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  2. Wheeler's hair art and design

    Interesting enough, if you use that emotes mod in the workshop, you can even get them working. Wagstaff's goggles even change with emotes:
  3. I'm sure they are. They trying to improve a character and got a backlash. The forum is filled with so called experts and Willow mains, where all they want is to make the game easier for Willow.
  4. *the fact that bernie will help both insane and sane players by fighting most hostile creatures and by being warm*
  5. About the only thing here that I think is interesting is the fact that Bernie will fight and taunt most hostile creatures when near insanity. This probably means everything but boss monsters and maybe a few special exceptions (like Krampus). Every other change is simply underwhelming (sorry Klei). So, the question becomes exactly how useful Bernie will be. How effective is his taunting, how much of a beating can Bernie take, does Bernie regenerate health and how much damage will Bernie do? If done correctly, Willow could be an ideal character for those players that like to run near insanity 24/7. If done poorly, then Willow will be just as scarce post update as she currently is right now. Overall, I'm not nearly as excited about the Willow update as I was for Winona. I guess we'll have to wait and see though, I could still be surprised.
  6. The fact that they're even bothering with the game after release should make people happy. Yet all they do is complain. Talk about being ungrateful. DST is not DS, lets keep it that way. All the characters need a rework, including the overpowers ones.
  7. As a Willow main I can concur that her current benefits are really lukewarm and not very interesting, and her Rebalance benefits are kind of exactly the same? Looking at Willow's Rebalance it seems like the developers kind of forgot what the point of Willow is, which is fire. The idea of having an army of Bernies fighting enemies is cool, but also ridiculous and not consistent with Willow's character; which is fire. All the fire benefits they want to give her are really forgettable so im'ma just put my idea for a rebalance here since it's what I was hoping they'd do. The main idea here is fire. Benefits : Willow no longer takes damage from fire, and heals slightly when she is on fire. Enemies that die to fires caused by Willow drop their normal items instead of ashes. Willow gains sanity from starting a fire, standing near fire, and the insanity aura of enemies doesn't effect Willow if they are currently on fire. Fire heats Willow up faster if she is cold, and she takes less damage from overheating. Willow doesn't lose sanity when using the Fire Staff. Downsides : Putting a fire out reduces Willow's sanity, Willow gradually loses sanity while it is raining or snowing. Willow freezes easier, takes double damage from freezing and loses sanity while freezing. Willow loses one sanity each time she eats something that hasn't been exposed to fire, as in cooked. Willow has a Fire meter which passively decreases, and is increased each time she starts a fire. The size of the object burned determines how much starting the fire replenishes the meter, and standing near fires slightly increases it. Willow gradually begins freezing, and losing sanity, if the meter gets too low; and this freezing comes on faster the lower the meter gets from that point. There's probably more that could be added to this but that's about all I got. Basically the idea is that Willow likes fire and doesn't like the cold. Her main benefit is that she can weaponize fire in a way other characters can't, and she has various modifiers which make her gain a lot of sanity and lose a lot of sanity. Because she's obsessed with fire, she has a fire meter which makes her have to keep making fires to stop from going into her form of withdrawal. Fire.
  8. Also if the only good perk of Willow is Bernie, what prevents me to switch to her to get a Bernie and switch back and keep Bernie? Right now everyone can get a Bernie.
  9. I'm indifferent. New Klei content makes me happy.
  10. Screenshot showcase

    idk if it goes here
  11. Man, nothing makes you guys happy. Again another post that asks for fire immunity and provides nothing but complaints. What's next, immunity to hunger? Sanity? Survival? Why dont we just push a button and win?
  12. silly drawings i make

    i love that about him, his definition of prank can range from silly to dangerous. it's really endearing.
  13. well personally i am super exited for the willow refresh
  14. a charlie from my tumblr [igenious over there as well!], with a tarot-inspired design
  15. [Game Update] - 328827

