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  2. I've reported this bug before, but I have some new information on it that may or may not make a difference in getting it fixed. When playing Shipwrecked, the music that plays to announce dusk and dawn loops. It specifically loops only until two segments of the clock have passed since dusk/dawn, then the music will abruptly stop mid-song as soon as the clock hand reaches the end of the second segment. I used to think that it was stopping in response to something that I was doing in the game, such as starting a task that triggers the working music. But now I think this was a coincidence, whatever I was doing only drowned out the loop so it was harder to hear, and it was just the clock reaching the end of the second segment of time cutting the music off. I also used to think that the looping music was endless until the next time period (dusk after dawn, or night after dusk), but I believe this was just because dusk starts off very short in the first season when you start a new game. I noticed the dusk music loop stopping well before night (after exactly two segments on the clock, to be specific) even in seasons where dusk is significantly longer.
  3. Don't need a mesh tile, just a full block of liquid will do. When I build mine I start with only one block of space and fill it untill it overflows. The over flow on top is small enough not to over pressurize a vent.
  4. IF u play Meat on a boat, then sail the boat. the pigs still see the meat as " close " and still go for it.
  5. Ironically, the sun nymph egg is the one part I think they did perfect lol. They wanted zombie spores to be something hard that would catch you unawares late game. Like deerclops in Don't Starve. Let players die and restart 50 times and finally feel like they have a handle on the game and then throw them a curve ball. Sun nymphs being something that most players won't have ever ranched makes them a perfect prereq.
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    or to get to the constant
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    There is a separate subforum for bug reports for each game, here's the DST RoT one:
  8. Mine 10 Stone Fruits (in a stack) with Pick/Axe: 8 loots. Seems like it depends on the number of stone fruits in a stack and the damage source. Same loots drop from 1 or 10 gunpowder.
  9. Good explanation, thanks. The exosuit docks are the point of infection, then. It's the only place, indoors, with traces of germs in the air. Think i can see what Klei are trying to achieve here, promoting the use of germ sensors, vitamin chews and immuno boosters, but the system does need some work. I don't think most of us will put the effort in churning out those 2, plus medicine packs. I mean, churning out vitamins, having dupes infected, curing them with med packs just for them to possibly become infected again the next couple cycles doesn't seem very reasonable. Not even mentioning medicine vials, the sun nymph egg requirements for it is like something out of the twilight zone. Who the heck thought of that stuff? Guess i'll try some stuff, now that i have a better understand of the current mechanics.
  10. New setpiece: The Docks! I like how funny it is when set pieces get partially into the ocean, this one turned out really cool in my opinion!
  11. Bugs

    I had seen the topics but I did not find any bug tags
  12. This sort of arguing is how humanity rose from ignorance into godlike beings able to use technology to destroy their own planet's habitability.
  13. Cool thing I noticed

    That means Magic is REAL! And government was lying to us! Well the last part isn't that surprising... BUT STILL! Can someone craft Maxwell's book? Anybody here had Nightmares last night? We could use that to get some Nightmare fuel
  14. OHHHHH so I might just be past the first page? LOL never even thought of that. thanks!
  15. Killing any mob on a boat result in instantly killing the mob.
  16. Why does fog exist

    then why did you say it? ya know what i'm done with your trash bye
  17. i'm so exited to see warly and here's my ideah for update... good stuff: no more faster hunger drain and 33 precent bonus is for all crockpot meals including team members; weakness: penalty to hunger goes like this 50% raw 70% dried and 90% cooked and add durabillaty to crockpot craftable for 3 sticks 3 charcoil and 3 cut stone. [half cost of crockpot exept for cut stone]. tell me what you think of it and add your own ideahs in the coments!
  18. There's actually a bit of special animation for him being harmed/dying.
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  20. Here is the file > client_log.txt After the Hotfix, the error still occurs, the screen color is now gray for some characters and orange for others. :c I'm sad that I still can not play the new update.
  21. I had a griefer in my game, not the usual destroyer type but the one that does nothing, asks constantly for help and leaves taking stuff eventually. When I played SW I wondered what multiplayer with boats would be like. You’re on the Lunar island, two players are annoyed and ditch the third. Or a griefer goes out solo on the boat. I guess if you have some basic resources making another boat is possible if you’re on a larger island. Otherwise it’s survivor...
  23. Why does fog exist

    I did not want to insult you sincerely I think you're a child, now I admit I was very rude but you were being irrational it seemed that you just wanted to win something
  24. Why does fog exist

    also ways to avoid fog without going so far out of your way to do it because you have less time than normal and is very punishing for a starter season
  25. Why does fog exist

    It is supposed to be like that. But I admit that it would be good to have an item that reduces quite a bit the foggy vision.
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