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  2. That's the thing, I think we need to see her entire rework in action. The Bernie buff may be a game changer. Time will tell.
  3. I absolutely agree, they are going around this for a strong reason, I mean giving it back is probably changing one line of code only. I think it would probably not only open the exploits I presented, but also others that we dont know or we are not seeing now.
  4. Shipwrecked characters in hamlet

    Rush 2nd island day 1. Is the Tam there? If yes, you're set. If no, wait until the store is restocked and pick flowers and eat lotus to bide your sanity until then. Also you can just buy Sewing Kits to repair the Lucky Hat. Woodlegs is an extremely powerful character with a practically constant downside that you have to know how to manage and address properly. He's arguably the most min-maxed character in the game.
  5. Fan art

    Looks kind of like Murdoc Niccols in a Maxwell cosplay. Princess and the Frog needs a Don't Starve mod. The film takes place in 1920.
  6. I really hope not, considering the fact that there are a *lot* of people that want it. If their concerns are that it can be used for griefing, that's stupid considering torches are craftable by anyone and are doo doo easy to craft. Not to mention the fact that Wicker is actually the best at griefing with the tentacle book.
  7. That was the problem with the other poll. If you're indecisive, don't vote. When you go to an election, you don't have a 3rd option saying, "undecided/maybe" or "I don't know". Yes.
  8. It’s not needed for the same reason you rarely see anyone use scaled armor: fire immunity just isn’t that helpful. Fire immunity vs fire resist, especially when overheating is a factor becomes more of a flavor difference than an actual power difference. Mentally, being immune to fire feels a lot more satisfying than having a mental timer counting off the seconds of resistance. I think the reason a lot of people are upset Willow isn’t fire immune is because the vast majority of Willow players wanted her to be fire immune, and if Klei was getting their feedback it’d be an easy and low impact request to grant. The proposed rework changes are a large variety of low impact, already existing, and non-cohesive perks that don’t give her any clear “style” of gameplay. They also don’t make her (from what we can tell) mechanically stronger than she was before, though if mass bernies are strong then we’ll see.
  9. I have a strange feeling that Klei is against fire immunity themselves.
  10. I don't understand how fire immunity makes her anymore of a griefer character, you can literally make a torch as anyone and just not stand in the flames.
  11. we really don't know his stats... I've asked Joe already about it..we will have to wait and see for more official info on that in the next couple of days
  12. "Since some people expressed want a change to avoid abuses of this" Ya know what, sure, lets just pretend 70% of this entire thread doesn't exist.
  13. I want fire immunity because it opens new doors but I am curious how they designed bernie, having him fight shadow monsters and other mobs at the same seems like it would make his hp plummet fast, even with his high hp
  14. Being honest, it was unlikely have Willow again with her old fire immunity, since some people expressed want a change to avoid abuses of this.
  15. I wholeheartedly agree with this. It gives her something to work with that impacts all skill levels and all points in time during the playthrough It's an actual buff, that she needs.
  16. On defense of Bernie

    Bernie grew very big in the forge.. almost character size... so that wouldn't surprise me
  17. HD Textures

    They should at least update the textures of items and clothes to be the same resolution as they are in DST. That's one of the QOL changes that never got ported to singleplayer. All the tools and hats are blurry as hell and have no detail and meanwhile in DST they are pristine.
  18. On defense of Bernie

    Oh, that's the mechanic from the Forge... Unless Bernie is becoming the size of a hunchback pigman.
  19. This thread got me thinking - In seriousness, I would love a keyboard hotkey for deliver suit. Sure, late game my base works and the enter where they exit. And midgame they are supposed to, but things come up, and sometimes they don't. Then I have to go through a whole line of docks where I click the dock, then go to the bottom right of the screen to click deliver suit, then go back to click the next dock. A keyboard shortcut would be great. A copy settings option so I can do them all at once would be be even better.
  20. Enemies still flinch when attacked, allowing you to effectively stun lock enemies that aren't insanely fast. You could also argue that Klei could add another perk to have mobs slain by Fire (set by Willow) wont drop ash and instead their normal items.
  21. Only ways to be ignited in the game are: - Touch the larva of the dragonfly boss, which most people don't because they use walls to keep them out. -Touch a lava pond, which you aren't going to because why would you ever get so close. -Be smacked by a torch/fire staff in PvP............pains me to say this but a lot of people don't try out this way of play. I'd like to add a suggestion of my own. Since igniting enemies has their useful drops burn to ash, why not give Willow the ability to ignite herself like any other burnable? That way she can be a living fire trap and not risk burning the drops from enemies. Even with the proposed fire resistance for 6 seconds, this could work well with a bit of risk for prolonged usage.
  22. Also May 7th is my bday so happy Willow bday present for me I guess
  23. I edited my post a second ago with something that should've been a new post. I'll put it right here. REGARDING FIRE IMMUNITY It's definitely not op though. It's barely powerful enough for me to care whether or not it is integrated in game. Bit of a fun gimmick if you ask me, in it's current condition the reworks most helpful item is Bernie. In singleplayer Willow's only good benefit is the infinite lighter and the rework right now does not have a very good lighter. Definetely better than Willow before though. Because she had no good advantages and a very bad disadvantage. I only really played Willow so she could walk around and look pretty, glad she was on the top priority list for reworks though.
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