    An alternative to the smaller inventory size is to make any item Wheeler carries have a reduced maximum stack size. You would still have the ability to carry tools and equipment without issues but reducing stack sizes could make carrying large amounts of resources more difficult. It could also be a bit tedious when transferring items from chests to inventory, although hopefully not annoying. Additionally, Wheeler is the first character to have a higher base speed. Which just feels weird, speed is the most overpowered stat in the game, every other character who has an improved running ability needs to do something in order to attain it.
  16. Sure, a key component of properly balancing characters in a multiplayer game is considerations of how well the characters complete similar tasks. As it stands, maxwell is an incredible fuel supplier, able to level forests in matters of minutes, providing fuel for in game years, regardless of if the player has a fuel bonus or not. What this means is that willow's fuel balance won't matter most likely when I have 9 chests filled with each 9 stacks of 40 logs from swapping out to maxwell. I would guess any intermediate and above player in terms of skill could complete this task without issue, making the perk useless entirely for them. And even for the beginners usually fuel isn't too much of a challenge (even without a maxwell) meaning the perk solves a nonissue. Oh also I took some time to write up my considerations for what I'd consider a good rework for Willow, as I was charged to do so. Disclaimer that this is my opinion, however it is based on significant experience and research of the game as well as the character. Remove all the unnecessary minor perks/downsides that don't really have an impact on gameplay Keep the Bernie Buff, I'm actually not opposed to that piece necessarily Make Willow more like her Don't Starve form, with some key tweaks Infinite Lighter (Klei can keep or remove the cooking I don't really mind either way) If lighter lag is a concern give it durability but make it only lose durability when held by other characters Fire Immunity No insanity fires, I'm alright with those being removed because I understand the issues on pubs with newer players this could cause Some form of Inventory Burning being added, I'm completely ok with it being altered to be more fitting for a multiplayer environment (aka no ignition, perhaps a dps cap, doesn't work in pvp, etc.) Obviously retaining the sanity bonus from fires The most challenging piece of this would be coming up with an appreciable downside, however I think this is a completely valid starting point for Klei to work from, and there's definitely options for exploration from this point.
  17. Let's Get this Straight, if you think that the Willow " Refresh " is good then you might wanna skip. This rework gonna go unnoticeable. these minor changes won't " save Willows From Extinction " unless the Devs are hiding Fire Catapults up their sleeves. Literally nothing will change. but idk maybe experienced Willow Players will disagree. Willow no longer gets cold from low sanity. Can't Complain Willow takes more damage and loses sanity from freezing Gotta Burn em All Willow takes less damage from overheating. Cough Cough Fire Immunity Cough Cough Willow gets fire immunity for the first several seconds and then reduced damage thereafter. no i meant long term >:( Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing fires and does it faster than others. Heal items exist, and most if not all the food items give enough HP to compensate that's damage taken to extinguish that Grass. Adding fuel to fires is more effective for Willow. BZATE,BZZY, **BOUNCE BOUNCE** Bernie can now be equipped by Willow for sanity and warmth at the cost of durability. Did someone say Tam o Chanter ? Bernie grows big and will taunt and fight most hostile creatures when Willow is nearby and insane. Can't Complain about this one, will surely save some durability of my Weapons. We found that our schedule was just too demanding and we want to be able to make things interesting and not just pump out stuff as fast as we can. i like the sound of that. Recommendation : i will mostly leave it for Willow Players as i am not that of a willow player, i have tried her for 10-12 hours but i think i dont have much experience yet to judge. but, a wider range lighter would be great and an ability for willow to light mobs on fire by hand. had to get this off my chest badly, cause i wont lie, Willow was probably the most rework i was excited about, hey at least she's is better than Wes Now.
  18. silly drawings i make

