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  2. The issue is it was already confirmed Wagstaff went missing the night his factory burned out. It has to have been him who got sucked in.
  3. Wheeler & compass + rock

    already reported this
  4. The only non-Wilson vanilla character that is already unlocked.
  5. This is a cursed image.
  6. Yes he isn’t exclusive to any DLC.
  7. Things to improve hamlet

    1. I don't see that's necessary IMO. I would rather see some sort of mob that dropped rotten eggs.. 2. disagree... bat waves are the heart of the game... beetles were already nerfed.. I think they are ok the way they are atm.. if you have a hard time dealing with beetles use Bug B Gone 3. agreed 4. totally agree.. after the queen and some occasional honey there is really no reason to go back there 5. disagree.. but I would like them to have more interactions with Wormwood.. maybe befriending them... or they give him gifts.. dunno 6. ok 7. yeap... we need transformations for Ro Bin.. I suggested this a while ago..
  8. so he is basically an DS Vanilla Character?
  9. So I've taken a look at this link, and I think I'm starting to understand it more. Questiosn: When a line is built like this: -- *Sentence or instruction This doesn't actually affect the coding right? It's just instructions or a description? And then everything below it would be the actual coding? -- *Sentence value = (value) The "value" would be the actual functionality for the code? -- *Sentence Value = (value) end -- *Sentence Value = (value) -- *Sentence Value = (value) end) When there's multiple indents within a code, is that like adding multiple functions to one perk? In theory, the "description" type sentences used after "--" are not required and you can write a code like this?: Value = (value) value = (value) end Value = (value) end)
  10. Wagstaff Lore

    I’ve never seen people obsess over gloves so much. If he lost one glove then it’s not very likely he’d just keep the other one on.
  11. @Yunru Finally got around to building this version. Of course built it mirrored despite your instructions. Powering the door under the clean-up emptier near the door seems to make it work mirrored, through the first few derps. Works like a charm to spec though. Thanks.
  12. That's what I meant, Wheeler through XP and Wilba through play.
  13. Wheeler...Wheeler...ah this name reminds me from a perticular character of an anime show.
  14. I thought wilba is unlocked through giving the queen her crown back.
  15. Hello again, m8 In order to help with the RoG/SW compatibility, I'd need to see your modinfo.lua and a crash log from when the crash happens. Now, that Packim Baggims code is pretty cool, but as your code is only called whenever your character changes form, the code obviously also only runs when changing form. What you nee to do, is figure our when your character should cook the food, and then find a function to hook the code up to...or make one yourself I looked into what things you can hook up to in the inventory, like if there were functions or events in place which we could have your code triggered by, but didn't find any that would suffice. GiveItem doesn't push events every time, only when e.g. getting an item you don't have any of and such. Not when you add to a stack etc. But we can extend e.g. the GiveItem function because it's not local, and run our own code after it. Look at this. Careful. Read the comments. These code snippets go three different places. -- We put all the code in a function that takes a container as a parameter. local cookFoodFn = function(container) for i = 1, container:GetNumSlots() do local item = container:GetItemInSlot(i) if item then local replacement = nil if item.components.cookable then replacement = item.components.cookable:GetProduct() elseif item.components.burnable then replacement = "ash" end if replacement then local stacksize = 1 if item.components.stackable then stacksize = item.components.stackable:StackSize() end local newprefab = SpawnPrefab(replacement) if newprefab.components.stackable then newprefab.components.stackable:SetStackSize(stacksize) end container:RemoveItemBySlot(i) item:Remove() container:GiveItem(newprefab, i) end end end end -- Do this at the bottom of your master_postinit. -- We extend the GiveItem function of your inventory. local oldGiveItem = inst.components.inventory.GiveItem function inst.components.inventory:GiveItem(inst, slot, src_pos, ...) -- We call the original function first, and save its return value. local returnValue = oldGiveItem(self, inst, slot, src_pos, ...) -- Whatever happened, we trigger the cooking of all cookables in the inventory slots, -- but only if the function is available on the inventory component (this is key!). if self.giveItemExtension then self.giveItemExtension(self.inventorySlots) -- If you also want to cook all items in your backpack, uncomment the next lines. local backpack = self:GetOverflowContainer() if backpack ~= nil then self.giveItemExtension(backpack) end end -- Then we return the result of the original function. return returnValue end -- Now, in your code that changes between the different hound states, -- just put in this line for the fire-hound: inst.components.inventory.giveItemExtensionFn = cookFoodFn -- ...and for the others, put in this: inst.components.inventory.giveItemExtensionFn = nil
  16. I meant more evidence as to if it was Wagstaff going through the portal in the next of Kin cinematic or not..
  17. Even more reasons to be concerned about one's sanity. First question is basically a yes/no. In the third one you precise how much you want it. I am not posting such ideas there. They are sentenced for death there. Basically I want insanity to be something to be really concerned about when it is low. My original idea is that insanity just keeps getting worse as the time passes.
  18. Wormwood comes unlocked as a new character you can play as soon as you get the Hamlet DLC. Wheeler and Wilba are unlocked through XP and play respectively Wagstaff is a bonus character for all DS. We just wanted to put him out. He's actually in the base game lineup, that's why he doesn't show up at the end.
  19. How do I have a character gain a bit of sanity when they give a thing to another player?
  20. I know what it is I'm not arguing with you on that, I think your theory is quite good, I am just saying I wish we had some more evidence
  21. Perhaps those telegraph wires on the back of the factory had more people in the back? There could be more employees we don't know about.
  22. This is the teleportato base.. I think this might be quite accurate.. Ofc we don't know for sure but the lack of runes would explain why he has the projector effect. This is tbh the best evidence we got so far... You were making the point for the out of tune event but u didn't give a reason or idea as to why that might be... I'm simply pointing out there might be some evidence for it...
  23. You could be right, but remember, Wagstaff is an inventor, sure he is most likely referring to his original portal but he may be referring to his design for something else entirely. Not saying you are wrong because your theory is quite plausible, I am just saying that we don't have enough information to come to a definite conclusion as of yet.
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