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  2. Dup will not empty Bladder

    Not sure if it's the problem, but the toilets up top will backup when in a line like that. The right toilet will pass over the exit of the left toilet causing it to have a pipe blocked.
  3. No it doesn't? Did you mean the Buoy?
  4. CPU Usage

    BIOS version is latest (just rechecked on Gigabyte's website) and running Ubuntu Server 18.04.2 LTS with the kernel (right now uname -a says I have 4.15.0-34-generic #37-Ubuntu is running and if recall correctly there's a slightly newer version but should restart the system to kick in) that comes from them directly.
  5. maybe scale-mail finally has some use
  6. I would like to not see Wormwood; is that an option?
  7. steam inventory bug i hope

    Not necessarily a bad thing, if it's not an error. Now you can brag about having 2 one-of-a-kind items. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. This is very misleading but still why not simply add above\below options bceause we already havethem in gas and liquid sensors? It will remove all problems, both with functionality and misleading tips
  9. Shipwreck has light house, so it's very likely we will have something alike here.
  10. Question from my father

    Carrat and Saladmander. Several players, including me, are hoping for more mutated animal-food hybrids.
  11. I guess it is a matter of knowing that you are using finite resource. I know that I will never use pharma because waiting for illness to die off is not that hard, especially if you have confined base and can limit infected dupe from moving around
  12. thanks for clarifying Or you can ask for the help of the local Woodie to beaver up and gnaw them all, too. - You can make fishsticks with 2 monster meat, a fish and a stick, since monster lasagna cannot contain sticks.
  13. I would also like to see him now get penalty from rain or maybe less penalty, so we dont make him too OP.
  14. I like #2 the best (cool that you numbered them), it would be neat if the light revolved in a 360 arc. One of the aspects of SW I really enjoyed was the buoys you could create, made for some amazing harbors and guidance systems.
  15. deleted account

    Stand on top of the building which Klei resides in and use a megaphone? Hire a stunt plane... no, two stunt planes with a message on the end of both of them? Create an XboxOne account with the profile name 'DoNotDeleteYo'?
  16. RoT wish-list

    I put some seeds on a boat, put it to sleep using a dart, placed a bird trap over it, and hit space to pick it up. For some reason, you can't pick up sleeping animals in DST, where as in DS it's bugged and sometimes you can. (You didn't ask, but ICYDK.)
  17. Turning off his combustible trait is probably the best course of action. Too much danger, especially with ignorance.
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    hghghghghghhgghg spent the latter half of my day making this video Please try and ignore that thing
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  20. Question from my father

    So what brought about this question? I mean, I watched the movie, but I can't speak for anyone at Klei, though.
  21. Warehouse sketch from Philin

    Look here everyone, at least you don't take Design. Unless you do. In which we're in the same boat.
  22. They're thirsty. Bring them the fire-hose.
  23. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    I don't really do much DS fanart these days anymore, but sometimes as a warm up I'll decide to do a lil quick something and I remembered the stream. Love Wheeler, she's basically everything I had hoped for when I saw her unrevealed silhouette way back.
  24. Klei servers

    So I don't want to seem like a whiner, but this past day me and a bunch of people I've asked in all the klei servers I play in have been getting bad lag. Can't finish actions like chopping trees or mining, rubberbanding like crazy. Oddly enough the German servers seem fine (well mostly). Which is weird since I'm in north America Just wanted to voice this
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