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  2. Seems like we'll get news next month.
  3. first off, you said absolutely nothing about wilson here, second off, its not "why should i pick wilson over this" its "why should i pick this over the other characters"
  4. - Yeah and burn the entire world in the process, nice work - You still have a few seconds of fire immunity before losing it... - You still have a few seconds of fire immunity before losing it... -You still have a few seconds of fire immuntiy before losing it... - That literally is just a waste of time - You have most likely enough seconds of fire immunity to escape the Red Gem's Fury You see this list literally get canceled by the fact that Willow has Temporary Fire Immunity, and if you are out of it? just walk away and return... Im p. sure it will instantly reset and wont be on a 1 day worth of cooldown. All this has immunity but loses it after a few seconds means you can't persistently stay ontop of fire sources, but if you just walk away and return you will literally be fine... Stop overexadurating the fact that she needs pernament Fire Immunity, there's literally nothing that does force you to stand in Fire for longer than a few seconds...
  5. For me a key part of a character is that they solve real issues with their perks and have real downsides which act as consequences for character choice. This gives weight to the character, actual meaning and purpose. While Willow is not made any worse off by the rework (barely) she's not made any better, and she still needs that niche that makes the other characters so much fun. She needs a couple of real perks, and one real downside, which should apply to all skill levels of players and all parts of the game (or at least as much of each as possible). Tacking on a bunch of random "mod character perks" as I'd call them isn't really helping the situation. And I agree, not every character needs an overhaul, but I think Willow most certainly did.
  6. little snaptooth babies

    I think Snaptooth seeds could be similar to a smallbird mechanic.
  7. That wasn't my point at all. The point is "why should I pick wilson over this".
  8. Can crock pots explode?

    That was one massive deadly fart.
  9. Make her lighter act like a lantern while on the ground and it's a deal!
  10. They don't seem to be renewable in Hamlet, and they're required to make the Cowl, but the only thing that drops them are Batilisks, which are just in groups in the ruins and don't respawn, which it kinda sucks they aren't renewable in Hamlet
  11. Weird Headcannons

    This one?
  12. seriously, did you two read diffrent patch notes from the rest of us, because they all are absolutely negligable, extra fuel efficiency? logs are already good enough, bernie buffs? discount spider allies/abigail/pigs, extended fire immunity? not enough to make use of properly, overheat resistance? caves, thermal, ice cube hat, she, if we go off of the current rework ideas does not bring anything unique, intresting, or fun to the table, just things that are pointless, or negligable.
  13. I personally don't think they're all that bad. Not every character has to completely change the way you play, right?
  14. For me PvP in DST is just ummm retarded... In this form currently have no sense. If people really want PvP than Klei would make something like Forge. With small/medium arena, time for wearing items and next fighting as characters with classes skills, no personal. With tour system or "the best fighter" system. But I think then Klei will must make team for doing new PvP system with arena at the expense of normal game. Now they have a lot of work, so maybe we should just dont to make a new job at this time.
  15. This is easy to reproduce i'm sure. Entered new caves with as Warly, full inventory, no portable crock pot. Game detects Warly is missing it, spawns it right by the rope since inventory is full. You now are unable to use the rope or pick-up the crock pot. I've been thrown into ironman mode.
  16. Yah hopefully their doing all this on purpose. Maybe the new areas will be super hard? Or maybe they're just making the game a little easier.
  17. "downsides" seem a thing of the past. If you look at Wino and Wortox, klei is slowly but surely making everyone really good. That's not that bad of an idea to achieve balance, sorta. The new main downside is "is not another character".
  18. Because Klei is like Shrek! Sorry I cant find better clip!
  19. PVP is not the core of DST and should never be. The reasoning "Lighter was too strong in pvp" just shows how little Klei pays attention to what we wanted out of this. The Willow mains (people whose opinion on this should matter more) want fire immunity, a useful lighter and for her to be different from Wilson.
  20. As long as we get quality, that's all I want. PErhaps the torches and pitchforks won't hurt klei too hard.
  21. currently the majority of the don't starve together community oh thanks!
  22. I’m also looking for a response. I hope same day as PC. I had a friend purchase the game when I saw mid-April. We’ve been waiting since. I took a break from DST in early 2018 after 2-3 years of playing and am returning after reading the 2019 roadmap, expecting the new content soon. I missed The Gorge because of the lack of news and I watched The Forge.
  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    (listen this in bg while looking at the image for optimal effect.. after seeing the video ofc, hehe) PS: @R00KIE - epic avatar you got there, makes for great meme material as well
  24. They should make Bernie work like Willow's ghost and have no durability but go on cool down after being used
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