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  2. [Minespatch] Catawampus cartoon corner

    I got these done over the past few days. Pretty quick jobs.
  3. Algae costs for Pacus has always been bat**** insane. Nobody in their right mind would ever farm them "properly". I just have an airlock door in the floor of my printer room that dumps all the 8fish prints into my giant water tank. With some sweepers and loaders at the bottom, I never even think about the pacus ever again.
  4. [Minespatch] Apophenia Art

    Yeah, finally catching up with stuff. Don't worry, your comment still means a lot to me. It was a bit rough due to satisfying Canis but glad it both worked for you. Sorry for the wait, I've been crashing a lot this week. So yeah... Wasn't sure which direction you wanted with your request. I did this photo years ago and I wanted to draw Webber like the Target banner. I did this back in january, so kind of timely I finished it now. Hope Klei doesn't have a problem with me using the new preview image as a background thing. @Canis's Venis. It was a quick doodle that I tweaked later and fixed. You can color it if you want, Canis. Wilson react. I dunno, he's a scientist, it seems right up his alley to bicker over tiny details.
  5. Don't Starve on Switch desperately needs bug fixes before anything else. But players have been reporting the bugs in that version of the game for over a year, and they haven't been fixed. It seems unlikely to me that they're going to update the game again, unfortunately. But I hope I'm wrong.
  6. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I can't see the range of an Ice Flingomatic in Don't Starve other than when I first place it. Whereas, in Don't Starve Together, the range is visible anytime you go to build something or plant a tree or something similar. I often keep an Ice Flingomatic prebuilt just so I can hold it up near my built ones to check the range. It works really well in DST, being able to see its range when building/planting. I think it should be added to single player Don't Starve, too.
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  8. Screenshot showcase

    It's time for WormWood!Great Moon!!! Oh noooooo.... 1000 day =)
  9. 2019 nightmare fuel thread

    "I'm going out for the day, need any pizza when I get back?"
  10. Count to 200 without interruption

  11. That's my reaction when I finally learned about Wurt as a CHARACTER. Finding out she's a merm under a merm king is really interesting. That's so cute! You even did this quickly too. She's strutting that tentacle outfit hiply. Er... I'm sorry if my advice did not get through to you. You should keep trying though. Don't doubt your tools.
  12. Why do you play as your main?

    Same here, I love Maxwell for being a summoner and an anti-hero mean guy, but I've played so much with him (at least 1000 hours) that I got bored. I'm currently playing almost exclusively Woodie because of the druid vibe and the treeguards summoning, and Wortox because of the teleports, and I'm having a blast with both. I'm pretty sure I'll get back to good ol' Maxie, when his rework comes.
  13. Maybe we can throw the tiny dying fish to the ground, and when we are in danger it will turn into FISHIE! a giant muscular fish that will start kicking ... oh wait...
  14. The mod that drops Abigail flowers an equal distance apart is a client mod that works on any server you play on. Mods that affect how close flowers can be planted together are server mods that only work when you host a private server.
  15. Wormwood's bloom stages are all viewable, and so are all of Woodie's werebeast forms. It'd be consistent, and I for one would like an easier way of finding out what a Wilson skin looks like with the Stage 1, 2, or 3 beard than equipping it and going into a server to grow one. None of them have unique beards, but Victorian Wilson, Snowfallen Wilson, and Gladiator Wilson all look pretty different at the same beard stage because of how it coordinates with the hair, expression, and facial accessories. Much the same applies to finding out what wimpy Wolfgang looks like in a particular skin, although at least the Don't Starve wiki shows that one.
  16. Inside of, build.bin is still named 'esctemplate' internally. From what I see in modmain, it should be 'sheep'. It hasn't been updated in quite some time, but this topic might help.
  17. Bugs

    Hey! I'm using a PS3 to play don't starve and I'm encountering a very annoying glitch. Every now and then when I start a game or enter a cavern the character will have the appropriate walking animation, but not move. Everything else functions normally, all buttons do what they're supposed to do, but the character just. Won't. Move. I looked for advice or to see if this had happened to anyone else and I saw a thread from 2016 describing a similar problem with PS3s. There doesn't seem to have been any ways past it or patches released for it, which is very, very annoying. Has anyone experienced and fixed this problem?
  18. Thank you for the heads up on the germ sensors not detecting germs on debris. I'll just put a sink in that little nook and store the stuff in there until the slimelung is dead. Thanks again!
  19. spiderclops.gif

  chat is a magical place.
    shenanigans courtesy of Axe over on the UM Discord

  20. The germ sensors detect germs in the atmospheric gas of the tile it is in or conduit material. There's almost no way for a chlorine atmosphere to take on germs from your debris. What you should do is store all your stuff in a chlorine room and slimelumg will be eradicated before long.
  21. Count to 200 without interruption

  22. Wait, who's art thread?

    I took a break to draw some non-ds-related stuff but now I'm back and ready to give you another Wilson It's a loooOOOoong way home....
  23. Also works on Abigail.
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