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  2. ImpactedTooth's Art Thread

    Oh yeah definitely! A lot of the models are roughs so I haven't bothered with smoothing groups at all yet. That one in particular I'm going to go hi-poly and make it look chiseled it in zBrush.
  3. We’re so accustomed to being able to outrun any danger, this one of the first instances where we’re not fast enough. That’s more about boat speed than it is swimming hounds. I’m hoping that in the future we’ll see boats more along the lines of Shipwrecked’s boats, boats designed for travel, ones that you can use to kite.
  4. To preface: I am not an expert on depression I don't think she's faking her current condition, but it's undeniable that she is faking something. Wendy clearly is trying to hide her happiness from others. I can be an armchair psychologist and put forward a reasonable (to me) sounding theory, but I can't determine exactly what or why she's hiding. Now that some of the votes are coming in, I'm going to go against the grain and say that WX-78 is the least horrible of them all. WX was built to be emotionless, he can't control that. It seems that he has the capacity to learn, and that is curbing his revulsion to nature.
  5. you know you can delete icebergs with campfires, right?
  6. A lump in a bed doesn't make a child. Just a very lazy work of the people dressing the beds. Supositions about the Tough Love treatment are speculation. Just go with the facts. If there were suposse to be more children we should have seen shoes by the beds and other stuff or the other children running scared from Willow when she starts to jump from bed to bed. Imo Willow is the only one there and unless there is irrefutable proof of that we cannot conclude the opposite based on a lump in a bed.
  7. Keep in mind that theres more posts in that thread saying that Swimming Hounds are an issue. So OP should look at that thread. For me personally, I don't think it is an issue. I kind of like hounds being a threat that you have to pay attention to again, as ADM mentioned, boats are already powerful against tons of situations and very little poses a threat to you while on a boat.
  8. Although I am not a psychologist, I assure you that I know at least the mildest forms of depression. A relative of mine suffers, unfortunately. I specify this because I see that many are afraid of talking about the subject without knowing it. I know a little bit, thankfully. That being said, I don't think Wendy pretends her depression. Only, it is slowly healing, thanks (perhaps) to the help of those around it. It is as if Wendy had started to build something fragile, and she is afraid that it will collapse. That is why she would hide her improvements: she is not selfish, she is not a liar. She is only afraid that the fragile serenity she has conquered can crumble, and instinctively she always shows herself the same. I see nothing wrong with the fear of suffering. That is why it seems to me very human behavior.
  9. Don't see how it's any different with hounds in a sandstorm. RIP I'm pretty sure klei expects people to tank them either way, not run to a giant toothtrap field each time for an infinite amount of times. Gotta use player numbers to combine damage.
  10. Can't get pass cycle 100

