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  2. The swamp

    People and myself proposed a reed variant like twiggy trees or grass gekkos to prevent reed extinction. Something like monster that drops reed or these tiny plants at ponds eventually grow into reed plants. People on open server like to ignite these resources while exploring the swamp it's a shame you have no real reliable source of this ;( A regrowth mechanic like the mushrooms would be ok, too!
  3. Solar panel not connected. The disconnected symbol is hard to see, use the overlay. Great mod!
  4. Hot lava for mac on steam?

    Same here. I already asked in release thread without any answer. I already bought Hot Lava on Steam for macOS so just want to know if i will be able to play it or i need to buy Apple Arcade for that. Im not looking for refund or anything i would give Klei money one way or another but the lack of info about this is little bit ****ty IMO because it was planned for Steam on macOS (thats why i also bought it) and then they got money from Apple (cool for Klei!) and stuff probably changed but they didnt say anything to us Its weird that Klei is doing this so they maybe cant say or dont know yet but one way or another it would be nice to hear from Klei. At least something like "we cant say yet but soon, chillout guys"
  5. Still the greatest interaction ever xD I just love??? how you??? draw Wes???? he so tufff. It's like your style but still the DS style and it's like....whaaa so good! I'd die for Wilsons face here, that is all B) BABY BABY BABBY BAABBBBBBB!!!!!!!! D:
  6. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the Moist
  7. Hi there @Serpens, so sorry for the late reply, I don't get a chance to get on the forums very often ^^; I can send you a GDrive link with all the files in it if that will help. Even if you can't help with the character quirks, it'd be really great if I just got him fixed and working with the new updates! And thankyou so much for going ahead with that! I do believe I do have some older files for his coding I'll just have to find it for you! If you want to contact me on discord also (which will make it easier) please do tell me ^^
  8. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Irony not included!
  9. Just saw an article of my local news site how they can grow plants on the moon and/or Mars, accompagnied with this image: ONI did it better, biatch.
  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments guys ^^ I did a piece for the Malbatross, I absolutely love its design and it's a fun boss! I love birds so I couldn't NOT draw it xD
  11. Transit Tube Troubles

    2 months ago I performed test comparing speed of tube versus pole and recorded as a video: Tubes are faster than poles. Also both tubes and poles are not affected by athletics.
  12. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the improved webber
  13. Still if it is just a coincident it is pretty cool how well it fits character updates.
  14. Transit Tube Troubles

    I'm pretty sure not too long ago on here I saw a post demonstrating that tubes were out and out faster going down than a pole, and also unaffected by athletics. I may be misremembering some of that though, so I'll go searching for the thread in the morning.
  15. I never argued against your original suggestion. I was just trying to clarify how the statuses actually worked. I'm glad you agree with me though. Blackberrest though brings up a good point as to why I make sure to de-egg all of my critter rooms, plus my base tends to be compartmentalized so I don't necessarily get thousands of tiles by removing a single door. Still, to each their own.
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  17. Count to 200 without interruption

  18. This just reminded me I still want to rock a rad Viking Ship as Wigfrid (ever since Shipwrecked). Custom sail & boat skin. Need a new decorative structure like a figurehead-viking theme would be the signature dragon ones. Com'n Klei. Pirates and Vikings here we come.
  19. fish dying off for no reason i have also sometimes. I remove all eggs from the tank where all the pacu are. And sometimes after a load of a save all except the fresh born ones are gone. Or they die without laying a egg. No clue if a bug or something else happens while i don't look at it..... i just put it in the category "one of the annoying things of the game where you have no clue why it happens" . Like pipes breaking for no reason....
  20. Seems a bit far-fetched in my opinion, even if it holds "true".
  21. These quotes are about Webber's skull!
  22. Popped Eardrums are the least use for such a feature. Once your dupes have suits, they wont be bothered with this anymore. But it would be nice to know pressure areas to see if there will be a problem with vents and such.
  23. They really should, this could be added to suggestion and feedback.
  24. Must not have any cool pirate-like skins unlocked then.. this game just screams pirate update. you can’t do the open oceans in the 1800’s without pirates and Vikings.. you just... you can’t. well.. you can but it’d Be a very boring adventure likely full of a boat of small bearded fisherman who sit around fishing all day and swear they have seen Lockness wait.. you can’t even do that! i miss the Shipwrecked version of the insanity lockness.. that was so cool!
  25. Excuse my lack of observation skills but I fail to see the pirate elements in Don't Starve Together. Seafaring ≠ Pirates. There is a pirate birdcage skin in reference to Shipwrecked but that's it, we're yet to see Walani or Woodlegs or any of the pirate stuff in Shipwrecked appear in DST.
  26. Cross region gifting.

    Hey... dunno if this will help you or not! but in Playstation you could make a new account from the UK and redeem the code there, and you will be able to play the game from your US account! Good luck.
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