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  2. Wagstaff's blurr problem

    As someone who is literally as blind as Wagstaff without his glasses on. I don't understand the point of "hurting others with real life disabilities" statement. Blindness is a disability (and the varying degrees of blindness). Its just that we've normalized it so much in society people often forget it is a disability. And this is my personal opinion, I fell in love immediately with Wagstaff for the simple fact that "This is a character I can personally identify with" because of the struggle to see, miss-identify things and otherwise struggle with vision related tasks that others take for granted. Heck, even the concept of headwear being limited due to glasses is mirrored from real life. And those of you who do wear glasses know the struggle especially with winter hats and trying to keep your glasses straight on your head.
  3. little snaptooth babies

    This is an old bug. Was around when Hamlet first dropped, they're the same as the big ones, same hitbox, same range, health, damage, all that. They just look cute. Cute little man eating buggers...
  4. Big oof, quelle suprise! I forgot again! I'll post what I have in case I forget to finish my drawing in time for the stream to drop.
  5. Special thanks to @kurgut's design, because he wasn't an idiot who kept bottle dropping once it wasn't needed to collect said bottles. The MOGOM Mk V! The final version that I can see. A 7 high, 10 wide contraption that produces polluted oxygen on demand, just supply polluted water and dupe! The hydro sensor is set to "above 120", the lower unautomated door is set to only allow exit, and the automation wire in should hook up to whatever you want to control when to produce oxygen. The clock sensor should be active slightly longer than your dupe, as it clears the pressure plates of any dropped bottles after they finish work. Kurgut's design here:
  6. Can confirm same from your save file. Even tried "refreshing" the save with a third party save editor with same issue. Your dupes are still there (you can select them from vitals) but they are invisible and immobile. Seems like a corrupt save file/load issue. Whatever the issue is, it halts loading the rest of the dupes and gives up. Once they fix the issue, I believe everything should still be there, so that's good. Using the save editor, seems like everything is there still. Would probably help them if you could remember what the stuck dupe was doing at the time to get stuck. I'm sure it's related.
  7. If the price ends up being too high it means there are not many people selling it(because it's hard to drop) compared to the great amount of people willing to pay more for it(because people have their tastes).
  8. Wheeler Feedback

    its perfect if they do that all they'd have to do is fix her art and bugs and she'd be all ready to go!
  9. Small update (not enough to warrant a version increase); I managed to cut down on the size by making the automation more complex, yay. Edit: Actually, since I remove the bottle dropping, meet the Mk V! The clock is set to stay active slightly longer than the dupe working the shift. What this does is cause the mechanical airlocks to shove any dropped bottles off of the pressure plates. The new wires at the top control when the MOGOM is operational. When it's off, no gas can escape, and dupes can only leave (the bottom door is set to allow dupes out but not in). The outer door is to stop gas escaping of course.
  10. Wheeler Feedback

    Maybe instead of having less inventory space whatever she wears would slow her down based on how heavy it is or it could shorten how far her dodge goes or a mixture of both. Head and torso (I think including hand slot wouldn't be that good) slot stuff would be categorized into different weights or something similar how different types of ammo deal more damage in her gun and it could be like this. No speed penalty 10% speed penalty 15% speed penalty 20% speed penalty I didn't include every single wearable item in game, but with this con I think it would probably be better than having 5 less inventory space and make more sense with "travels light" con and put more emphasize on using her dodge instead of kiting. With this con I also could see a buff to her movement speed wouldn't be too overpowered.
  11. How Mk desease work ?

    tablets for food poisoning med pack for slimelung med vial for zombie infection
  12. I'm seeing how this disease upgrades its work and it's tougher. no dups it's getting food poisoning most any time and I do not do anything different so the doc need do work a lot. another thing is there a bunch of medicaments and i don't know what I need to use, because they use subjective explanation.
  13. Yeah, that's strange. I removed the mosaic tile to the right and it's still 0 usage at 100% visibility. Might be the overlap with the solar panel to the left? I don't think they obscure though but it is a bit in the left most 5 tile zone for visibility. Couldn't be arsed to deconstruct it and rebuild a walking platform to test.
  14. She is noob friendly (ghost can help you in fight+ Less sanity loss)
  15. world generation

    Ok. Please explain what THAT is all about. I am not able to understand anything. Maybe you didn't explore for long enough. That is basically impossible for world to not to generate something that you left "default" in settings.
  16. Just cause it seems easy to fix: Did someone already start writing a mod to swap the lower water inputs with higher ouputs ? (Just to make it "more realistic", it´s bugging me and many others for some time now^^)
  17. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    also gordan ramsey crashed my photoshop whilst i was making another meme so thats nice ok meme is ready but i got to have 20 likes or something like that before you get the wagstaff meme about a quote of his on this post actually make it 5
  18. Wendy and Wigfrid have the most expensive skins and there are multiple reasons why 1.Both of them are very popular characters 2.They are good characters for new players ( if you ask me ) 3.Their skins change their looks enough 4.One of them is #relatable
  19. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Be scarred. Be very very scarred Well, at least it seems Walani ("It's so attractive.") and Warly ("How alluring.") have the same ... mindset as Willy (SIC!) about Wendy in her Halloween costume Meat Bulb plant *winks*
  20. Sanity-Restoring Book?

    Well, it's much more efficient for everyone if you lay out in detail how these books should function. Try to think of what exactly you want, and detail it.
  21. Dupe-A-Day!

    They don't really mean anything, I was just adding some decorative details for my own sake. -Day Three of the Dupe Grind- Quit breaking the fourth wall, Meep. No one wants you here. Will I lose my motivation after completing Mi-Ma, the superior dupe? No, because I actually ran out of motivation yesterday. Too bad for me, I have a duty to draw them all.
  22. the problem wasn't the overheating part the problem was the heat generating kept on increasing more and more the steam had the same temperature, but the steam engine began generating more and more DTU/S (it were at over 130 KDTU/sec when i stopped testing, that's enough to fuel another steam engine with 5 ports open) if you watch the video attached, you can see how the heat production keeps on increasing for no apparent reason wait just checked something and it do seem like the steam turbine is supposed to run this hot... according to the oxygen not included wiki The heat production is defined as water: mass * (temperature - 95) * 4179 DTU Self heating heat_removed / 10 DTU and with 2 kg/s of 231,1 C steam this only adds up to 2*136,1*4179/10 = 113752.38 Dtu = 113 kDTU Which is way lower than the 130 kDTU i got and that still won't explain why the heat production went down everytime i activated the "debug super speed"
  23. Thanks man that will help a lot
  24. What if?

    this and the fact that minotaur wortox skin is similiar to the guardian.
  25. I haven't seen a Wendy in weeks, what pubs do you go to?
  26. What if?

    -Ancient guardian's prefab name is "minotaur" -Ancient Guardian and Minotaur occupy the same roles (guard a labyrinth)
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