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  2. Then why not give her something more interesting than fire immunity? Like... self-emolation?
  3. I was being kind of serious. when you were talking you sounded like a griefer and I'm really against griefers.
  4. I really don't get what these people want and why. Every challenging game on the steam market has to be ruined by casuals whether it's for ez mode or griefing purposes. When will the gaming community as for a challenging game for once? So what if Willow might not compare to other characters, so nerf the others. I just don't get it. Willow didn't get a recent nerf, she got a buff. There is more reasons to actually play her now and people still feel like nothing happened. What?
  5. at this point, im pretty sure that trenix has been beaning me this whole time with nonsensical arguments i would prefer that to be the case, actually.
  6. No...because those are kinda core mechanics of the game for ALL players. Fire immunity isn't.
  7. well, we sure aint removing torches and hammers now are we?
  8. Wouldn't be surprised, there is very little to do in the game after you've done everything possible within the game. PvP is broken, there is no real end-game, so what is left? Just playing characters with "fun" perks to disrupt public servers.
  9. alright, these arguments are just getting more absurd by the minute
  10. I NEED HELP!

    Thank you!
  11. So...we should add in MORE ways for them to grief?
  12. Barracks requires "single bed"

    Same issue with bedroom “room” i think it’s text issue that needs to be adjusted to: ”at least 1 cot” ”at least 1 comfy bed” since how it is now is somewhat confusing. Or maybe the bedroom really is intended for single and barracks for multiple. whatever the case they are inconsistent with text and effect
  13. Are you saying your a griefer?
  14. It'd be a shame if the Memelord himself did something to it.
  15. >changed nothing because griefer's dont just vanish when one of their ways is removed plus, rollbacks and bans exist for a reason.
  16. Also PvP...but nobody really plays DST for balanced PvP, but gosh dangit they did try.
  17. Griefing is fun to you too I suppose.
  18. If fire immunity was taken out for griefing concerns, then why would they ever put it back in DST
  19. I was trying to create a character with a focus on insanity, shadows and nightmarefuel. I would like to give him the ability to hop/blink with a click on the right mouse button if at least one nightmarefuel is in that characters inventory and each hop is supposed to consume one nightmarefuel. I tried to modify some code from Wortox to do so. My character has the tag nightmarehopper added to him in his common_postinit local common_postinit = function(inst) inst:AddTag("nightmarehopper") -- etc. etc. end Also since I didn't know better I took the most recent actions.lua from /data/databundles/ and included a modified version of it in my mod to replace the default actions.lua file. It would certainly better if I could just replace single functions of this file. Maybe you can tell me how. Anyways I added some lines to ACTIONS.BLINK.strfn and ACTIONS.BLINK.fn ACTIONS.BLINK.strfn = function(act) return (act.invobject == nil and act.doer ~= nil and act.doer:HasTag("soulstealer") and "SOUL") or (act.invobject == nil and act.doer ~= nil and act.doer:HasTag("nightmarehopper") and "NIGHTHOP") or nil end ACTIONS.BLINK.fn = function(act) if act.invobject ~= nil then if act.invobject.components.blinkstaff ~= nil then return act.invobject.components.blinkstaff:Blink(act.pos, act.doer) end elseif act.doer ~= nil and ~= nil and == "portal_jumpin_pre" and act.pos ~= nil and act.doer.components.inventory ~= nil and act.doer:HasTag("soulstealer") and act.doer.components.inventory:Has("wortox_soul", 1) then act.doer.components.inventory:ConsumeByName("wortox_soul", 1)"portal_jumpin", act.pos) return true elseif act.doer ~= nil and ~= nil and == "portal_jumpin_pre" and act.pos ~= nil and act.doer.components.inventory ~= nil and act.doer:HasTag("nightmarehopper") and act.doer.components.inventory:Has("nightmarefuel", 1) then act.doer.components.inventory:ConsumeByName("nightmarefuel", 1)"portal_jumpin", act.pos) return true end end Likewise I edited SGwilson_client.lua ActionHandler(ACTIONS.BLINK, function(inst, action) return (action.invobject == nil and inst:HasTag("soulstealer") and "portal_jumpin_pre") or (action.invobject == nil and inst:HasTag("nightmarehopper") and "portal_jumpin_pre") or "quicktele" end), I was hoping that those edits would do the trick to do mostly the same that Wortox' ability does but for characters with the nightmarehopper tag and using nightmarefuel, but with this code the server doesn't even start anymore so I either screwed up the syntax or something else went horribly wrong. Can you help me fix it? PS: I already bought Wortox from Klei. I am not trying to get something functionally equivalent without supporting this game.
  20. because its fun, like webbers spiders, not strong, but fun, thats the point, we want willow to be fun, while still being the "fire starter" as she always was supposed to be, how many times must we go back and forth here.
  21. And griefing prevention should continue to be a high priority for a game that's about cooperation. So much for "together" when everyone just plays on their own private servers.
  22. was actually removed for griefing concerns, along with woodie being nerfed.
  23. Fire immunity exists in DS, was removed in DST for balance. If you want the DS experience, play DS or mod your game. Some players want balance. Explain to me why you want fire immunity so passionately, despite you claiming it's meaningless. Makes no sense, lets add a feature for reasons, despite it being useless. Ok...
  24. explain where this mythical ability of otherworldly power i am suggesting for willow is and i may consider taking you seriously.
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