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  2. Well, I don't think we're getting Wortox's high health pool with Wurt here. I can imagine her having around 125 max health(?) to balance out the fact that she's probably going to have a more follower based playstyle with buffed merms to fight and kite for her. I'm not sure on how much sanity or hunger she'll have, since this is the first female merm ever shown(?), I don't think we have any idea how the lady merms behave. Still, super excited!
  3. I've wanted to start doing this with you folks, because I believe it would not only help improve my mediocre digital art, but it also gives me a chance to connect with the community! Here's my little salad baby, staring into a hot spring. In case I don't get another chance to finish it!
  4. если на на последней карте много прыгать возле этого места то ты можешь либо застрять либо перепрыгнуть стенку хотя теоретически ее там невозможно перепрыгнуть
  5. At least last year they were jumping over gaps, here's a post from this one guy.
  6. naah, that’s too little, low stats coming with that would be ok, but something tells me that we won’t see that.
  7. Wurt the .....

    Wurt the fart
  8. i cant do this

  9. Unless there was an update/hot fix that I didn't know about, dupes will step down and up 1 tile deep gaps Can any one confirm?
  10. The Psychology of Forum Usage

    Extended use on forums without rest may lead to carpal tunnel, obesity, or back pain. This is awesome, I don't know why I haven't been using this before. With this "site: intitle:pacu" I am able to find all pages that have pacu in the title without repeats for example. Operators make it so much easier. I'm going to do more searches this way, thanks. I still think that having a list on one page is a time saver especially if you do not know what you are searching for. Sometimes people browse just for the enjoyment of it. I tried to do a couple searches to see if I could find another collection post and I got this. Someone else had a similar idea. Another Discussion
  11. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    That was my father's intention. He really loves Thomas the Tank Engine. Not to the point he knows episodes but enough to explain the different type of trains. Adam ruins microwaves. To be honest, Adam kind of looks like Eraserhead.
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  13. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    I know, hence why me and my father explained in the description that is the name of the university. Glad the ensemble turned out fine. The pink lighting was not my intention, it came from layer effects. Guardian gets a surprise visitor as night comes.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

  15. Yeah, I know my theory goes against his lines, and isnt supported very well, but This could be the reason that wendy is in the constant, that means my theory still has a chance!! 0.1% is still a chance...
  16. I don't intend to take away from your suggestion. As a current alternative, if your mobile device has internet access you may find oni-db, tools not included, and the oni assistant websites of great use. They take data directly from the game files, so they are not 98% misinformation like wikis.
  17. What games have you been playing?

    Meanwhile over in my neighborhood, I've just gotten out of the bronze age and into the mideval age in Sevtech Ages. This modpack has been really fun!
  18. (Sorry for my english) The Wilson Update Idea (All this thing can be craft by only Wilson) 1) Now Wilson can craft meat puppets on alchemy machine. The request is -5 normal meat -5 monster meat -2 light bulbs -5 hair The meat puppets follows the creator. They attack style is tank, damage is 30 and health is 500 They glowing slightly They don't come too near to player and all players lost sanity when near them. They getting rot in 40 days and drops 5 rots. Pigs, beefalos, bunnymans and cats attacks him if he didn't wear costume! Costume request: -4 pig skin -2 black feather -1 Rabbit Puff If you are so away from him, the crows will attack him. (40 damage per minute) 2) Now Wilson can craft chemstation! It's need: -2 gold -10 stone -4 coal He can also craft woodcup with two wood. You can protect and use the chemicals with cups! Here some chemical recipes: -NH3: You can grow your farms full with 4-5 cups. (Watercup*1, Nitre*2) -P: It's glowing for 10 seconds where it broke. (Watercup*1, Lightbulb*1) -CO2: You can freeze which creature you throwed for 8 seconds. (Coal*2, Ice*5) -Sugar: You can make creatures sticky (They slow down) for 10 seconds. (Watercup*2, Berries*5) -HCl: It's acidic potion. Creatures will take damage if touch acidic ground. It will be on ground for 20 seconds and hit 5 damage per second. (Watercup*3, Salt*10) NH2: It's explosive! Damage of this bomb is 150!! (Coal*5, Nitre*10) Please share with me what you thinking!
  19. We have no idea if Ant Chovies will return, as their removal was intentional, but I'd kill to see them return. Maybe they're what Wurt's gotta hold as her pet? Could be up to debate. The use of the word inker almost confirms we're getting a new Octopus or Squid creature. I'm almost hoping it's not a boss, I want more neutral or hostile ocean mobs that can relate to Squids sometime soon, though. I do think this is the fishing update, too! The unfinished nets, the unadded fishing rod code, all those treats.
  20. Very late Malbatross picture
  21. Hmmm, how does this work to deal that much damage? Short fuse and 2 Dominance means each Erupt deals 5 damage, so 3 of them will deal 15, which is very good for free damage, but a far cry from 30. What am I missing?


    So I decided to look up "John Dee and Dagon" on google images and came across this link(since rereading JoeW's post gave me some interesting thoughts).


  23. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wolfgang, Pugna, Pig King, Boarilla, Pipton- Bring on the bara
  24. It’s actually fairly easy to make a small one, but it’s going to be difficult to scale it up. Step one is the boiler proper, which is pretty easy: just put oil near lava. Eventually you get sour gas and igneous rock. Next step is to cool it. Easiest way to do that without messing with super coolant or chains of thermo-regulators is to pump it into the same room as an AETN. Then pump the liquid methane into another room, pass the incoming sour gas through with radiant pipes, and put in a pump to collect the natural gas. The bigger the heat exchanger, the more efficient the system will be, but you can cheat a little bit by just running the pipes right next to each other. Won’t be a great heat exchanger, but it will be one that doubles as a hallway. If you don’t have AETNs (oassise map) or don’t have lava (frozen core and no volcanoes uncovered) then you’re gonna have to find an alternative.
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