    You'd think Klei would've had Wortox as the "It's just a prank, bro" update.
  19. Some sad to hear but i'm happier to know that you will take your time, i've more time to buy skins or maybe wortox to help with the development I don't use other character appart of wilson so i'm just waiting for him i'll wait patiently
  20. This real life mechanic is not currently in the game. Gas won't compress because of height. It will continue to expand, practically ignoring gravity, to try to reach equal pressure throughout. You won't find one, as the mechanic is not implemented in game. Maybe in a DLC someday, with gravity fully developed?
  21. don't forget the feminist with minigun turrets
  22. In defense of Bernie

    Yeah, maybe I'm just afraid of Bernie stepping on Abigail's toes as a powerful combat familiar. I feel like I've already shared most of what I think are my better Willow ideas and I don't want to annoy anyone by reposting them too much. Overall, balancing things must be a really tricky thing so it wouldn't hurt if everyone would cut the developers a little more slack.
  23. Can you explain why the existence of Maxwell negates her one fire perk?
  24. silly drawings i make

    wortox absolutely PRANKS wilson with his bee mine
  25. The Woodie rework will improve Woodie by making him apologize to whatever he attacks. He will also be 20% more polite so pigs will gift him humble gifts such as manure and stingers as a token of appreciation for his immense politeness, he will also deal 12% more damage with axes and be able to dual wield them and approximately 2 and a half players will be able to mount him while in werebeaver form with the help of a saddle which in turn negates his sanity loss because he's helping his friends and it makes him very happy. Wilson's refresh will allow his beard to grow by 1 more stage which grants him 10% more insulation so I'm also very excited for that refresh as well and feel it was a long needed buff for Wilson ! Wortox's refresh which comes in about 5 years will allow him to be used online, so hang in there pal! This information was 100% scientifically proven to be a true scientific fact by NASA themselves so your welcome for the spoilers.
  26. I'd like to add a slightly different take on this, based on recent testing, and experiments done in the past. Both mesh and airflow tiles behave thermally like debris. They interact with the tile BELOW them, and exchange heat with that tile. So they are not perfect insulators with things below them. It is true that they do not exchange heat with tiles to the side or above, but they do exchange heat with tiles below. This is like debris, not buildings. The exchange rate is the same rate as the same mass of mined matter sitting as debris. This is true in vacuum, gas, and liquid environments. Heat transfer to surrounding medium, and to the tile below, matches the heat transfer of debris. To me, this suggests the code treats the 100kg metal from the mesh/airflow tile as if it were debris, for heat calculations. It's subtly different than buildings, which can help with planning builds later on. Consider the images below. In the first image, in a vacuum, the debris and mesh tile transfer heat at exactly the same rate to the tile below. The solid tile of metal transfers heat much faster, while the mesh tile maintains perfect temp. In the second image, hydrogen gas enters the picture. The two setups transfer heat to the tile below at almost the same rate. I say almost because my initial temps of two two metals were 1738.9K and 1739K. Some very interesting turbulent up/down changes of gas temp on both sides that cause the two sides to cycle between which transfers heat faster. The cyclic behavior suggests some numerical scheme is at play (high deltaT clamping because of the multiply by 25 gas/solid interacion). However, the average behavior suggested the two really do transfer heat at the same rate. In the third image, the liquid water stabilized the turbulent temp changes, and the two pictures transfer heat at the exact same rate. In summary, think of mesh and airflow tiles as debris for heat transfer computations. Whether this is intended behavior or not, that's another question. One fun side effect of this fact is that you can rapidly alter the temperature of an insulated tile by building a mesh or airflow tile ABOVE it. I ran into this issue quite a bit with the old steam turbine, and for a while I wondered why some of my insulated ceramic tiles would stay at 20C, while others would reach >150C. The issue was always either (1) metal debris above the hot insulated tile or (2) a mesh or airflow tile above the hot insulated tile. This fact can be used to both heat and cool insulated tiles rapidly. Coupled with running debris through an insulated tile on conveyors, you can watch insulated ceramic behave like regular obsidian (hyperbole).
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