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  2. So I've come to a functional design to sort of fully automating it. The left 3 chambers are for 6 regular pufts each. Lot's of morbs (600+) produces pO2. The right chamber is for puft princess. To the right of that one there's a conveyor exit to dispose eggs when the room already has 6 princess. Also there the other morphs of pufts are disposed. There's an egg cracker there which is also automated. This right room also has conveyors to load the regular pufts eggs into the left 3 chambers, and 3 conveyor shutoffs control if any of the 3 rooms should receive regular pufts eggs.
  3. I know I posted something yesterday already, (and especially since I don't want to get in trouble for probably spam) but I really wanted to talk about this for the longest time. I havent checked all the quotes, but most characters talk about seeing a light when using the celestial portal. It gives a big red flag when you see some characters saying things like (for warly as an example which I think he says) "I'm going to the big kitchen in the skies!" Possibly referring to heaven, and WX-78 saying "BLUE SCREEN DETECTED." Which is caused whenever a computer crashes. It's even more Terrifying as when Wormwood says "Don't want to go!"(As he says this in a fearful tone more then the other characters) As it means either once the character is offered up, the celestial portal is either too strong to stop it or were forcing the character against their own will. This could also be the only way we're affected by change of the moon! Could someone please find the rest of the quotes for when a character activates the celestial portal? I have to see if I can officially confirm this.
  4. I like the look of its fins, they remind of corals.
  5. I really appreciate your help, but I think you should definetly check Jessie's code. It seem to be easier. Anyway thank you :3
  6. Seem to be working with chests. Never thought that all I need is return function. Shoulda practice more. Big thank you :3
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  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Probably should have censored the swear ^^; but it's most likely accurate XD
  9. forums went down for a while over here, and they still look kinda messed up:


    At first they were inaccessible; now they are, but image links are popping up instead of images

    Anyone else seeing this?

    1. DragonMage156


      Nope. Maybe I missed it :/

  10. Wouldn't you still take overheat damage?
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    As promise,Heavy will now lay egg.
  12. Why do you play as your main?

    I think it could be very useful vs Klaus, it can give you a window for attacking him when he orders the fire deer to cast the fire AOE. You can just sit in it and bash him in the face.
  13. Because I love all characters Sincerely, A "Random" main
  14. Why do you play as your main?

    My main is Warly. I played most of the cast and he is the first one that made me so much better in the game, I learned so much about the game when I first started playing with him. Whats more important, playing him made me so much better at cooking with the crockpot and remembering recipes. When I played most of (most) of other cast (Wilson, Wendy, WX..etc) I always felt that their unique traits are rarely used and doesn't matter a lot, or they traits were just too linear and boring (wolf gang), of course, this is just personal taste. I used to play Wendy, used Abigail to farm some spiders and then forgot about her existence. WX, was another example for me, eating gears to boost passive states wasn't appealing to me, and the overload feature was too niche to make anything useful out of it. Warly's unique food and seasoning changes the game, both in solo and especially when playing with a friend. He's play style encourages the player to "play the game" and partake in activities. For example I find myself doing so much stuff with him, most of it that I never bothered with other characters, like farming, volt goat hunting, making non-food healing items and running in the swamps for reeds, hunting for different types of food in general, its just makes the game so much interesting and engaging for me, I find myself using recipes that I never used before in DST. He is also so rewarding, I remember my first time preparing for a dragonfly hunt (I never killed him before), making honey poultices, dragon pies, perogies, trail mixes, shadow swords, marbles suits and volt goats jelly, and with all that killing the dragon fly in spring, what a feeling that was. He is also a fantastic team player and gets even better if you play with some friends as well.
  15. numcandies = numcandies + math.random(4) + 2 Actually, you are right, since I forgot the costume candy gets added to the old candy, while I misread it as being replaced. Also, if we do the probability, it's slightly higher: no_costume_candy = math.random(2) + 2 = 50%*1 + 50% *2 + 2 = 0.5 + 1 + 2 = 3.5 expected candy costume_candy = math.random(4) + 2 = 25%*1 + 25%*2 + 25%*3 + 25%*4 + 2 = 0.25 + 0.5 + 0.75 + 1 + 2 = 4.5 expected candy So the real expected difference on average between with costume and without costume is 4.5 candy You can't get 4.5 candy of course, but the 0.5 is like a 50% of getting 1 extra or not As for not sharing insights from code without testing, I disagree on that. Freedom of expression is valuable.
  16. If you want to make pacu feeding a challenge i have a slime grower which grows slime from water in my super building extension. Otherwise if you just want to maintain a colony maybe use plants to feed your dupes?
  17. I enjoy playing Wicker because not having to build expensive alchemy engines every time i forget to prototype something before going on a big adventure is just golden Plus I'm always running out of inventory space, and as Wicker i can just insta make backpacks and shovels
  18. I love the "JoeW being sick of the community's sh--" meme that's been gaining traction recently. I'm definitely drawing a funny maymay of this when I get a new pen. (which may be this month)

    1. LunarCat


      you should draw everyone in Maxwell memes the sequel as toddlers and JoeW as the parent XD


    2. Canis


      Honestly, that's not a bad idea.

  19. This wasn't true pre-rework; You couldn't heal the Werebeaver in any way besides from Wortox.
  20. Nobody: The Workshop:
  21. @GetNerfedOn's Sanctuary now has a bridge to lunar island, thanks to yours truly.
  22. Oh god what have you done she's not supposed to be on the forums nononononononononono-
  23. I play Webber because I like baddies/monsters and having minions. He has a unique niche in spider farming (although Wendy kinda treads on this a bit), and he makes what is usually a hostile entity (spider dens) a safe haven. He has a fairly balanced downside in pigs hating him, so he doesnt feel OP. Maxwell is my second, mostly because of the being the baddy and having minions.
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