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  2. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I can't believe this, after everything I've done for them. I bet they didn't even credit me. Oh wait they posted the video. you absolute moron, how could you mistake a video for a photograph. It was also under a hidden tab which most people will just scroll over.
  3. Phew, finnaly managed to come on time and actually make something this time (nowletshopeillmakeitintostream)
  4. More like Variant beat you to it.
  5. Saved game folder switches sporadically

    Nope, doesn't help. Starting the game this time, it isn't updating to my latest save at all, after maybe 10 minutes of waiting. So, I'll be copying over the save file. On a separate note, I moved the game to my SSD C: drive. Doesn't seem to have fixed it.
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    The ****, someone stole my art?
  7. Getting Thermium?

    I had a flash of insight: 1. The molten glass from a glass refinery could be used instead of lava. It has a worse SHC than lava but doesn’t need a pump. 2. Molten steel won’t instantly melt a niobium pump, but will overheat it rapidly. However, you should be able to feed it molten steel slowly enough that it doesn’t heat up much, then cool it down, then repeat. This might also keep the pipes from getting damaged. 3. Avoid using pipes whenever possible. Use liquid bridges wherever you can, and build everything as close together as possible.
  8. They were not. They were doing the opposite of what you wanted, which (I think) is a gradual exchange of heat across that length of the pipe. To do that, leave 2 tiles between tempshifts so their area of effect does not overlap - and for the love of God, don't let your tempshifts affect your insulated tiles, especially like you were doing here; one insulated tile affected by 3 tempshifts, each supposedly trying to maintain its own temperature zone. By the way, in a situation like this (one material in a pipe, the other in the cell), tempshifts don't do anything to speed up heat exchange between pipe & contents and pipe & cell. Their only function would be to help maintain a certain temperature in themselves and the cells they affect.
  9. This was literally posted 2 posts above yours.
  10. I don't believe that perhaps either allowing progressive growth in enemy attack patterns or some new attacks being added would be too large of a shake up. After all, the idea I was largely referring to (in the case of the Treeguard solely) is just taking the basic attacks from the palm Treeguard and using it wholesale. If for nothing else, so I can use them to better effectively murder day 100 hounds.
  11. That's like saying "if a story is based on learning what happens then the fun ends once you know what happens. If you spoil the story, then the fun's over." Like, duh. Yeah?
  12. This is already incredibly disappointing. Do you not have high expectations for the game? Why shouldn't I have high expectations for DST? Is this to say Klei incapable of significant change? I know I'm asking for a lot, but why not dream? I get what you are saying and I agree that memory DOES help. In other games..... like Terraria or Minecraft..... enemies do definitely have patterns, and like you said you develop strategies around these patterns once you memorize them and get them down. However, you still have to time it right and react accordingly, to pull the "strategy" off. The difference between that and DST's combat system is that memory is all that it takes. The strategy is literally just counting in your head and walking backwards a bit. I suppose the little movement you have to make once you know the enemy is going to attack is.... something, but barely anything. Again DST's combat system isn't engaging at all. There is no risk to it if you know what amount of hits you can get in. I'm also definitely not asking for unavoidable/random attacks, like you said that's even less engaging as tanking takes quite literally 0 skill for the most part. I'm just afraid that Klei is going to see these complaints and add something LIKE that, to try and make some kind of artificial difficulty. I definitely understand they are completely different games, that's no question. However, they are all survival games mixed with sandboxes. Its just that DST doesn't seem to completely fill the survival aspect OR the sandbox aspect. I definitely agree Minecraft is more sandbox than it is survival, but I'd argue the "challenge" Minecraft offers, that being enemies, aiming, blocking, building something to help you survive an enemy, etc... are all better than what DST offers there. In Minecraft there is truly a thousand ways to do something, when in DST there may be another way to do something, but it just ends up being unfun or tedious. Exploits are also another issue, while I'm not going to say Terraria and Minecraft are completely clean, DST suffers the most from them. DST's already unengaging combat system quite literally gives you no reason to actually want to fight a boss or enemy if an exploit is available, because COMBAT ISN'T FUN. And terraria is definitely the more combat oriented one out of all these games, and it does that very well. Like I have been saying, does difficulty in terraria just disappear once you know an enemy? No, it definitely might go smoother, but something will never just stop being a threat because you know about it. Again, I completely understand these are different games, but I think these comparisons are fair since they share quite a few elements. I know DST could have been something big, it still can be. These major flaws are keeping it from even having a chance because the game.... feels like it breathes no life. Its unforgiving and cruel to new players, but becomes stale so quickly for old players when the game is entirely based around memory. Its definitely true that this can be subjective. To me uncompromising means... well... unforgiving, I wouldn't expect an uncompromising game to feel bad for me or give me any pity points. It really is weird being on this side of the coin for once, since usually I am the one advocating for accessibility, I'm pretty terrible at games! While I wouldn't mind a struggle, I will say again that I am not JUST crying for some form of difficulty, but also something that will keep players engaged. This is why I'm all for a terraria like hardmode/world changing event that would increase difficulty, but also rewards. I think it would be awesome for something like the RoT waters to appear once a "world changing" event occurred, something would cause the chunk of the moon to fall and turn the normal cardboard water into traversable RoT waters. Of course in this hypothetical world changing event the moon island would have to be something entirely different... and the waters would have to offer more than just...... salt and another health sponge boss.... ANYWAYS, the combat system, exploits, and the overall reliance on memory is what makes it extremely unengaging for me. Like I said, the most fun I get out of the game anymore is with friends, clowning around with other randoms on public servers, or PVP, never actually playing the game the intended way. I suppose I have different tastes as I love challenging multiplayer games, which is fine! I think going down together is all part of the fun, but I understand how with DST's current systems that can be frustrating to some. However, with how reviving works currently and how easy it is to just have a million back up lives, I don't think it would hurt to actually have a chance of dying. I again will say I'm not trying to scare new players off, like we have established there are ways to satisfy older players while not even affecting newer ones, an example being this world changing event idea. While this would increase difficulty, it would also increase reward. Anyways, I am of the opinion that new players aren't going to stick around either way if they don't like getting their teeth kicked in a few times. Like we said, the "difficulty" in DST is cruel when you have no idea what you are doing, but that starts to wear off after only a few play throughs. Which its normal for a game to get easier for you as you play, but nowhere near the levels of DST, because like I said, there is still some skill involved in EXECUTING a strategy, where as in DST all you have to do is count to 6 in your head. My friends that don't stick around dst would give it a try, they don't mind dying, but its hard to stay engaged when you have experienced everything the game can possibly throw at you in a few playthroughs. Again, we can go with that world changing event to have the forge mechanics unlocked, and the new enemy patterns/ai like you were talking about, so new players don't really get affected. Again its strange to me that Klei wants to dissociate themselves from the "Uncompromising Survival Game" tag, when DST is extremely unforgiving for new players. It makes it feel like more of an excuse rather than an actual philosophy change since they have done next to nothing to throw a bone to anyone learning... or in this case memorizing..... the game. I absolutely understand this, especially this late in a game's life. It just seems like a crime though to let DST go out without even trying anything new. I just wish..... they would make an attempt... anything.... I know DST could have ... and still can go way farther than it has... Klei just has to be willing to try something new. These fluff content updates... don't fix anything or really even add anything for anyone.

