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  2. Off topic to a fashion, but I severely hope these aren't the fish Wurt has to carry around. I can 100% understand it being the case but seeing as how they die when dropped it'd be a bit weird, and I'd much rather something new and hopefully interactive.
  3. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    RIP in peace
  4. More friends for Webber! Although this makes me wonder if Webber will also get a disguise to keep spiders from attacking other people? The merm king will probably also be like an inverted Pig King where you give him gold/trinkets or something and he gives you fish or rot or something
  5. I much prefer his Roseate skin. I think its by far his best skin and I use it all the time. I also like the Triumphant and the Magmatic
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    dang,,, rip in dead,,,
  7. берёшь вешь и просто кладёшь в него нало когда ктото кидает вёщь чтобы она испорялась и возврощялась на своеё время
  8. я взял карандаш и подошол и вот просто не бросаешь а кладёшь я ищю в вашей игре баги :)
  9. You can add anim file for item created or edited by youself in mods, as I understand. For new amination of old item you should create mod, atleast for change for your's animation. For exapmple, if I make new mod/anim "smartreservoir" then I place it in folder #1. And I make animation named "smartliquidreservoir_kanim", then I place it in folder #2 (3 files).
  10. берёшь клей или что то другое и это стаит на воздухе и не проваливается :) рад был помочь я пошол искать баги :)
  11. берёшь собаку идёш к кальцу кидаешь при этом потпрыфгиваешь м вот!
  12. There is only one new character left now ? After Wortox, Wormwood and Wurt. Will it be a weird creature too ?
  13. The basic merm hut is probably going to be something similar to pig houses, wood, froglegs?, rot? I don't remember what they drop when you hammer or deconstruct those in the swamp. I'd also go heavy on wood and boat materials to try to find the lunar island ASAP for the rock fruits, or maybe heavy on rocks/poop/grass for at least a few farms. As for the Merm king thingie, Joe said it requires stuff from all over the constant and it also requires babysitting, so it's most likely a very powerful late game feature. On a side note, I'm thinking what early games advantages could we use from what was mentioned, as it seems there won't be many (except maybe run fast in the swamp and be able to know where the tentacles are). Maybe using merm hutches early on to start farming spiders/pigs/bunnymen? If she can't eat meat there won't be much use for her to make merms themselves die. Also unlike Wigfrid (who can use vegetables as filler in the crockpot) most meat we obtain as Wurt will end up as rot, unless we can still werepig the pigs with MM like Webber/Wortox do.
  14. Count to 200 without interruption

    3/5 of the way to 200
  15. Today
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Song I'll be playing as soon as Wurt spawns:
  17. It can certainly multiply a lot of heat or cold upwards or to the right. Sour gas boiler & condenser with 300 doors, 600 tempshifts, and one thermo regulator?
  18. So what resources do y'all think should be stockpiled to build a ton of these new structures the day she comes out? Wood obviously, probably rope, frog legs? fish?
  19. That, with automation, could have endless heat deletion potential.
  20. Count to 200 without interruption

  21. What games have you been playing?

    I do this most of the time anyway! You can never be too sure when it comes to save files.
  22. Music thread

    That music video was amazing. What a ride.
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