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  2. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    Uhhhh.... there's also the small matter of the worldwide beloved classic children's book "the BFG", by the author Roald Dahl, the guy who brought us such classics as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "the Twits", "the Witches", "James and the Gigantic Peach", "Danny the Champion of the World" and "Fantastic Mr Fox". Am I literally the only one here with a good upbringing.
  3. Maxwell's shadow minions can indeed mine stone fruit. Toss em on the ground and watch them go ham.
  4. Winona is gonna saw this boat in half.
  5. The BFB as Hamlet's new super boss?

    This would give Ro Bin a much more interesting role, and it would make up for its lack of transformations. I really like the idea. The battle should be completely optional, you don't have to try to kill it if you don't want
  6. I've never had the problem of the pipes to my glass forges ever breaking, but then i realized I always placed it near the bottom of my base so it was frequently immersed in waste chlorine. That stuff has really bad thermal conductivity, so must've been the reason.
  7. silly drawings i make

    TiME fOr a hUG!! "They won't know it's me with this master disguise". "Say pal, you don't looks so good"
  8. It was likely hydrogen cooling down the machine too much causing the internal glass to cool and immediately break the first pipe it reached. When it's the first pipe that's breaking, typically it's the internal storage that's the issue.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I sadly never got to play this. Aside from being a Wilson clone, it looks like an interesting game. ---
  10. Check under folder options to see if you have "Hide extensions for known file types" checked. It's under the File menu, Change Folder and Search Options, View tab. If this is checked, your file is likely named debug_enable.txt.txt which would cause it to not work correctly. You could also try just removing the .txt extension if that option is checked and it will likely work.
  11. Playtime record

    and here we have an example of how people can waste their life. we should make a poll and see how many % of the players have more than 2000 hours
  12. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    idk how pie tastes like but it outta be delicious
  13. ok i'll better stop before i mess it up completely, but i can't figure out how to make both keys work. When i use the old structure i can use the weapon key just fine but only "X" activates the moggle-vision, can't change it, no more options ingame. When i switch to the nicely new code for the modinfo.lua the mogglevisionkey is configurable and works fine, but the weapon change no longer works even though i still got the options menu to change it ingame. I found this in the modmain.lua I just don't understand why there is a "key7" Variable in the modinfo.lua BUT here it is a written Keyseven and the following getmodconfigdata("key7") is not working anymore. ----------------------------- I got both of them to work now, but as a result my modinfo.lua now is a mess of both the new and old :/ modinfo.lua
  14. beware of the lategame lag, unless you have a good computer!
  15. Today
  16. Just a silly little thing I thought of incase anyone cares to try it. For those who wish to attempt this, you will need This Mod. For this challenge you must locate the Moon Island and reassemble the Celestial Altar, you must then leave it an offering set up like the picture below. Requirements include 3 fertilized coffee plants and a single crockpot containing a coffee. Once these have been set up the challenge is done! The goal is to do it as fast as possible! This is a speedrun challenge. Have fun! EDIT: The coffee plants can be found in the Dragonfly Desert, treat them like berry bushes for fertilizer(so use rot/manure/guano, not ash)
  17. my problems with Wheeler

    so my personal statistical annoyances with Wheeler 1 her smaller inventory doesn't change bad habits but only straightens them most players almost exclusively use backpacks and with a smaller base inventory there's nothing but reinforcement to this habit she should rather have a smaller base inventory should have a penalty to speed on backpacks (20%-30%) it would make starting games less of a chore because it only really applies to after you build your science machine allowing for faster ruins rushing and gives a reason to use armor and shirts rather than just what 80% of players do and staple a backpack for their whole run 2 let her bind her dodge to a keyboard key I'm tired of having to stop messing with my inventory to do a dodge and also if you try to dodge when your hand is over darkness it will lead to some avoidable hits
  18. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    can we get an "F" for the author of this thread?
  19. it looks like she's about to present this revolutionary tape that fixes everything and costs just $4.99 in a store right next to you
  20. im still surprised that klei let wagstaff have the thumper while woodie is still having trouble to keep up with his title. to make him better than that he'd have to get the trees down by just looking at them
  21. silly drawings i make

    ambiguous this is really good advice, that would work well. thank you! also, yeah they definitely look connected now that i look at it.
  22. Definitely, and maybe on things that'll be for more advanced times Flares are fun on early but you'll make a moonlens quickly And boat patchs to fix friends mistakes... talking about that they still have difficulties to get on the boat, this game is to hard...
  23. Bad Derpy art corner/Dump of doodles

    Looks like he found some pie.
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