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  2. I think it`s to prevent disasters that could happen when a reservoir overheats or the liquid inside boils or freezes. 5t is a lot and it spilling out all at once would be horrible to deal with. Experienced players can deal with it but for newer ones it would be a game ending disaster.
  3. Wurt

    We all know what couple means in general though. A tiny minority of the people here would interpret couple to mean 3. I know it's not intentionally misleading, but the expectation was certainly set for something today.
  4. Wurt

  5. This was fixed for some time. Lots of old bugs cropping up from the past... Hassan, tune up that generator. Hassan. Hassan!
  6. Wurt

    Or because wurt is not a merm-goat but a dragon or anything else. And they are afraid to post it like this and are discussing to change it
  7. I remember my dupes didn`t fall asleep when they couldn`t breathe. They always moved to oxygen zones if possible Exception was when they were exhausted. Was your dupe exhausted? I lost one dupe due to lack of stamina and him just falling asleep in water. Still if he is just regularly sleeping activating red alert would wake him up. Still dupes should prefer sleeping and idling in: high oxygen areas -> comfortable temperature areas -> high decor areas; in that order.
  8. Wurt

    I mean, "couple" isn't always referring to the literal translation of "two". Otherwise they would say "two". It is what it is.
  9. Wurt

    I mean.. they were kiiiinda on time with the Salty Dog update, but that's pretty much it
  10. how about fixing up the sound mess brought by the "turn your windows volume up" update first?
  11. Wurt

    Looks like another late October to December Hallowed Nights!
  12. Wurt

    I love you Klei, but you are horrible at estimating project time. If you need more than 2 weeks, just say so. We don't mind. We lose our minds when you give us over confident time lines.
  13. Glad to see you're still here! Honestly, I saw your build and I figured your concept was fantastic, why try to be original? I think the only thing I'd mention is that you were not dealing with the sulphur. It's often overlooked (and often rightly so as it gets lost in the noise with thermium/SC ATs) but if you raise them up the tower you can easily get 100kDTU/s cooling from them on a 2 kg/sec build, possibly a lot more, and they don't hinder your pool's temperature either (they spawn at -163C so are an ever-growing nuisance). Oh, and the tempshift lines spaced 2 apart create temperature zones that greatly help the final result of the heat exchange.
  14. That`s weird. When i used this setting last time they weren`t able to pass at all. Are you sure they aren`t flying over the docks? In this case changing one ttube segment above them to a crossing would fix it.
  15. Wurt

    What's even more surprising is the fact they haven't told us in advanced, I was thinking a dev or Joew was going to power jump in here and roast all of us but they just.. watched. (Maybe they didn't because of fear from all the power levels of hype)
  16. Most of the time a dupe eats one food item per cycle, while burning 1000 calories in that time. Early game food items have low calorie amounts, like meal lice has 800. This leads to dupes not having time to eat enough; a dupe needs to eat one item then run back to pick another one. One way to fix it is increasing the lenght of the break time. Another is producing higher calorie foods. Personally i`m getting those alerts for all dupes when using the "hungty" difficulty setting. But after i upgrade food to gristle/fried mushroom it tends to go away.
  17. I believe there are different modifiers for gas-solid and solid liquid transfer. It`s something like x10 compared to tile-tile. Major reason why 2 thick walls are so commonly used. Debris also work in a different way. The actual conductivity is like a log average. It uses the lower for stuff marked as "insulated" but there are still modifiers on top of that. Really the thermal calculations are the most complicated part of this game. There are quite a few threads trying to decypher it.
  18. Wurt

    Sometimes they drop some info at the very last minute of streams though
  19. Wurt

    On the bright side the longer it takes for them to release it the better it'll be? Hard to say where exactly all the time is going: Wurt, Skins, or New Event Stuff.
  20. Wurt

    "A little hope, however desperate, is never without worth."
  21. Wurt

    please be patient, it will come when it comes.
  22. Wurt

    Yeaahhhhhhhhh...... they probably should have told this thread a few hours ago that there was no content or even news coming today. Eesh. Or at.... least a little news to soften the blow...... Sucks that Hallowed Nights is going to be.... mostly after Halloween.
  23. Wurt

    Usually the update is posted on the forum before the stream start
  24. Wurt

    I wish we got more information about these updates to come. I already know Klei is usually late on these updates and that's fine, I just wish we got this information on tuesday instead of the last possible moment, like the roadmap we had for wormwood and warly and how it was very specific.
  25. Wurt

    Hope is dead my friend just give up
  26. Wurt

    Unless they made that tweet just to throw us off, I doubt it
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