    I personally never sweep except in certain circumstances, usually in eventually sealed systems like my Eletrolizer or Aquatuner setups. Gravity drop most of the debris and you will minimalize any impact. I only use a handful of containers, and those are things like algae storage for diffusers, gold amalgam for the refinery, etc. Having enough containers to bother with storage, to me, means you're wasting a lot of time doing something that you never even need to do. The igneous/granite/sandstone isn't hurting anyone if you leave it at the bottom of CO2, which you don't want to be going into anyway. In many cases I've found, personally, that the stall out is because you're not using time saving changes to your base while you start to expand transit times. It's not a problem when your mealwood is right next to the base. It is a problem when half your staff is 3 screens over and suddenly your farmer comes to harvest a single plant. Use Fire Poles and floors to speed transit times. This is my #1 priority when stalls start happening. Also built tightly. Don't expand in 3 directions at once. A single tunnel down, a single refinery build. Small tight projects will reduce the amount of floundering your dupes will do in general.
  11. Many children destroy things, have imaginary friends, imaginary monsters and other crazy bs and that doesn't mean they are "problematic" that's simply a judging value attached to some patterns of behavior. I'm not saying Willow is stable mentally cuz she is clearly not, but just because Wendy has her heart of her sleeve doesn't mean Willow doesn't have remorse. I think she will probably be in another animation maybe with Wicker that might show that side of her a bit better. I don't like that interpretation of Wendy cuz I that means somehow she is faking her depression which is actually a very common theme of people that don't understand how depression works or does to people. Wendy doesn't feel she needs help nor does she seek for help. She is clearly in a state of deep depression and saying that she fears people aren't gonna help her if she doesn't put a false sad fasade is pretty weird tbh. People normally don't fake depression to get attention. They are simply depressed. As a character she never asks for help from other survivor playing the victim. She pulls her own weight.
  12. You would need a thermium tepidizer to boil crude, and you would probably want to use an aquatuner anyway, since the extra cooling is so important. The refinery removes the need for thermium, so it’s hardly a useless building. As for the balance with the steam turbine, the tepidizer heat output would have to be reduced by a factor of four if it’s not limited to 80C. That’s fine, it’s stil l usable then. I made all the relevant calculations in this thread, if you are curious.
  13. To add on, at 1:13 of the "From The Ashes" short, you can clearly see a can of pencils and brushes. Additionally, the walls are covered in picture frames and there are plenty of windows and light fixtures, they're obviously trying to make their orphanage seem friendly. While the orphanage staff may be playing into the classic "mean caretakers" trope, they seem to be going for a Tough Love approach. They're obviously wrong in their approach but they aren't monsters. Also, I don't think the orphanage is empty, there are human shaped lumps in the beds.
  14. If you filed a ticket, that's all you can do right now. Account deletion is not supposed to be reversed, so it's a very manual process to fix. The account is not actually deleted yet but put into a queue to make sure we have time buffer for situations like this. As long as you included your klei account or email address used on the Klei account, you should have it back next week some time. It would be really helpful if you let me know how you thought deleting your account would help your situation here. We are trying to do everything we can to help avoid people unintentionally deleting their accounts so any information about your thought process during that time would be really helpful to us.
  15. I'm not certain that increasing the storage will solve the problem. I'm inclined to believe that is in a float rounding issue. The problem seems to be that fragments build up until there isn't room anymore to actually get a full measure of an ingredient. This doesn't appear to happen when you're only making one recipe. It also doesn't happen when you manually tell it to make X recipes for which you have ingredients for. It only appears to happen when you have multiple recipes set to run continuously any time there are ingredients. The problem appears to have a number of stages: Each ingredient gets loaded into the grill for each recipe until the 'input' is full. You need "uneven" amounts of ingredients (i.e. in a two-ingredient recipe, one ingredient is much more available than the other). It appears that room is reserved for the ingredient(s) that finish the recipe. So if you have pinchas and no meat, room is left for the meat. You need multiple recipes set to run continuously any time there are available ingredients. You need fractions of ingredients to be available. Which can happen even for non-edibles. Like 96% of a pincha peppernut showing up in your food storage area... Time. This problem, for me, has never happened immediately. Usually things start off working just fine. Its usually something I notice when my dupes start starving.
  16. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    when your health is low
  17. err the core aspect of swimming hounds will not get changed. Exploiting and breaking the game will. You can't balance out a functional mechanic with exploits.
  18. Swimmin' DST

    Seems like a cool thing to add. It's clear Klei's approach with this ocean is not to merely copy paste SW.
  19. Surely the aunts behaved badly. But I repeat, the situation is certainly more complex than it appeared, since they could not see the shadows and understand Willow's problems. Perhaps, during other panic attacks, the child had destroyed other things. The fire at the orphanage may have been only the "final catastrophe". In short, we should have a broader framework to be able to fully judge them. If there were other children in the building we can't know, but since it was an orphanage and it was full of beds ... I think it's very likely. Finally, even the adult Willow never shows remorse... I think it is significant. I really like this interpretation, I find it very sensible and human. I think Wendy is one of the most psychologically interesting characters in the game.
  20. You mean to say all we have to do is to make a mod, which increases the internal storage and the problem will go away? There is just one small problem with that theory. The grill has 3 internal storage components: input, storage, output. Each has a capacity of 20 tons. I don't think increasing those limits will do us any good. Maybe it's a float rounding issue.
  21. The most interesting one is for the feather pencil: "M...maybe I'll doodle something... When no one's looking." To me this can go several ways: This is all a charade, Wendy just wants attention. (very unlikely) Wendy acts depressed because she feels that doing anything else will make cause her to "forget" Abigail. Wendy may enjoy how the other survivors help her with her depression, she fears that showing signs of being "on the mend" will cause the survivors to stop helping her. Wendy believes that if she starts to change, the survivors will grow different. Something like "The others see me as the morbid one. if I start being happy will they think that I've been lying to them? Will they leave me?"
  22. no, similarly to the DS dlc loyals, or the forge beta portrait, and even the new heirloom variants, these are all meant to be rare, and not part of a completionist's collection goals albeit for whatever reason heirloom variants show up even when you don't have them klei please fix that, giving away the bottomless pit, even if the original ones were upgraded to timeless, would simply make people like the bottomless pit less, remember, you can't tell if its timeless or loyal unless you are the one crafting it, and if one was to make a variant of the bottomless pit for new players, well the real bottomless pit still isn't available to them now is it?
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