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  2. What if Winnie comes?

    I'd love that lunacy makes Wigfrid give into her different roles she played. I hope that's in her next update.
  3. Bluegeist's Fanart

    What is your Constant-persona?
  4. Doodles! of DS!

    I don't mind the anatomy. It's supposed to be over the top on purpose. Why is she boozed up? Who's this German lady? Looks like a German CuteyHoney.
  5. Maybe it just doesn't translate well into English? Maybe it's like ASL where people take shortcuts to get the same message across without having to sign all the words. Also I dunno how old Wormwood is, because the concept of aging doesn't exist in the constant otherwise both Maxwell and Wickerbottom would both be dead from old age...also now Wagstaff too I suppose. What I'm saying is Wormwood is displaying the developmental capacity of a young toddler whose still developing language, and as such is calling everything literal or what closely resembles what he's referring to. Yeah, but make it pink and white, and I dunno...give it some anime eyes. FIFY Also may I please point out how those crab apples are growing in clusters? NEVER EVER EVER EAT FRUIT IN THE WILD THAT GROWS IN CLUSTERS. 99% OF THE TIME THAT ISH IS POISON.
  6. Here ya go. For me? I'd like to see what's in that tiny house on the Roc island. Maybe see Roc's actual children given a official release. AND THE APPLE TREE!
  7. All the ones I listed are old and not in the game, so I'm going to assume they were cut.
  8. The title seems to imply the question of using the volcano and AETN's together. Don't. A bad time will be had by all. However, if you wish to use a cooling loop to your base and back... that's not a bad idea. As for the volcano. The math tells me that you can run 3.4 turbines at 850w(2869w) during it's active/idle cycle. Some tips on doing that: (when researched) Calculate total output over it's active cycle. Divide that number by 1t and make sure you have a pit deep enough to hold all of it. The volcano room should be a vacuum with a robominer that can reach the bottom of the pit. On on side of the pit should be metal tiles:: door:: metal tiles :: steam chamber. Set the door to close when the steam is less than 183. This will run 4 turbines with 5 ports open at 85%. This will limit you to what it can put out on it's active/idle cycle. I highly suggest that you don't go for the full 850 per turbine. There's no indication that you are above it, and the extra heat is wasted as a result. You may be tempted to go with the 1 port at 600+C but this will reduce the total amount of full power heat you can pull out. When the steam chamber gets below 125 turn on the robominer to prep for more magma. It should take thousands of cycles for the robominer to over heat in this setup with out using steel. Even longer with steel. I suggest automating the turbines with a smart battery to prep for the dormant cycle. If combined with a larger power system, I would suggest using the turbines before all else. Don't forget to add the turbines as part of the things needed to be cooled. AETN's only cool by 80k, and the setup I recommended generates something close to 300k... if the wiki is to be believed. For reference: Weezes cool by 12k in H2, aquatuners cool by 585k with (p)water, and 1,181k with super coolant. The output water has a buffer of 167k. I wouldn't depend on that buffer though.
  9. I am pretty sure that its specific font and its green color are part of that plant language HELL MOAR REASONS FOR BETTER QUOTES !
  10. Honey Poultice- "Buzz Juice" ...ew. Honestly I'm surprised that Wormwood can even talk, considering...y'know...he's a sentient plant. Honesty I thought he'd speak some sort of plant language.
  11. Thanks for pointing me there, i'll pop on over.
  12. No pretty parasol in Hamlet?

    I am having the same issue, do you by any chance have any mods enabled? I am trying to track down the source of the problem.
  13. Wait, do you have a source for that? Last I heard, they were aware that it’s a hot topic for many people, and they were thinking about it.
  14. I have played a lot with Wendy and WX-78, loving all their quotes. What a disappointment to read Wormwood's ones They are 1 or 2 words long, usually just describing the item in a bit weird way. Some are funny (Marble tree : Friend ? Not friend) but most seemed have been rushed. Ok for the Groot style, but I think the character and its lore deserve more love There is so much potential about what a talking sentient plant could say about axes, fires, other plants, insects etc ... To look the whole thing for the curious
  15. I'm building my own desktop computer and would like to run ~5 DST dedicated servers (all including caves) from it. I see the requirements (also why does the url spell it requrirements?), but I'm wondering the amount of power the computer will need to dish out in order to run ~5 instances. Do any of you run multiple instances on the same computer? If so what is your build and how much of your CPU/GPU is being used while running them? Thank you
  16. silly drawings i make

    Bernie looks like he's doing a Karate pose. I can't tell if Krampus is screaming or laughing in the background. I love the tiny bit of Charlie on the far right. It looks like she's pranking him.
  17. I don't know if this is intentional behaviour but I hope it is kept in the game. It's funny, for one, and also hints at Hamlet's upper-class pigs being able to perceive Them during bouts of insanity (perhaps due to their increased intelligence?) But otherwise, yeah, ethereal beings interacting with non-ethereal objects certainly feels off.
  18. I think SW has much more rewarding challenges than Hamlet. The elephant Cacti and coffe changes everything and thats why u should rush to the volcano. In hamlet the bosses drops are totally meh, seasons too short and nettles are super boring to get though... I am expecting a lot of new features and some serious balances
  19. Today
  20. Klei & Microsoft Store Integration

    Hey there, sorry if you felt like we were ignoring you, it is certainly not our intent to do so. We generally respond to support tickets with 24 to 48 hours of having received them (depending on the load). Did you by chance directly reply back to the original response email we sent you? We require a reply to the original response before it gets flagged for response. Regarding your reported issue - unfortunately, I am unsure as to why Microsoft Support sent you towards our way as this issue seems to be due to settings on the Xbox Account that need to be set up or changed in order to allow purchases in-game. From what you have described, it sounds like there is a setting on your Xbox account that is not allowing your account (and your system) to make purchases on the Xbox Store. We tried to reproduce your reported issue on multiple account settings and setups here at the studio but were not able to reproduce this successfully. That being said, I looked into your reported issue further online, it looks like other people are experiencing this issue with other games due to how their account settings are set up. More information and possible fixes can be found here: We hope this has been of help; should the issue persist, your best bet is to contact Microsoft Support once more and ask if they have any other possible solutions.
  21. Probably just a placeholder for now. Maybe they are planning to implement achievements with the official launch.
  22. When you swear on a Christian server
  23. Steam achievements

    True. Just saw that. I don't remember seeing them there before.
  24. In DS yuo can listen for the events pushed when the phase changes. local myDayFunction = function() -- Do something when it becomes day end local myDuskFunction = function() -- Do something when it becomes dusk end local myNightFunction = function() -- Do something when it becomes night end inst:ListenForEvent( "daytime", myDayFunction(), GetWorld()) inst:ListenForEvent( "dusktime", myDuskFunction() , GetWorld()) inst:ListenForEvent( "nighttime", myNightFunction(), GetWorld())
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