    Yeah I can do that only if I know when they took it ... sometimes I’m not on my base for more than 5 days , than what ? Seriously why come at base take all stuff and than exit the world and never show...
  14. I need help with the forum itself

    Not sure what you mean by mobile. Safari and chrome loads it fine on my phone because it only loads threads when you open the spoiler. I want the forum to embed the links, I just wish I could have a link only option for the editor. Would a URL shortener do this? Another option that would solve this is to have the spoilers be active while editing instead of showing me everything.
  15. Wurt

    You managed to make Wurt look especially adorable. Now i want to see exactly this cute face in game.
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wurt be like: @Canis (Credit: @Traaaaavis) Also, the totally real official leak the Wurt picture came from.
  17. Duplicants

    coheru From what you've written, it may be that you're aware of this already, but if I remember correctly, if you select the sleeping Duplicant and then instruct them to "Move To" wherever you want, he or she will immediately wake and go where instructed. This will at least prevent he/she from drowning in sleep. Regarding the shine bug issue, I just create a Barracks as soon as possible with door(s) which then keep(s) the shine bug(s) at bay. I appreciate you're making the case for programming the Dupes to be more intelligent, but if you're having trouble, hopefully this information will help in the meantime.
  18. Can we please have an option added to the atmo and jetsuit docks to check for suit type when checking whether duplicant is allowed to pass through or not? Currently it's a little bit counterintuitive how it works when I set my docks to vacancy only, have two separate areas (one into space and one into vacuum area with ladders) that are both connected, and jetsuit wearing dupes keep using the atmosuit checkpoint to get into my base, spew hot CO2 everywhere, and then inevitably get stuck behind a full atmosuit dock or drop the jetsuit somewhere at the bottom of the base. Current behaviour is when dupe goes through atmosuit checkpoint wearing a jetsuit and the docks are full, he'll either drop the suit if it's set to always pass or pass right through anyway if it's set to vacancy only then be unable to get out after. My setup looks like picture attached, and it would be just fine if I could set the docks to only accept their specific suit types.
  19. if a game is based on learning the right answers and how to play then the fun ends once you do that. read the wiki. fun's over for dst.
  20. Yeah, it’s a nasty little problem. I noticed a while ago that the thread basically won’t work on mobile. I’d suggest maybe putting the URLs through some sort of URL shortener so the forum won’t embed them?
  21. Ghost buddy

    Doggo just appeared at the beginning of the level. As far as I can tell, nobody on the server was doing a Buddy level.
  22. Wurt

    Speaking of Wurt, we actually got a totally real official leak of him in action! I gathered my friends and got to recording ASAP! Don't sue me.
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