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  2. Most people on here can agree that there are characters you use for their items and switch out without suffering any consequences since 1 moonstone and 1 purple gem is cheap. What if you have to survive a certain amount of days as the character you switched to? It would balance the portal just giving you back all your stats to full or using specific character items and switching out.
  3. I think gender and Age in DST is irrelevant, only because there are head cosmetics for characters clearly labeled “boy” that make them look like a girl, Webber and Wes being the main culprits, they can also wear the female skirts soo uhh.. unless Wurt has a very specific look to her that clearly identifies her as female (such as having Merm Boobs) then I can probably put her in men’s clothing and just call her a dude.
  4. Thank you! . Holy **** I’ll will be playing as Wurt for the rest of time now. She is TOO ADORABLE!!
  5. It doesn't really make any sense. Anti-Griefing isn't a universal rule and it'd be. Weird that there's just some arbitrary selection of items that can't be burned by the player with no justification.
  6. Watch it be a really good perspective of lore for Webber, only to find that they gave him an actual voice in the cinematic and freak everyone out since he would be the first one to have a canonical "voice".
  7. Oh, what do you know, forumites ardently debating the "gender" of pixels... again Though I for one am glad Wurt can build merm huts, will remain to be seen how exactly this new character will fair in pubs and in the hands of general player-base. As they say, "Devil's in the details". I remain skeptic and have a feeling it will follow the same road as Warly, mostly 'cause of the strictly-vegetarian thingy.
  8. As far as Im aware, theres currently no difference in hostile/evoke cards between stable and experimental. I think you've just been sleeping on the power of evoke until now.
  9. wtf is this

    hmm nice bug i think
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

    This 1's 2 spooky 4 me.
  11. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    That first panel has a very NSFW word ^^; (unless your an Aussie)
  12. Own Fanart Thread

    Aww cute!
  13. Just because the story isn't a primary attribute to the gameplay doesn't mean the story is irrelevant. You can discard it if you like but it won't make it disappear.
  14. Video games for the most part are NOT story books, they are games.. and as games are designed to be a fun gameplay experience, I didn’t get any explanation when suddenly there was Carrots coming up out the ground as Rats.. and that’s because it was a fun gameplay experience- not a story driven one. i Don’t see anyone going on rockstars forums and raising pure hell about how you can store a rocket launcher and a mini-gun in what appears to be your butt, but that’s just how video games work, they don’t HAVE to make sense, they just need to be fun. end of story.
  15. The fallen survivors around the map are implied to have been brought by maxwell, too. When he inspects them he says “ha, i remember that one” or something to that effect
  16. Well you see you dont work for Klei. So to call their logic dumb when they haven't even finished the storyline is just plain rude. As a writer would you like some random online insulting your work?
  17. Wurt the .....

    What about : Wurt the horny...
  18. These have to be the dumbest explanations I have ever heard, I am a writer myself and from what little I can gather on DS Lore there are plenty of ways of adding more human characters into the game without having to have Charlie or Maxwell pull them in. The first and easiest way of Explaining it- we have no idea how long exactly this “constant” has existed.. or better yet even (as more and more island biomes are added in future updates) how big and vast it actually is. Therefore in that theory we could say that there are people that have been trapped here even long before Maxwell ever showed up and that we just have just yet to run across them out in the world surviving. there are plenty of “fallen survivors” skeletons all over everywhere on the game map to more than backup this idea.
  19. Sailing is Fun!

    I dont care if people say that the lunar island has nothing worthwhile, the journey to the lunar island is always the best part.
  20. Wurt the .....

    In this same vein, Wurt ‘The Emmissary’
  21. Today
  22. You get stuck

    When you push your body up against this pallet your character gets stuck everytime unless you hit the space bar or jump to get out.
  23. It's. A made-up. Name. Also Merms have a different culture/language than us, so what sounds "masculine" or "feminine" to OUR brains wouldn't necessarily work that way for them. (Heck, there are some real-life, right-now, HUMAN cultures who might think that.) Subject closed, end of chapter. (next part put in spoiler so it won't clutter the post and auto-annoy people. You'll have to CHOOSE to be annoyed! : P) ANYway. Back to actual gameplay stuff--yeah, the "strongly dislikes pigs" part is interesting because it's worded from HER point of view. Not like with Webber, where pigs automatically dislike _him_. No, it says SHE dislikes _them_, which makes me wonder if she'll have a sanity debuff or some kind of auto-aggro thing you'll have to actively fight off, steering her away. (WURT: PIIIIIGGGGG!!! (starts pulling the control towards them) PLAYER: Noooo, not _now_. WURT: But I _waaannnaaaa_...! (tries to steer back towards the pigs) PLAYER: I SAID, not NOW! We're out here to gather fruit so you can live, dammit!) Well, Klei PROBABLY wouldn't do that last one, but it's a funny idea... Interestingly, Webber CAN still trade with the Pig King. You just have to get past the others first. But the King himself doesn't care! He just wants his trinkets and tasty meats. I'm thinking, as a contrast, Wurt just won't be able to trade with him AT ALL. Like, you can hold out a trinket over him but clicking won't do anything. Maybe, however, the _other_ things that automatically attack "monsters" won't attack her, such as catcoons. I dunno. I don't know how many things aggro on Merms or not... because Merms THEMSELVES aggro on _anything_ in their range besides other Merms, so if a catcoon did end up prowling too close to a swamp it'd end up in a fight no matter what. We've never actually seen someone who happens to be a Merm by species but is (potentially) _peaceful_ walking around in regular DS/T, so that'll be interesting to find out. ...Notorious
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