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  2. Aqua tuner cooling?

    Here's mine, really easy setup : If you don't have enough polluted water, you can use crude oil that will be cool by the refinery.
  3. Grain of sand to a beach is a bit of a stretch.. But ok.. xD I don't think emotes are a problem.. When Mumsy gets desperate in the Gorge I think her character already conveys a lot of emotional info.. And they already have tilting head anims... So there is good amount of work done already As for armor and equipment .. I think it would be a bit like mighty Wolfgang.. They have to adjust the sprites a little bit for the body shape
  4. That's a few grains of sand in the beach of player-character animations. Equipment and emotes alone is already absurd. I'm all for it. I'm just curious how they'd do it.
  5. There is already a groundwork from the gorge tho. Billy and Mumsy already have tons of animations done .. Idle, give, running, speech, I mean... The list goes on.. And in DS we got Wilbur.. So non humanoid characters isn't really a thing..
  6. @BeliarBAD, the problem is that both you and @Poebus are making very vague connections to two completely different things. Imagine someone saying a potato and a piece of burlap must be connected because they're both brown. But because one is eatable, and the other one isn't, both are opposite and are thus related. Sounds kinda silly doesn't it?
  7. So you say rocks are ez, which was my argument all along, and range weapons are inconvenient, which was my point all along. Exactly. Lol. Devs want range weapons to be hard to exploit cuz u are avoiding taking direct damage. Rocks vs Flint Why are you comparing rocks VS a Spear? We already suggested with @Angel_Octoling speed base mechanics in another thread.. More or less a sprint that consumes hunger The second hand addition is pretty not gonna happen... It has been suggested countless times already... And it would be like an invisible extra slot with no real downsides... What else should we give her? wings and one hit kill?
  8. its incredible how i cannot disassociate this portrait from edgy rick
  9. It seems like it was meant to fight the shadow creatures—seeing as all the parts turn on during the Aporkalypse, and it can infact attack the Shadows.
  10. It would be interesting to have a non-humanoid character, but I dunno. That'd be a lot of new anims and a lot of maintenance.
  11. It's good that you're including this now, but the underlying problem is that this isn't a very difficult connection to make—unlike your previous one. You can be assured that a few people have already made this connection, and it doesn't "belong" to you.
  12. This rework would not be "small" They would have to completely change combat entirely and we finally got the devs to change character for PvE, which is undeniably the most played mode Pls open another threed in the suggestions.. But don't try to impose a change that's irrelevant to the vast majority of players. For this Roadmap, that's simply not gonna happen. As you said before, PvP is a fun OPTION and it will still remain to be. But this character Update is not about that.
  13. yes, aquatuner works best you might be able to use a tepidizer with automation to trick it in heating up past 75C but it's not as effective as an aquatuner and as @Shocker pointed out using hot regolith works too
  14. silly drawings i make

    true! i did this kind of quickly so i didn't think about making the sand look soft. thought i probably wouldn't have anyway. i love drawing soft things!!!
  15. Just put a metal box around some regolith. Put in drywall a gas pump and a liquid vent. Have a liquid valve running to it from outside so u can adjust. If you have bunker doors above it drop regolith on top of it to add more heat later. Should get you to petrol rockets
  16. silly drawings i make

    I kind of wished you made the edge of the sand as soft as the end of the ocean. The softness of the ocean looks so relaxing... Even if the person in the background is having a sad predicament.
  17. The appearance of Wagstaff

    I think these eyes were worth it just to imagine Wagstaff as a pug.
  18. What if Winnie comes?

    I'm pretty sure Winnie was just Wigfrid's original concept. Their faces are nearly identical, and one of their biggest traits is a dietary restriction. They likely changed her because the no meats thing would make winter extremely difficult.
  19. silly drawings i make

    i was only able to draw one thing today! life was a cruel one on this day. wilbur being a monkey and being just such a little monky boy....
  20. This particular use is what I was thinking of. It's my favorite example in this game of a solution to a problem (decor penalties and trunk-line resource cost) using a really clever and elegant approach in a way that clearly breaks the developers' intent. I'm personally in favor of keeping it because the gameplay impact is pretty low and the aesthetic payoff to my OCD is miles high, but I'd understand if they implemented a solution similar to one you proposed. Pretty on board with this sentiment. Before QOL3 I would have been surprised if they did, but with the new steam turbine slotting a lot more seamlessly into that role for the midgame it feels like there's suddenly more space to make these changes.
  21. I completely forgot this was a DST thread for a second and I thought this was a personal attack
  22. What a rookie mistake on my part then. Didn't really think that one through. Thanks, I will try that next time. I assume an aquatuner would be best for boiling the water, or is there a more efficient way?
  23. that gets me wondering where it even came from, and more importantly, what it was made to fight against.
  24. Update question

    monday sounds about right, they did say that it would be released at the END of the month, so unless they rolled a nat 1 on coding we should be good.
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