument falls flat.
  3. Ahhh sorry didn't get that part.. Hmm 6 seconds is not that much tbh... I hoped they go a bit higher
  4. I had fun playing Willow even before they announced her remake.
  5. Because having 100% immunity would open the door to plenty of fun and interesting ways to play the character. The downside is also really, really underwhelming. I literally gave you the answer. Here it is again:
  6. Ik but the scenario was pretty much set a lot of logs on fire and Willow standing in the middle fighting doggos That's why I mentioned we don't know how many other seconds she got from the update.. I'm aware of the 3 seconds fire immunity
  7. No, it doesn't have anything to do with her fire resist. This perk was slipped in with a small DST update way back when. It flew completely under the radar for most people. When you extinguish fires you're supposed to take a base 3 dmg, Willow doesn't.
  8. I think they're talking about the new content, not Willow. The new content cannot be transferred to old worlds as said by a Dev. The biomes, at least.
  9. Why's everybody being so loud and angry about Willow not having 100% fire damage? She already sounds super powerful, and she only has one downside(extra damage and sanity loss to freezing) which will probably be super easy to control considering all the fire-related buffs she got. 6-seconds of fire immunity is a lot, and after that she only takes half damage.
  10. You have explained everything very well. I completely agree. I hope Klei listens you
  11. LOVE THE NEW PERKS ! Here's my opinion about the update, consider it as you like Willow no longer gets cold from low sanity. Good change, I feel like Willow should be more eazy-to-play cause she's the character next to Wilson and most of the new player start with her and this down-side is kinda bad for player who don't even reach winter Willow takes more damage and loses sanity from freezing. Sounds logic... but it looks kinda weak to me, I don't have the percent of damages but sanity effect on freezing better be masive to be considered, players just want to get fire as fast a possible when getting cold, finding a tree to burn or placing a fire takes ~5-10 seconds Willow takes less damage from overheating. Lots of players asked for immuntiy to overheating but this is way to strong in my opinion, unlike WX and freezing, she have no special statue to trigger to have this bonus, as the summer is harder than winter, it's a welcomed addition to her perks Willow gets fire immunity for the first several seconds and then reduced damage thereafter. Well... I have a very unpopular opinion about fire immunity in this game : Fire is the least impacting enemy of the game, almost all the time, fire is cast by a player, to make charcoal or ashes, if you find a wild fire, well, you probably just lost a flower/sapling or maybe your entire base cause fek i forgot to feed the damn fingo but you don't take damage from that, to extinct a fire, we use ranged items, why should you die in fire ? So the immunity to fire is pointless and have no important impact, you can still get it from an item that you almost never use (scale armor) Unless the upcoming changes to the game make fire very difficult to manage and escape from, like in the center of a forest, I just feel like you just need this decent perk in early game, nothing more Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing fires and does it faster than others. This sounds like the Winona speed crafting perk ^^ I like that but I wanna suggest a sanity loss to that action, how do you feel about that? Adding fuel to fires is more effective for Willow. I'm wondering what happens if you place a very efficient fuel into fire, like glommer goop, do the fire last longer or this should be only effective for logs and similar item ? Anyway this is something good, it makes Willow more cooperative in early game, so she have more priorities in base roles Bernie can now be equipped by Willow for sanity and warmth at the cost of durability. I never used Bernie, as I never died into fire, but this is a change that will make a good use for Bern'. I like the fact that it's not only for sanity gain but also a heat-related perk, the only thing I'm wonderng is if it's good enough to handle it and not keeping the walking cane that we get during winter, you know, player are idle only next to fire most of the time... so... Bernie grows big and will taunt and fight most hostile creatures when Willow is nearby and insane. Oh, that's good ! This perk requise low sanity to be used against more ennemis like hound waves so you have to trade something for getting the adventage Bernie will still taunt Shadow Creatures when any other player is nearby and insane. Still better in game that removed, I guess Bernie is getting very helpfull right now, well re-balanced Klei In addition, Willow still gains sanity near fire and can still cook with her Lighter. As I noticed that lot of players didn't know about the last perk, it's a good thing to keep it, making her as usefull for lone survival time and multiplayer with new content Well that's pretty much it, very exited about the changes and I'll finally consider playing Willow more, it's hard to stop playing Maxi when you have no others choise than high tier characters and the "Meh-lson" kind tier, GOOD JOB !
  12. twitch drop update?

    I agree with you. But we have to understand that they worked hard to try to meet the demand for promises. We all want updates and new things, of course, but we need to know wait!
  13. Fan art

    Fantastic! Also fits pretty perfectly to the song you're referencing. Damn, and now I want a DS musical series...
  14. I hate to be a bandwagoner, but Fire Immunity would be neat. Everything else seems okay, though. I'd love for some more Willow based content or ideas, rather than her sidekick, Bernie.
  15. Hey guys, Thanks for the update on what's going on. I'm sure whatever happens it'll be awesome. Though I was thinking and just to throw it out there. Being able to speed cook or cook a whole stack at a time with Willow would be a pretty neat side buff. Once again, Thanks for the commitment to this game. I hope that any toxicity that is being sent out wont affect y'all that much. Stay awesome Klei.
  16. True. *BUT* those of us with 1,000+ hours of play time learned about the need for early reed fibre the hard way and are trying to help out with hard learned experience. Yes, there's something funky with the recipe and it needs to be looked at. No, insulation (the material) is not *needed* for most builds. Yes, it's nice to have, but even ceramic overkill most of the time. No, it's not obvious that you need mass reed fibers until you start rockets. Yes, you need to start farming it early and Dreckos are the way to go. And finally, yes, this is something that people *will* fail on a couple times as they learn and get into the 1,000 hour range.
  17. @JoeW I know dozens of friends who are waiting for the update to create a world, since we do not see more sense in investing in a world that will not receive the new content .... we should wait until when in the consoles for this?
  18. Right now, in-game, Willow doesn't take damage from fire until 3 seconds pass.
  19. After the release of Willow revamp every pubs will be flooded by Willows and the random Wilson joined will reign over those Willows (with the power of his magnificent beard)
  20. Nhmm maybe.. But she is only immune for some seconds.. We don't even know how long... Possible.. But depends
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